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Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2009
Painkiller Resurrection

Painkiller Resurrection

Download Painkiller Resurrection Free

Painkiller Resurrection is the standalone expansion for the popular game Painkiller released in 2004. Full version of this game can be downloaded free from the link given at the bottom of this page. New PAIN engine has been used to render this game.

The game is similar to the original Painkiller game. You will have to fight with hordes of enemies coming at you from all the directions while progressing through all the locations available. All of the weapons included have a alternate fire mechanism meaning you can use the direct fire button or the alternate fire to have different ammo coming out of the weapon. The original game’s weapons and enemies are also present in this game but this game also gives you some new content which is absent in the original one. The game features new enemies and environments are large. You need to explore all the corners and kill all the enemies. You will be given small side quests which will make you roam all over the current level and explore all the parts on the map. Couple of new weapons and new bosses are present but most of the other enemies are from the original game or from the other expansions available for it. You can Download Painkiller Resurrection Full Version PC Game Free from the link give at the bottom of this page.

The game’s new hero is William Sherman known as Bill. The events shown in this game are not related to that of the original or any other expansion released for the game. Bill in trying to destroy a group of mobsters gets himself blown from his own C4 and in the process kills a bus full of innocent civilians. This lands Bill in hell. In purgatory one of the female spirits, Elyahim looks out for him and guides him through purgatory. As in the original game Bill is sent on a mission by Elyahim to save his soul by destroying the evil beings in hell. After fighting with a demon dog and defeating it, a new demon appears called Astaroth who is a general of Lucifer himself. He asks Bill to join him to rule the purgatory but Bill refuses him. Instead of fighting with bill Astaroth leaves him to fight his own battles. Keel reading till the end to Download Painkiller Resurrection Free for PC.

After Bill fights a demon looking like spider an angel, Ramiel appears to give him a message. The angel tells Bill to keep fighting and defeating all the evils and cleanup the purgatory and if he does that he will get another chance in life and will be sent back out in the world. With renewed hope Bill cleans all enemies that come in his way that’s when Elyahim meets him in person. Bill learns that Ramiel has betrayed the heavens and is now working with Astaroth to take over the purgatory. She also tells him that if the forces of both the heaven and hell are weakened all the new souls that are sent to the afterlife will be taken by those two evils and become the most powerful thing in the world. After learning the truth Bill needs to fight and defeat both of them. He kills Astaroth and Ramiel is severely injured. He offers a deal to leave him alive and he will send Bill back to life. This situation gives three possible endings to the game depending upon what you choose you will either come back to hell as before this time forever or go live a happy life on earth or rule the purgatory. If you liked the original game then you will also like this one. Click on the following link to Download Painkiller Resurrection Free

Download Painkiller Resurrection Free for PC

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