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Posted by admin on Apr 20, 2011
Portal 2

Portal 2

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Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free – Link below

Portal 2 was one of the games for which the gamers were waiting for a long time since its first version came out, and the sequel doesn’t disappoint. For those who haven’t played it, this game is a first person shooter with amazing puzzles to solve. The game started as a mod to half life but its immense popularity meant that a fully dedicated game. After the success of Portal it was decided to come up with a sequel, Portal 2. As in portal players have to use the portal gun to create holes in wall for teleportation. You create 2 holes in wall and when you wall through one of them you will be teleported to the other hole. You can see pure physics at work in this game. And remember you will need to use these physics to move forward in the game. Like jumping from a great height through the portal will throw you out from the other side with great speed and you will be carried a long distance due to momentum. See link at the bottom to Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free.

Most of the thing from first game have been implemented again with some new additions like guiding laser beams to open a door, tractor beam which lets you pull things towards you and throw them, and also pain-like gels which you need to use to increase speed which either use propulsion or repulsion effect to achieve it.

In single player you, Chell wake up from a stasis pod after a long time to see that the facility that you were in has been destroyed and is being rebuilt by the AI GLaDOS system. You will then get through some tests and soon will get the portal gun. Wheatley a sphere shaped robot will be helping you throughout the game. You also get 2 player co-op mode which can be played as split screen or on different PC’s. Read on the know how to Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free.

The game starts with a tutorial for you to get used to the game. Then you move in to test chambers where you will be given new challenges to complete. Most of them are puzzle based, so it will take time. After you are through the tutorial part and get the portal gun you will then your journey by creating portals. You cannot create portals anywhere you want, only some parts of the environment allow to create portals and these will be shown in a different color scheme. You will then throw yourself or object from the portal to use them on the other side. If you fall on solid surfaces from any height  you won’t die but same cannot be said about water or toxic liquids and you will die in them immediately.

The gameplay time is far more compared to Portal 1. So you will be playing it for a significant amount of time. This is a must have game for any gamer. The game has received great commendations from many game sites with great reviews. So if you are a gamer definitely get this game. Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free from the following link

Download Portal 2 for Free Full Version PC Game

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142 Responses to “Portal 2”

  1. swiden says:

    played about 1 h no problems so far 🙂 thx!
    win 7
    4 gb ram

  2. FL10 says:


    There are 2 -bin- folders inside Portal 2. Put the .dll files in the right one

    Portal 2bin – Wrong ONE – Game will crash

    Portal 2portal2bin – RIGHT ONE – Game works PERFECT

    • Twist86 says:

      Thank you…not sure how I missed that but I did and that was my main problem. Thank you sir for correcting a idiot 😛

  3. Poofle says:

    Thanks for the upload!
    Got it working now, great release 😀

  4. makasfx says:

    the game is brilliant, could not be better thanks to the up and SKIDROW for making this possible once again

  5. eli1989 says:

    It stopped crashing for me after I set it to XP SP2 Compatibility in the portal2.exe properties. Try it.

  6. tehsash says:

    Coop works, google for more info, its as simple as using console to create a server “map mp_coop_start” then get other person to join via IP “connect 192.XXX.XX.XX” etc

  7. fehferreira says:

    Running windows 7 64 final here.

    Did everything according to instructions from other users, but every time I try to run the game, I get the following message: “Appid is not configured”;. Then, on the game menu, I just have the options “No steam” and “Quit”.

    It seems it’s a simple problem – I’m putting the files on the wrong place, but I just can’t figure out the right one. As other users recommend, the .dlls from the /bin folder go in the /portal 2/portal 2/bin (without erasing the files which were there before), and all of the other files go in the /portal 2 directory. Am I supposed to put the steamclient.dll somewhere different?

    • fehferreira says:

      UPDATE: GOT IT WORKING. I simply set the launcher to run as admin. Alt+tab seems to work fine, too. Let’s play!

  8. Gulzar says:

    thanks uploader! started to download now!
    been waiting for this, really fast cracking skillz!
    would love to know how you did that (disassembly sounds impossible)

  9. pohfreak says:

    games works perfectly till now, on chapter 4

    Thanks Uploader and Skidrow

    just thinking, u can’t even play coop on LAN?

  10. THEBOMMER says:

    well i finished it and i loved the game play and the story line

  11. ybx400 says:

    OMG !!! Right before hollydays !!! Thanks sooooo much Skidrow and thanks to the uploader !!!

  12. murfshake says:

    Game works great so far for the most part, it only crashed on me once when I fell off the stairs with wheatly, I just started chapter 2

  13. rodney says:

    Its such a fun game, I got completely sucked in and finished the entire game in one sitting, with a toilet break in the middle.

    The co-op is hella fun too and the only reason I’m stopping now is because Ive played for nearly 9 hours and I’m feckin tired.

  14. CO-OP Working says:

    Play Portal 2 “cracked” in co-op!

    This is tested and confirmed working with the SKIDROW release of Portal 2. It might very well work with other releases as well.

    So, you want to be able to play the co-op part of Portal 2. There is a solution to make that work with your “cracked” game.

    The solution to this one is really very easy actually.
    Download the game from the above link.

    Install the game as instructed. Apply cracks as mentioned or instructed.
    Edit your shortcut to the game. You must add -console

    “D:GamesPortal 2portal2.exe” -console

    Start the game with your new shortcut. If done properly you now have a console window where you can enter commands. Write down the ip-address of the computer that will act as host.

    So, FIRST you want to start to connecting to the host. In your command window you type:

    (replace with the IP of the computer that will act as server)

    SECONDLY the server starts to host. This by loading any multiplayer map. In the command window the host types:

    map mp_coop_start

    When a map is complete the game will automatically load the next map. This with exception for a few times. We noticed that after every map where you are asked to “steal information” from a disc the game loaded mp_coop_lobby_2. The simple solution to this is just for the host to load the right map that should have followed, and for the other player to connect again. However, if you should turn off the game you always need to start to connect BEFORE the host starts a map.

    (we tried to play over the internet IP and over a Hamachi IP. Both worked.)

    Here is the complete list, in the right order, of all the names of the multiplayer co-op maps in Portal 2:


  15. Love says:

    thats what i like to hear

    Download portal 2 for free full version pc game 😉 😉 😉 😉

    Loving it.

  16. Vergil says:

    I cant get past this thing that is popping up before im getting to the real site!!

  17. Rene says:

    thanks its working perfectly on my PC

  18. luke says:

    When i try and run portal 2 it loads but when i click to plack single player it loads then says “Steam Validation Rejected”. cant get it too work any help?

    • admin says:

      Download the crackfix given in install instructions on download page.

      Extract the crackfix with winrar and open the Fixed folder and copy the files from the Portal2/Bin folder and paste them in C:Program FilesValvePortal 2Portal 2Bin

      Then copy all the other files from the fixed folder to C:Program FilesValvePortal 2

      that should fix your problem

  19. admin says:

    All dead and non working links have been removed and new working ones have been added.


  20. wizball says:

    Great game, works fine, just gave up all frustrated because got stuck on a level.. lol

    Have a break, go back to it – may work it out 🙂

  21. intsboy says:

    Just ended playing, Thanks! Great game!

  22. cIc3k says:

    Thank you very much, im gonna play this game all day!

    PS: If ur game is crashing then download the crackfix that’s mentioned in the install instructions by the admin that fixed my problem and I have been playing ever since.

  23. Paul says:

    downloading right now can someone like give me a detailed step by step tutorial via reply? cuz all of this extracting and daemon tools and stuff is kinda confusing. i got all the stuff but im just a little confused on how to use everything. thanks

  24. Paul says:

    oh sorry for the double post but i just have a question. can u download parts from different sources? like i downloaded 6 parts from fileserve except for part 3. so i used turboit for part 3. will it still work fine?

    • admin says:

      no.. you have to download all parts from same site.. sometimes if the same parts are uploaded on all sites then it will work but not all the time.

  25. Vergil says:

    what do you mean whit ALL the parts becouse im just getting 2 things when im downloading.

    • admin says:

      If you are downloading using torrents then you will get only 2 files.
      One will be ISO file and the .nfo file.

      So you dont need to follow the 1st step (no need for you to extract) just follow step 2.

  26. Paul says:

    sorry for posting so much but where would the crack files be? in other words, i dont get step 4 on the admin’s first installation instructions. can someone please help me out

  27. BusinessCat says:

    For some reason the game randomly closes ranging from once in a while or every 10 seconds. There’s no error it just closes right down. I assumed it was my computer not handling the graphics since it seemed the crashing was faster when I was near the gels (I crashed nearly 4 seconds after I loaded a game in a gel test chamber). So I turned all the graphics to the lowest possible and I put it in window mode, but that didn’t fix anything. I downloaded the Crack fix and applied it as well, but it didn’t do anything to fix my problem.

    • admin says:

      download and install the update given in install instructions under updates on the Download page. After installing the update, use the crack from the SKIDROW folder from the update.
      This will fix any problems you are having.

  28. SCBoy says:

    that latest fixed all the issues that were there with the game.. now it works flawlessly.. thanks a ton for great free game…. 🙂

  29. Jerry says:

    wait so how do u install the update cuz i have this black screen during the first chapter so i cant see anything except the crosshairs. however i can still hear the voice so i think the update will fix this and i was wondering how i could possibly install it

    • admin says:

      Just go to the download page at the bottom u ll see links to download the update.. Download and extract it. You will see the update with new crack.. Install the update and use the crack as you used before.

  30. Bobby says:

    wait so i dont drag the stuff from the first crackfix? cuz im having the same problem as jerry. so do i only download the update at the bottom and use the skidrow folder as in the rar files like it was the crack?

    • admin says:

      yes u r right. install the update and then use the cracked files from the SKIDROW folder that come with that update.

      • Bobby says:

        wait i dont no that im doing this correctly for the installation of the skidrow. u put the things portal 2 > bin > server.dll thing into the C > Program Files > Valve > Portal 2 > Portal2 > bin? and then everything else (steamclient.dll, skidrow.ini, and portal2.exe into the C > Program Files > Valve > Portal 2? cuz thats wut im doing and its still not working

        • admin says:

          are you using Windows 7 or Vista?? If u r using any one of them do one thing..
          Go in the SKIDROW folder of the update and Press Ctrl + A to select all files (including the folder Portal2) copy them and then go to C:/Program Files/Valve/Portal 2 and paste them. Press replace and yes when asked to replace anything

  31. Game_-_Master says:

    I got a problem -> I want to start the game, but it says that it can´t find the launcher .DLL

    • admin says:

      reinstall the game

      • Game_-_Master says:

        I did that, but now I copied all files from the Skidrow folder into the Game folder, bt now I start the game and I can´t play it, but open -> I open it and Portal 2 starts but after the 2nd picture it doesn´t work anylonger. Thanks for your tip admin, but it still doesn´t work.

  32. Bobby says:

    @mattS wait do i get the client.dll, server.dll and launcher.exe from the crack fix? because when i download the update in the SKIDROW rar file i cant find the client.dll, server.dll, and the launcher.exe PLZ HELP

    • admin says:

      just to make sure i downloaded the update file from easy share. Extracted it using Winrar.
      Then I got files like sr-p2up2.r00… right clicked on this file sr-p2up2.r00 and selected extract files.
      A new folder was created with the name sr-p2up2 in this folder there are 3 files and one folder named SKIDROW.
      I installed the updated by double clicking Portal.2.Update.2.exe
      Then i opened the SKIDROW folder. Here 1 folder named portal 2 and 4 other files were present (Launcher.exe portal2.exe Skidrow.ini Steamclient.dll)
      Copied those 4 files in C:Program FilesValvePortal 2
      again went to the “SKIDROW” folder in that update and now opened the “portal 2″ folder which has another folder named “bin” this is the folder that contains the client.dll and server.dll files.
      copied both files and paste them in C:Program FilesValvePortal 2portal2bin
      started the game and played for some time.. No problems… Hope it will help you…

      • Wng says:

        thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooootttttt

        did what u said and it worked…


  33. 66major99 says:

    Damn @admin those are some really detailed steps you have given.. i followed them exactly and the game started without any problems.. been playing for 2 hours now…

  34. Mr.J says:

    Finished downloading yesterday and started playing and finished the game just now.. no problems faced…

  35. JaH says:

    ugh…cant get this to work…it says “failed to start because steamclient.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
    Ive tried everything!! made sure that i put files in right places…i even tried reinstalling….no help
    it seems to have a hard time locating the steamclien.dll file…wut directory should it be in???

    • admin says:

      you can find the steamclient.dll file in SKIDROW folder on the DVD or also u can download the crackfix or the update there also in SKIDROW folder that file is present. Once you find it copy it to the Valve/Portal 2 folder (that’s the main game folder which also has the portal2.exe file)

      • JaH says:

        ok…so that worked…now im getting error: “appid is not configured” game seems to start but crashes at main screen….

        • admin says:

          you didnt copy the SHIDROW.ini file in the portal 2 folder… right??
          Do that and it will go away.

        • mattS says:

          Right click on the Portal2.exe and choose for Run as Administrator for Win 7/Vista users. That’s the solution for the APPID problem!

          • JaH says:

            lol…so i did wut y’all said…moved the skidrow.ini and ran…no error now…jus crashes…tried running as admin…same thing…no error, just crashes….

          • admin says:

            you need to install the update thats given on download page if its crashing as soon as u start the game after showing the loading screen. And dont forget to use the crack that comes with it.

  36. 123456789 says:

    wow! long time no see!

    now theres a new game here!
    don’t know that this game was officialy released now!

  37. Anonymous Turret says:

    The download I’m using is taking unusually long….I suppose it’s worth it.

  38. help me.. says:

    So i am downloading all the parts from the alternate fileserve links. i am currently downloading part 5 out of 7 and ive previously downloaded sims 3 from this website. in all the different rar files for sims 3 there is an iso file and nothing pops up regarding errors with the file. when i open the different rar files for portal 2 then something pops up that says “Unexpected End of Archive” but the download finished. So do i not have all the files for all the parts that say that thing? because all of the parts i have opened with winrar say unexpected end of archive.. Or do i do have all the files and winrar is just being dumb? Another question, On the alternate fileserve links, my parts 1 and 2 are both 1 gb but my parts 3 and 4 are both 650 mb. But on the website where you download it, it shows that parts 3 and 4 are both 990 mb. is this a glitch? or are parts 3 and 4 really supposed to be 650 mb instead of 1gb like the others? I would really appreciate quick responses that answer my questions in detail. Please help me.

    • help me.. says:

      another question, inside all the files for portal 2 where it says “Unexpected End of Archive”, all the files inside the files i have downloaded so far (Parts 1-4 out of 7) are .rar files. but inside my sims 3 part files were .iso files that, when extracted, became one big iso file. Do these .rar files and other files become an iso when they are all extracted at the same time? or perhaps a game installation? Please respond to this and my other questions stated above.

      • admin says:

        dont worry you need to just extract the rar parts again. Extract the parts then again extract the files to get the ISO.

    • admin says:

      you need all the parts to extract the game to get the ISO like Sims 3. Thats why you are getting the unexpected end of archive error. And about the size of the parts, all of them are 990 MB & only the last one is smaller around 750 MB. So if u r having parts smaller then they are not completely downloaded. Use the software jDownloader to download so that u get complete parts.

      • help me.. says:


  39. halo says:

    it is fun :]

  40. ALong Saythong says:

    Thanks for your articles I look forward to your next post. Salut!

  41. tyler says:

    come on,whats hapenin.

  42. brandon says:

    is it gonna work

  43. death says:

    portal2 is awsome

  44. 360 says:

    Will this game come up on your steam library?

  45. john says:

    I got this game on my xbox and it is the most awesome game ever. And everyone in my school wants to play it.

  46. Heather says:

    Love it

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