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Posted by admin on Apr 20, 2011
Portal 2

Portal 2

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Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free – Link below

Portal 2 was one of the games for which the gamers were waiting for a long time since its first version came out, and the sequel doesn’t disappoint. For those who haven’t played it, this game is a first person shooter with amazing puzzles to solve. The game started as a mod to half life but its immense popularity meant that a fully dedicated game. After the success of Portal it was decided to come up with a sequel, Portal 2. As in portal players have to use the portal gun to create holes in wall for teleportation. You create 2 holes in wall and when you wall through one of them you will be teleported to the other hole. You can see pure physics at work in this game. And remember you will need to use these physics to move forward in the game. Like jumping from a great height through the portal will throw you out from the other side with great speed and you will be carried a long distance due to momentum. See link at the bottom to Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free.

Most of the thing from first game have been implemented again with some new additions like guiding laser beams to open a door, tractor beam which lets you pull things towards you and throw them, and also pain-like gels which you need to use to increase speed which either use propulsion or repulsion effect to achieve it.

In single player you, Chell wake up from a stasis pod after a long time to see that the facility that you were in has been destroyed and is being rebuilt by the AI GLaDOS system. You will then get through some tests and soon will get the portal gun. Wheatley a sphere shaped robot will be helping you throughout the game. You also get 2 player co-op mode which can be played as split screen or on different PC’s. Read on the know how to Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free.

The game starts with a tutorial for you to get used to the game. Then you move in to test chambers where you will be given new challenges to complete. Most of them are puzzle based, so it will take time. After you are through the tutorial part and get the portal gun you will then your journey by creating portals. You cannot create portals anywhere you want, only some parts of the environment allow to create portals and these will be shown in a different color scheme. You will then throw yourself or object from the portal to use them on the other side. If you fall on solid surfaces from any height  you won’t die but same cannot be said about water or toxic liquids and you will die in them immediately.

The gameplay time is far more compared to Portal 1. So you will be playing it for a significant amount of time. This is a must have game for any gamer. The game has received great commendations from many game sites with great reviews. So if you are a gamer definitely get this game. Download Portal 2 Full PC game for Free from the following link

Download Portal 2 for Free Full Version PC Game

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142 Responses to “Portal 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract the parts using Winrar or 7zip to get ISO image
    2. Mount the ISO in Daemon Tools lite or burn ISO on a DVD.
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder from the DVD to the game installation folder on your hard disk
    5. Play the game (use our included language launcher to change language)

    Download the Crackfix from the download page if you are having any problems.
    Extract the crackfix with winrar and open the Fixed folder and copy the files from the Portal2/Bin folder and paste them in C:Program FilesValvePortal 2Portal 2Bin
    Then copy all the other files from the fixed folder to C:Program FilesValvePortal 2

    If you are still having problems even after using the Crackfix, go to the download page and download and install the update given at the end of install instructions. and use the crack that comes with that update as given above.

  2. jcosta223 says:

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, ty!

  3. Jajja says:

    thanks! valve rocks!

  4. ondor299 says:

    thanks! very nice up and fast too! Gona play it an enjoy it

  5. MatanF15 says:

    can anyone confirm this is working? not that I doubt SKIDROW, just wanna make sure.

  6. GunnerWolf says:

    Awww yeah, thanks uploader.

  7. 5ub5tance says:

    much appreciated! keep up the great work!

  8. Adyz says:

    It’s been a looong time… 😉

    Thx for up!

  9. akee says:

    omg thanks alot! been waiting for this moment 😀

  10. mattisbowser says:

    A jolly good day it will be, thank you.

  11. ReSearch says:

    Thx alot, going to download!! Cya!

  12. shadowk1ller says:

    probably the best of the year, next to BF3…xD

  13. Networker says:

    Did not play Portal 1 but realy want to try this one… is there any storyline in this?…. do I HAVE to play Portal 1 if I want to enjoy this game?


  14. buffnuff says:

    hell yes thanks very much 🙂 cant wait to play..

  15. Kotik says:

    And the wait is over ! Thanks Skidrow and the uploader! Hope it works as it should now or I will go emo

  16. upongo says:


  17. orgobla says:

    can someone post serial?

  18. Joe says:

    never mind got one to work 🙂

  19. gamesforfree says:

    gamerevieuw 9.5/10
    thaaaaaanks uploader and Skidrow 🙂

  20. dalkh says:

    how to play coop:
    enable console (add -console parameter)
    connect to the other person BEFORE he hosts (connect ip)
    while you are trying to connect, tell the other person to host the game (if you host first and connect afterwards it will just say partner not found)

  21. groo says:

    Excellent thank you very much .

  22. maorefrati says:

    thanks! I was waiting all week for this one

  23. BradFazner says:

    thanks so much! i am soo excited for this. portal was probably the best sp game i have ever played

  24. iamcanadian says:

    Can someone confirm this is working…

  25. PTyTb says:

    i think valve has done a great game. played coop with my mate. it rocks the world. TY up 🙂

  26. amerald says:

    I played it for an hour and i didnt have any problems.

  27. Elidioto says:

    If it’s even close to being as good as Portal 1 then this game will be totally awesome!

  28. CitroFrukten says:

    Game works for me just get random crashes sometimes . but yeah it works.

  29. bodyguard06 says:

    Texture: High
    Shader: Medium
    Effects: High (I thought the lights on the gun were affected by this! not shader?)
    AA: off
    Anisotropic: 2x

    My only fix I use is to turn shader up to High but that is harsh my computer so I turn it back to Medium after that the light works but i have to do it after every loading screen!

  30. nitemares1 says:

    does this require steam to run or is it a non steam release? the NFO doesn’t say

  31. TheStigma says:

    Few games can match the level of innovation in Portal, and now Portal 2.

    For those who are wondering – Portal 2 is basically the same as Portal, but with more stuff, more story, and much more puzzles. Also a LONG co-op specific campaign and the ability for systemlink on the 360.

    Best game in a long time in my book – 9.5 out of 10 easy.

    Possibly the best part about this game is that you can play couch co-op with people who don’t play much and still have a blast – since its not a shooter or anything. The only “skill” you need is the ability to do basic movement stuff. The rest is pure brainpower and spatial understanding 🙂

    Thanks for the free download

  32. indiren says:

    Amazing game. I am running it on win 7 x64 high end system @maxed settings.

  33. SpLiC3 says:

    win7 64bit working perfectly so far chaps

    system is pretty high end so dunno about older systems

  34. calypso86 says:

    Game runs perfect.

  35. 17razor says:

    played more than 1hour, only one crash(in chapter2). now im in chapter3

  36. lexuskiko says:

    is this playable on LAN trough Hamachi or other lan thing? thanks 😀

  37. Duskfall says:

    Played for 2 hours no crashes here.
    Win 7 x64
    intel i7 920
    6gb ram
    gtx 480
    default settings all high

  38. idoza says:

    Thanks been waiting long for this!!!!!

  39. DustyBlacky says:

    The best game ever. i finish playing.

  40. thebrain says:

    Thank you uploader! Running great on Win 7 X64 and Radeon HD5700. Kicked me out once after an hour of playing. But I just got right back in and kept playing 🙂

  41. aiDonenfeld says:

    installed it not working for me.

    • johnny7 says:

      i have windows 7 x64 and no problems at all.. Are you sure you copied all stuff from skidrow folder??

    • admin says:

      guys don’t copy Portal 2 folder from crack folder
      get in folder bin and copy all files from there to the bin folder in game install folder like in the program files if thats where you have installed the game.

  42. Imaulle says:

    beat the game already, this release was perfect, zero crashes for me

  43. padccpt says:

    If any of you guys are having problems try the steps given here and see if it helps.

  44. PhaZEtwO says:

    Played for several hours with zero crashes.. what a strange but wonderful game.. me likes..

    Windows 7 64bit
    Nvidia 267.24 Drivers
    16xCSAA / 16xAni
    Read about all the crashes people are having so turned page pool memory down to medium (I vaguely remember something similar causing problems in another game some time ago), not sure if that will help anyone experiencing the crashes..

  45. Cind3R says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted before but me and my friend figured out ourselfs how to play it co-op via hamachi. Completed 4 chapters sofar without any issues (except SKIDROW crack randomly crashing ofcourse) so here it goes:


    This is a bit messy explained since it’s 5am. msg for questions
    Use the console.

    Right-click on the desktop Portal 2 shortcut, properties and add -console at the end on the Target box.

    Start the game
    Bind the console by typing “bind f8 toggleconsole”
    Start the server by typing “map mp_coop_start”
    Let your friend join at the same time as you host by typing “connect (hamachi)ip:27015”

    The hub (where you pick the chapters) doesn’t work btw, so after you complete a chapter you will need to type “sv_cheats 1” in console followed by “noclip” and fly your way inside the chapter 2/3/4 “minihubs”. (Turn off noclip by typing it in the console again).They can be easily found in the hub by following the “wires” which are connected between each minihub.

    To see the map you are at right now just open console and look at the map name. Or you can go to the hub (map mp_coop_lobby_2)

  46. Jaymoon says:

    For anyone that is stuck at the loading screen (or crashing at the loading screen), make sure to copy over the crack files correctly.

    The client.dll and server.dll files need to be in:


    Easy mistake to make, but once I realized it, the game launches fine. 🙂

  47. nahuel222 says:

    runs perfectly, sometimes crashes but i think i manage to fix it… there was a post here that some1 google problems about portal 2, there’s a fix about a folder in windows folder, name CSC, you have to activate ur account logged on windows so u can acces it, and then run the game as administrator…
    since i did that it doesnt crash…
    some1 knows how to enable subtitules in spanish and voice in english? in launcher i can just change the whole complete language…

  48. Sandbird says:

    To avoid crash disable multicore rendering! that worked for me.

  49. Wozniak says:

    I had problems with freezing at portal logo becouse i have copied files to wrong place
    u have to copy client.dll and server.dll to …ValvePortal 2portal2bin

    not to ValvePortal 2bin

    i hope this helps!

  50. romperstomp says:

    love it every day something good comes along and its free

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