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Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2009
Mini Ninjas PC

Mini Ninjas PC

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Download Mini Ninjas PC Game Full Free

Mini Ninjas is a action adventure game for the entire family. You can download the full version of this game free from the link given at the bottom of this page. Eidos Interactive published this game developed by IO Interactive. The game has been released for PC and all the consoles and it was also released for Mac OS.

The game tells you the story of what the game is about at the beginning. A long time ago a dangerous samurai warlord was destroyed to maintain peace and sanity of people in an ancient empire. The castles that were built by him were left to nature and they soon became ruins of the dangerous history that they were. People from all around the empire started to live without fear of this warlord and the land prospered. The secret about this evil warlord and his magical ways was hidden in these ruins and people returned to their normal lives after the destruction of the warlord. You can Download Mini Ninjas Full Version Free for PC from the link given below this article.

After a long time something changed in the world and terrible storms started to destroy life on earth. Floods and earthquakes started to shatter the earth. Ninja Master on the Ninja mountain knew immediately that something was astray. He found that some creatures were hunting and taking away animals but the reason behind it all was unknown. The evil warlord had returned and he was using his magic to turn animals into fearless samurai warriors. This was in all effort to get back his castles to their former glory and take over the world. But the use of the dark magic had set another destructive future for the earth. The creation of the samurai army was disturbing the balance and the Gods will bring wrath upon earth. As the size of the army increased so did the storms and floods.

The ninja master didn’t a clue about any of this but he knew something was wrong and he wanted to correct it to restore the balance and bring life on earth back to normal. He took an oath to do so. He send one of his best warriors to check what was the cause of this dangerous change in nature but the ninja warrior never returned. The master sent another warrior and this continued until only two of the warriors remained on the ninja mountain, Futo and Hero. The master was hesitant in sending his last to warriors to fight for the world but eventually he had to do so. skip to bottom of this page to Download Mini Ninjas Free for PC.

The game has 6 ninja characters that you can play and each of them have different skills and abilities. Magic spells are also present for you to use and can be used along with the weapons and skills of the ninja warriors. The magic spells that are available are fire balls, camouflage and time manipulation. He game is in third person viewpoint and in set in Japan. The game features some of the beautiful and breathtaking landscapes in Japan. The world as seen with the artistic style of this game is just divine. The levels are designed as such that you will find something new at every corner in that level which makes you explore these levels to the fullest. The music excellent as well and the combat system and style are great.

Mini Ninjas received a lot of positive review from all of the gaming community and also from the critics. This game was said to be a great family game and gave you some fun hours with your loved ones. If you need to sit down and have fun then get this game. Following link will let you Download Mini Ninjas Free for PC.

Download Mini Ninjas Free Full for PC

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28 Responses to “Mini Ninjas PC”

  1. pots says:

    didnt find this game for a long time. thanks for posting it.

  2. urs says:

    works perfectly. compliments

  3. ninja says:

    i luv this game. having so much fun playing it.

  4. port says:

    thanks much. works perfectly.

  5. marcopontual says:

    great upload. Game recommended.

  6. waleedz00 says:

    i played the whole game wihtout any problem just one<<<my Gamepad didn't work

    so i had to download my Gamepad driver and configure it manualy so i can play

    btw i got Logitech Dual Action

  7. leonardo992 says:

    Great game! Thanks friend!

  8. FreezingSun says:

    cute game, thanks 🙂

  9. SoFo says:

    Im using a Saitek Eclipse keyboard and mx518 mouse plugged in via usb, and I managed to play through the entire game earlier today without any problems.

    Great game over all, not the sorta thing I thought I’d enjoy, being old and all.

  10. bkring says:

    very cool game, thanks for the up!

  11. Crezax says:

    Everything works like a charm. Great game!

    Thanks for the upload!

  12. zabbar says:

    all works fine. thank you very much sir.

  13. Durux says:

    Thank you,this game looks like alot of fun

  14. RMStone says:

    Great game, loved the demo on the 360,

    Didn’t even know this was coming to the PC, highly recommend as a game to just chill out and relax with.

  15. kiko87 says:

    Great Game!
    Thank you.

  16. dlapro says:

    fantastico! gracias!

  17. psyph3r says:

    Works like a charm.
    Killed the Earth boss a while ago.
    Perfect game for killing time.
    Thanx a bunch uploader. :p

  18. Jurica says:

    how do i download it pls explaine thx .

  19. jim says:

    you ll get many links to download use jDownloader software to download all the parts from a single source or use utorrent if you want to download using torrents. after downloading extract all the parts using WInrar and mount in Daemon tools and install the game and copy over the crack files to replace the original ones.
    play the game and enjoy!!

  20. DragonFly9889 says:

    non raipidshare link doesn’t work =S

  21. DragonFly9889 says:

    hey, i downloaded the game from hotfile and installed it but the graphic is sometimes normal and sometimes everything is black… help please

  22. Jimmy says:

    This is epic site i love you

  23. y0wazzup says:

    i mount it then install it
    and when i start the game it says please insert the correct disc,, dont get it! need help

    • Mull says:

      dont forget to download the crack and replace the original exe of game with the cracked one.

  24. 123456789 says:

    PLS reupload fileserve lin- uh! rapidshare links.

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