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Posted by admin on Nov 29, 2010
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

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Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Full Game Free for PC

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a racing game available for PC, Xoxx360, PS3 and Mac. It’s the latest game in a long list of games in this series. This has received the award for the best racing game. And it has got high praise and great reviews from gaming websites around the world. Criterion Games are behind the wheel this time in development. Link to Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Full Game Free for PC is at the bottom of this article.

The takes place in a fictional place called Seacrest County. Need for Speed returns to the gameplay that most of us have loved previously. You have a career mode in which you can either play as a cop or the racer. You will get the adrenaline rush that you seek from this racing game. You feel the madness in you when you are in high speed races, using spike strips to derail your opponents, dodge helicopters. No storyline to mess around here. You just take a car and drive as a racer or a cop.

If you are a racer you will get points to increase your rank and your wanted level will increase. You will gain points to do reckless driving, drifting and putting out your competition off the road. While doing all those things your bounty will be increasing which will allow you to purchase new cars and also unlock new areas for you to race. You also will have a turbo button that will propel you to great speeds to escape from cops. As a cop your job will be stop the racers by any means necessary. You can call in helicopters, setup road blocks, use EMP’s to fry the electronics and also use spike strips. Keep reading to Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Full Game Free for PC.

Hot Pursuit is not a simulation game its pure arcade style racing. You have highly exclusive and expensive cars at your disposal to drive or to wreck. The maps are fantastic to drive great scenery and effects. Weather is good for driving. You can just drive through the city in the Free Drive mode and you will see the day’s cycles as night turns to day and vice versa. Also you will witness weather changes.

Autolog has been included as a means to compare you to other people playing Hot Pursuit. You will see all the statistics that will set you apart from others. You can also check where you stand in a particular event on leaderboards. You have different events thrown around the map of Seacrest County. Racers and cops will have different events to play. Racers aim will be to win the race while as a cop your aim is to bust the racer before he finishes the race.

Overall Hot Pursuit is a fun addition to the Need for Speed series. It has some great visuals, fantastic cars and some great gameplay. You can Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Full Game Free for PC from the following link

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Full Game Free for PC

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123 Responses to “Need for Speed Hot Pursuit”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts using 7-zip or Winrar to get the ISO image.
    2. Mount the image in Daemon Tools or burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. Cancel when prompted for activation.
    4. Use our key generator located in the /Crack folder on the DVD to activate.
    5. Play the game. But don’t go online.

  2. 123456789 says:

    What? Hot Pursuit? is this the OLD HOT PURSUIT?

  3. nedi says:

    please post assassins creed brotherhood and give me your answer in comments

  4. govou says:

    Thank you very much Uploader. I Hope the game is good

  5. megadeth says:

    thanks! been waiting for this a period of time now. now let’s see what my new hardware goes for.

  6. yAyAmAz says:

    I play the game without any problems since yesterday

  7. irill8 says:

    Finally a game to enjoy!

  8. EvoX2008 says:

    Here we go!!! Have been waiting for this!!!

  9. remick says:

    Sweet, thx for this! Gonna give it a go and see if it sucks or not lol.

  10. antialiaser says:

    how to enable antialias in game? I have a nvidia graphic card but there is no way to force it through the control panel

  11. ppguzman says:

    what language included?

    thanks !

  12. sandvic says:

    Just don’t forget to stay offline when playing :P. Languages from REAL retail, MULTI7 (Means 7 languages)

  13. PhaZEtwO says:

    antialiaser … Have you tried using Riva-Tuner from guru3D site?
    Can force AA in that aswell as many other graphic options…

  14. JA5C says:

    game works perfectly..

    Congrats for Reloaded to be the first scene group to patch the new SOLIDSHIELD 2 protection.

  15. Shotglass says:

    i have been playing the this release for hours now with no problems..

  16. Silo says:

    Thnx bro 🙂

  17. honesWan says:

    Very good !

  18. Startrance says:

    Thanks for the upload, works perfectly!

  19. rad says:

    Thanks all involved, gotta be a better nfs title !

  20. Claymore says:

    Solution for users, that got a crash to desktop
    Start the game and open the Taskmanager. Set the affinity to only 2 cores. Yes, the game won’t work with quadcores, except you switch to 2 cores. Hope, EA will fix this. I found this solution in their board – all users with quadcores are having this problem too – either retail (uncracked) or not.

  21. drdreey says:

    As mentioned in comments, its a multi CPU bug, try this:

    1. Run the Game
    2. Press the windows key on the keyboard.
    3. Start Task Manager
    4.Look for NFS under Processes
    5. Highlight it and set affinity to CPU 0 and CPU 1 only press ok and try if it works

  22. ay says:

    • Check your settings in your graphiccard-driver. Be sure, that you don’t override any setting (Set all options to default).
    • Check your settings in your audio-driver. Be sure, that the setting is at 44100Hz.

  23. paulhoude says:

    found this on EA forum, didn’t have the time to try it

    Crashing to desktop only appears to affect quad or more cores computers.

    Setting affinity crashes for me as well, I have found a solution all of you can try out.

    Temp Fix:
    goto “Run”
    type in “msconfig” hit enter.
    Goto the “Boot” tab
    Select “advanced options”
    check “Number of processors”
    Select “2” then confirm everything and restart the computer.

    Now the computer is running as a Dual Core. The game will be stable and won’t crash.
    Hopefully EA releases a patch soon to fix this permanantly, but this will at least get us all going for the meanwhile

  24. Kurth says:

    This Reloaded release is running fine here the only problem I got was a little glitch caused by the Motion Blur option but I turned it off and now I dont see that graphic glitch anymore.
    Im using a quad core processor Core i5 750 with nvidia forceware 260.99 on Windows Seven Ultimate x64, my graphic card is a GeForce GTS 250 1GB.

  25. 1nvisible says:

    I didn’t have to set anything to dual core, no crashes.

    x58 Classified
    GTX 460
    Windows 7

  26. paulhoude says:

    the I7 and I5 dosn’t have this prob, i think it’s the Q serie like mine

  27. bunta says:

    Great one, Thanks!

  28. Droby says:

    The game works fine to me, no crashes, and works with 4 cores.
    AMD Phenom x4 9650, Cheers

  29. catrau says:

    Great game good graphics :D:D
    Great post

  30. Yanos97, says:

    Hi Guys
    I didn’t find the key generator , it was supposed to be in the crack directory ?
    COuld someone help me ?

  31. wiizel says:

    @Yanos97, there’s offline activator in the crack dir. be sure to turn off your AV before running it, there’s no key gen. or crack for reloaded version

  32. Yanos97, says:

    Okay !!!! thanks @wiizel 😉

  33. erFecTSu says:

    Ooooooh Great work
    thanx !

  34. ron says:

    Got it working fine on a Q6600 overclocked @ 3.4ghz with an Nvidia GTX260 GFX – game looks great, doesnt crash (Win7-64 bit), guess I mustv got lucky,

  35. PhaZEtwO says:

    Same as you ron, working 100% fine on Win 7 64 with quad-core, even used Riva-Tuner to force AntiAliasing and the game runs absolutely perfect. Also used the Limited edition activation and no problems with that also.
    The game is very good, good to see the police chases back in Need-for-Speed.. ok ok so the graphics arent amazing compared to todays standard and there arent many settings in the options but a good game nonetheless..
    I can understand why companies “dumb-down” games, not everyone has a uber-fast pc with top-of-the-range graphics card and the companies want everyone to be able to enjoy the experience.. especially when online is involved.. basic computer/mediocre graphics card aginst I7 with a GTX 580.. who has an advantage? Antialiasing full, anioscopic filtering full etc .. options “should” be there though in my opinion… as it is a gamers market and most people into their games have invested into a decent PC to cope with todays games..

  36. oconu says:

    Thanks alot uploader.

    Works good for me

  37. chinggam says:

    tanx uploader……. works perfectly fine for my core i7….

  38. antialiaser says:

    this game is really awesome, don’t bother minor problems such as no AA support…this will not compromise your gaming experience. The game is frantic, really enjoyable, in-game speed percept is exceptional, tracks are gorgeous and you will spend hours and hours playing and losing your perception of time…cars are wonderful and of very different kinds…trust me this is the best PC driving experience so far…masterpiece for EA

  39. FreeDoo says:

    Everyone with thier i7’s and sli rigs. i’m still stuck with E8500 and a barely working 8800GTX., and i will be stuck with it for surely a couple of more years. when i finally afford to build a new pc its going to be one hell of an upgrade.

  40. LacerdaTomas says:

    Works perfectly.

  41. bluemoon7170 says:

    the game is much better with a gamepad rather than a keyboard… totally different control of the car

  42. mznaid says:

    plz any 1 how install game
    thes need siral plz any 1 get siral or halp me to instal
    tanks for game uploder

  43. adjio says:

    Where do i get the serial?
    Thanks for the up btw!

  44. hosnyguitar says:

    4 every one asking 4 the serial
    just skip this step when asked 4 serial
    and the setup will continue

  45. Asd0 says:

    Im with Core 2 Duo processors and the game working Great

  46. JSPadron says:

    Working 100% fine here, q6600 and no problems whatsoever.

  47. Elektra87 says:

    atch is out

    Patch Features

    – Quad-core CPU’s crash
    – Dreamshots are corrupted in non-16:9 aspect ratios: If you configure your game with a different resolution that yields an aspect ratio that’s not 16:9, dreamshots and snapshots were corrupted. This has been fixed.
    – Missing rain, snow and corona effects
    – CL Eye driver crashes the game

    New Features:
    – D-Box motion chair support

  48. ALDORAiNE says:

    those who have crashes related with quad cores dl the patch :

    works with this release.

  49. 123456789 says:

    when i click the button named Click to download… (the yellow one) it said blogger not found

  50. 123456789 says:


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