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Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2009
Overlord II (Overlord 2)

Overlord II (Overlord 2)

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Overlord II is an action adventure type of game with a darker and humorous background as the first game was. You can download full version of this game for free from this page. The game was released for the two major consoles and also for PC. The game is a direct sequel to the first game and follows the events of the first game.

You take the role of an overlord who wants to destroy all the land under his rule and conquer everything. He does this using a horde of minions, small creatures who follow his command. The story tells you how the new overlord rises and defeats the new rising power called the ‘Glorious Empire’. It’s a fantasy game and tends to be on the darker and humorous side. The humor is good in some parts and you will definitely laugh at some digs. But it suffers from some the issues that kept the first game from being a good one. Go directly to the end of this page to Download Overlord II Full Version PC game Free.

The gameplay of the Overlord II is the same as the first game and nothing much has changed in that department. You take the role of an overlord in a third person perspective and order a horde of creatures called minions to defeat the people of many civilizations. Your main enemy though is Glorious Empire which started to take command after the demise of the last overlord. As you start the game only the brown minions are available for you to command but the other ones will get unlocked as you progress in the game and these new minions are needed in some parts to progress to next level. The game features four minion types each of which have a different kind of ability and can be used effectively for that purpose only. For example the brown minions are good fighters and the blue minions are good at healing other minions during fights. Keep reading or skip to the end to Download Overlord II Full Free.

As overlord you also have the ability to fight using different weapons and armors which get unlocked as the game progresses. You can also cast spells to help the minions or to stop the progress of the enemy. But all the main tasks are completed by the minions. Minions have many abilities that have been introduced in this second game and you can use them to carry large items over distance for forming a group, they can also use the items available nearby as weapons and armor, turn cranks with collective efforts to find treasures, they can also operate ships or take control of the siege weapons and use them. If you capture a wild animal the minions can use them to ride on it during combat and to get past some of the obstacles. The new addition to the game is that you can now take part directly in the battle with taking control of your strongest minion by using the ‘Possession Stone’

Overall this is a fun game which shows some new abilities for the minions. The longevity of the game is good and gameplay lets you see some new dimensions. Give it a try and Download Overlord II Free for PC from the following link.

Download Overlord 2 for PC Free

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    Hi how to i play this game.. i download and instal and copy crack and i cant play :(((

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