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Posted by admin on Jan 23, 2012
Might & Magic Heroes VI

Might & Magic Heroes VI

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Might & Magic Heroes VI Free Download Full Version

Might & Magic Heroes VI is a turn based strategy game from Black Hole Entertainment. You can download the full version of this game for free from the link given below this article. Ubisoft are the publishers of this game. Might & Magic Heroes VI is available for Windows PC and was released in October of 2011.

Might & Magic Heroes VI is a prequel to the last game that is Heroes of Might & Magic V and takes place about five centuries before the setup of that game. The game is set in the fictional world called Ashan. As before you will be controlling many of the heroes in game and will be trying to protect and acquire towns. You have single player mode as well as multiplayer in the game but the game available for download here allows you to play only the single player mode. Might & Magic Heroes VI free download is given at the end of this page.

Might & Magic Heroes VI gives you the same engrossing gameplay experience as its predecessors with many improvements and new things. There are new creatures to add to your army; new magic spells other minor improvements to the already great turn based game. The famous skill tree feature has been restructured to make it better and the hero development has been given some flexible options with the new dynasty mechanics.

There are five campaigns to play through and many a times they feel a bit stretched. But the game is addictive which will keep you glued the screen even if you feel the campaigns feels stretched. Might & Magic Heroes VI fits perfectly in to the series with a good story and the gameplay. Keep reading to know more about the game and skip to the bottom for Might & Magic Heroes VI free download.

Might & Magic Heroes VI gives you 5 factions to choose from and you have to choose one of them whether you are playing in the single player or multiplayer modes. Whichever faction you choose a town specific to that faction will be given to you in which you can construct buildings and create the creatures which are given for that particular faction. Many of the factions like medieval haven, hellish inferno and ghoulish necropolis are all taken from the series. The other faction snarling stronghold has also been taken from one of the previous games. The last faction called the Sanctuary is the new addition to the series. Free download of Might & Magic Heroes VI is available from the link given at the bottom.

You can choose any of the faction and expect the same quality of detailed creatures from all of them. All of them have different style themes for their buildings as well as creatures which differentiates them from each other. There are also neutral creatures, buildings and other elements of the game which get the same treatment and are very detailed. The maps are very well prepared and give a sense of exploration to anyone playing the game from exploring the forests, plains to inferno depths. There are different resources like coal, gold, wood and crystals but collecting them is fun as they will be placed in new and different locations. Might & Magic Heroes VI free download is given below.

Various buildings will offer you many various perks like extra attributes for your heroes, mines for resources, view of the land at greater distances. The capturing process of the mines has been changed in this game now instead of just going in and controlling the mine you will need to control the surrounding area as well, meaning you will have to fight and clear the area before you can capture the mine. This new gameplay element of controlling the areas surrounding the mines makes better sense than just controlling the mines on their own. Though you may capture the mines and areas around it but the enemy can attack at any time and disrupt your production. You will need all the abilities that you can get in order to defeat your enemies and capture towns. To download Might & Magic Heroes VI for free go to the link given below.

The skill tree has been revamped and much more accessible now. You don’t depend on your skills to open up the skill tree; they have been divided into Magic abilities, Might abilities and Heroic abilities. As your hero earns skills points the abilities of magic and might get unlocked. Most of the abilities are available to all the heroes and choosing one of the abilities doesn’t block the other ability.

Whether you are playing the game for the first time or a veteran of the series you will enjoy every bit of Might & Magic Heroes VI. Whether you play the single player mode for hours on your own or join in with your friends you will get the same enjoyment from the game. The name of the game has changed a bit but the core elements which made the series a great success remain the same, nobody can complain about it. If you are a fan or a new gamer to the series you will enjoy every moment of it. Get the game and start playing; following link will give you Might & Magic Heroes VI free download.

Download Might & Magic Heroes VI Full Free


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    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
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    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to SKIDROW folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

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