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Posted by admin on Oct 26, 2012
NBA 2K13 XBOX 360

NBA 2K13 XBOX 360

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NBA 2K13 Region Free Download for XBOX 360

NBA 2K13 is a baseball simulation developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K sports. NBA 2K13 is not a revolutionary game from 2K12 but has enough new things to make you play for a long time. The presentation of the game is fantastic and it will draw you in. The visuals of the game are excellent. You get the region free version of NBA 2K13 XBOX 360 free download here on this very page.

The gameplay is very realistic and gives you an authentic on pitch experience. The AI, plays and pace are all very close to real life game. All the player movements, placements and shooting just look realistic and natural. Playing solo as well gives you a great experience due to the solid AI. All online and offline modes from the previous version are present in this version as well. Download NBA 2K13 XBOX 360 for free then burn the ISO you get after extracting the parts on a verbatim DVD. Use the iHAS burner with burner max firmware to burn this game and use the software IMGBURN for burning as this is an xgd3 game. Some of the modes include practice mode, running a franchise, playoffs etc. MyPlayer has now been renamed as MyCareer and has been expanded considerably. In this mode you can create a player and also get to play his role in on and off the pitch life. Some historical and legendary teams have been added to the roster. The game features the full 1992 Olympic team. NBA 2K13 XBOX download is given free which of course will give you the full version of the game.

The players rating have been revised in most of the areas. All the NBA superstars and the role players have been given some signature skill moves which resemble their real life plays. These skills and minute detailing add a new layer of realism to the game. The most important change in 2K13 is the redone control system. The right stick is now assigned as a control stick. The options provided by this stick and the combo moves are countless. This new system requires little experimentation to master. NBA 2K13 XBOX 360 free download is what you will find below this review, all you need to do is follow the instructions to play it for free.

Graphics and presentations of the game are top notch. All the players in the game look photo realistic and the animation is near perfect to their real life counterparts. NBA 2K13 is an absolutely brilliant basketball simulation and most of the basketball fans will give this game a try. Following link gives you the full version of NBA 2K13 XBOX 360 region free download.

Download NBA 2K13 XBOX 360 Free Region Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Burn the ISO using IMGBURN software on a compatible DVD like a verbatim one and then burn it in a ihas burner with burner max firmware. That’s how you burn a xgd3 game. Truncate method might work as well but it was not tested by us.
    3. Insert the DVD in XBOX 360 and play.

  2. DJTommy says:

    works perfect

  3. jacobean says:

    many thanks. i burned using ihas burner and it works.

  4. shniper says:

    thanks! hopefully this works

  5. songohan says:

    Its working on my newest console. really good game. thanks

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    thanks for sharing uploading now

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  8. Audrianna says:

    thanks to the uploader for all his efforts. works perfectly so far.

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    How do i download grand theft auto on pc

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