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Posted by admin on Mar 19, 2012
NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12

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NBA 2K12 Free Download.

NBA 2K12 the new in this popular basketball series has arrived. You can download free games including NBA 2K12 from the direct link given below this article which includes full version games. 2K Games have published this game for multiple PlayStation platforms and Xbox 360, Wii and other mobile platforms. This site gives you the Windows PC version of NBA 2K12 for free.

NBA 2K11 was one of the best basketball simulation games to have come out but NBA 2K12 takes it even further with minor and major changes all around. Like any great basketball player who improves his game just a little bit and adds some extra moves to make it difficult for the opposing players to control him, NBA 2K12 has made changes to its already incredible gameplay to make it even more enjoyable. NBA 2K12 free download is given below this page at the end.

NBA 2K12 has been made to make you feel the game in real. The presentation is just outstanding. The pre-match animations and the movements of players, the coach’s reaction all feel real. With the broadcast quality as close to perfect you will feel like you are watching a real match on TV and not a game except you will be controlling the players. Substitutions, playing trying to get themselves in order with tying laces and coach’s reaction to a foul or a wrong decision are all too real. This is the kind of realism that was expected from this release as NBA 2K11 was a near perfect game and NBA 2K12 need to do better than that, and it does. Download NBA 2K12 free for PC from the link given at the bottom of this story.

NBA 2K12 gives you the option of playing in different era’s like the 60s or the 90s. The game’s graphics and sound change accordingly. If you are playing the game with the teams from the 60s the game will turn into a black and white scene with grainy pattern and you will see the players wearing knee-high socks. The sound also changes from the clear voice of commentary to a little muffled one which was the case in that era. If you are playing in the 90s then you will see the broadcast in color but they will look a little washed and blurry similar to the original broadcast in those days. These little changes and visual effects go a long way in establishing NBA 2K12 as the best hoops game ever. NBA 2K12 free download is given at the end, skip directly to it or keep reading.

The game has animation exactly similar to that of real humans with all the movements caught on camera well. You will see the fluid moves during an attack or defense. The commentary is excellent with reports from the field as well as injury reports included. The taunts the commentators throw at you when your players make too many mistakes is just awesome. The facts about players are also well laid out through the commentary. Only thing you will feel that lets down the sound department is the music which contains some hip-hop and rock tracks. These tracks feel totally out of place in this game. A better playlist would have made it a better experience for all. Free download of NBA 2K12 for PC is available from the bottom of this page.

The My Player mode is much better this season and a lot less boring. In the previous game when you created your player the usual thing was to play from a low league team and go up, which is a more real approach but it was a boring timeline to keep playing. So NBA 2K12 has come up with a better version this time where you play a exhibition match after creating your player and immediately you will be drafted according to your performance. Your aim as the player is to finally get in to the Hall of Fame. The interviews and the teams approaching you is all good experience that you will enjoy going through. Being at the top of your game is what will keep you good in the eyes of the media. You will have to work hard for your player to achieve great success. NBA 2K12 free download full version for PC is given below.

NBA 2K12 doesn’t have a lot of differences to the game that was released last year but there are enough changes and tweaks that make it a far better game than the previous one. Inclusion of one of the greatest presentation for the NBA franchise and the changes in the gameplay along with other changes makes this game a must play. More great players and modes to play as a team from different era is pure fun. Following link will give you NBA 2K12 free download.

Download NBA 2K12 Free Full Game for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to Crack folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game. Disconnect your internet or Block the game from going online using your firewall.

  2. aviv5 says:

    Yeah!!Reloaded is the best 🙂

  3. DarkSeed says:

    Thrown on the PC for download. 😛

  4. Bukkebrusen says:

    Thx 🙂

  5. Maratto says:

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E-N-E-S-S !!!

  6. mrneooooooo says:

    Waiting Pes 2012 🙁

  7. sameh says:

    thank you. love this game

  8. rotemor says:

    Play the game. Don’t allow it to go online

  9. hafa says:

    Thanks so much

    This is heavy. Great game

  10. escovinha says:

    Thanks Reloaded…
    I tryed and I Love It… even better than 2K11…
    Great Job 2K Sports…

  11. FDEEONE says:

    My computer is telling me its the wrong disk. Am I doing something wrong?

    • FDEEONE says:

      copied the crack to the correct folder and now it works. sorry for posting before reading the instructions

  12. wolfynho says:

    i cannot believe they made a pc version some time ago searched the net and people were saying that there isn’t even a remote chance for a pc version to be made and nba on pc will die like madden and other xbox games
    i’m stunned with shock and happiness
    thx uploader and reloaded hope this works without any problems

  13. savesthaday says:

    works perfect for me. just follow directions. don’t double click after mounting the image then you will get the incorrect cd message. Just open and setup that way.

  14. TY2 says:

    Thanks so much

  15. Viper says:

    Thnx Uploader

  16. deadspawn says:

    awesome game, thank you ..
    if you want to avoid nullifying the crack, when you originally start the game, dont accept the terms and conditions for creating an online account

  17. andrew says:

    For those of you with troubles just disable your internet connection when you run it for the first time and it will make an offline profile, or atleast it did for me.

    Then if it adds a firewall exception just delete it. It did for me in Windows 7 so I just removed it. Works like a charm now 🙂

    i5 2500k
    8 GB 1600 mhz
    Radeon 5850

  18. eofong says:

    game works fine for me.. Thanks uploader

  19. dead666eye says:

    This is without a doubt the best videogame I’ve ever played.

  20. spacecyber says:

    Obrigado por compartilhar, excelente jogo!!!!

  21. Scottie says:

    game is not working for me. help plz

    • Scottie says:

      ok after talking to a friend i got this game to work i was copy the crack right on top of the file an that was the wrong way to do it once i copy the crack too the folder it work an this game is very nice so thanks too the uploader…

  22. savesthaday says:

    Works great for me Windows 7 64 bit. When it loaded up and asked for a serial key I just closed the game, added it to my firewall list so it didn’t connect to the internet and just clicked on the next screen then created an offline profile.

  23. DrunkFerret says:

    Works, incredibly!!!!!!

  24. R0nZi says:

    Thank you uploader!

  25. deerfen says:

    Anyone know if patches, besides roster updates, are available anywhere?

  26. Larara says:

    Thanks mate!

  27. Maimonie says:


  28. rughyuksbu says:

    works. no problems while playing.

  29. lewisbrasil says:

    Muito bom mesmo

  30. celahudini says:

    it works like a gem

  31. EyalNem says:

    wow.. it works and also online works .. i have updated the game and applied the new crack

  32. david says:

    how do i download it

  33. veryvery good says:


  34. ian gil duran says:

    nice and great games

  35. ian gil duran says:

    great games for great people,,,,

  36. ƒ®ºZeΩ says:

    How To download NBA 2k12

  37. gee says:

    hi thanks

  38. michael ulam says:

    i love his game


    love it

  40. arjim says:

    thanks i love this game

  41. marjude elumba says:

    i wan,t to play the nba 2k14

  42. Atanasio Francisco Junior Munguambe says:

    hi thanks

  43. johnalwyn says:

    awesome game in nba 2k12 this ismy favorite games thankyou…

  44. brian says:

    i love this game

  45. ronnel says:

    hello thanks

  46. carllouie says:


  47. james says:

    i,m working in GMALL

  48. Wasif Liaquat says:

    Thanks for Help

  49. jm says:

    best game ever

  50. jerwin says:

    i love this game

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