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Posted by admin on Dec 28, 2009
Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

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Download Mass Effect 2 Free

Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to Mass Effect. You can download full version of this game for PC from the links given on this page. This is a third person shooter game which belongs to the action adventure genre. Bioware are the developers of this series which is a trilogy of games. The game is available for PC and also on the consoles.

The game has been set so that the decision you made during the ending of the first game will be considered and it will change the start of ass Effect 2 accordingly. The game has done away with the long and boring elevators that you had to take to travel on different floors. The dialogues have been also improved and you will see a lot real conversations this time. Also you can interrupt the conversation with an abrupt action which will either give you paragon points or renegade points but will get the job done anyway. The dialogues options will increase depending on the number of points you earn. If you have more renegade points more renegade options will be unlocked in the conversations and if the paragon points are more you will have more paragon conversation options. You can Download Mass Effect 2 Free from the link given at the bottom of this page.

At the start of the game Normandy, the ship that Commander Shepard uses is attacked by an unknown ship. You will be put in the action straight away where you will try to save all the crew members. But Shepard dies by saving his team-mates. Shepard’s body is recovered by an organization called Cerberus. This organization brings back Shepard with some cutting edge science techniques. Shepard is given a new and improved ship which is again named as Normandy. He then embarks on missions to save people.

Human colonies all round the galaxy are vanishing without any trace. Shepard finds out that the Reapers are behind all these attacks and they are using a race called collectors to do their dirty work. Commander has to recruit people to join his team. All the team members are spread across galaxies and you must find them and add them as your team member. Each of the team members has their own story. After they join your team you will get the opportunity to make them loyal to you by joining them in completing the mission that they want to complete. At the end of the game you will go with all your team on a suicide mission to destroy the collectors. You will have to make different choices during the game where you have to split up and appoint a new leader for the second group. If you choose the right people for right jobs then you will survive along with all the member s of the team. If you do not make the correct decisions you will lose some members of your team.

The characters in game are very diverse with different personalities. The conversation options are great and the voice acting is excellent. Excellent gameplay with fluid movements during combat and also shooting actions are done well. The missions are diverse as well. Overall this game is a winner and if you are interested in playing this game then Download Mass Effect 2 Free for PC from the following link.

Download Mass Effect 2 Free for PC

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99 Responses to “Mass Effect 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. When asked for serial number Open DVD 1 and use the keygen given in Crack or Razor1911 folder to generate a serial number for you.
    4. Copy all files from Razor1911/Crack folder (DVD) to Mass Effect 2 installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

  2. trakk says:

    wow thought it was released really waiting badly for this.

  3. 5star says:

    downloaded and played the first 1st from here. thanks for that. waiting patiently for this.

  4. when says:

    when its going to be released.

  5. soon says:

    i think in Jan 2010. so not too long surely it ll the game of the year.

  6. atheia says:

    damn, cant wait for this game..

  7. supernatural says:

    Hooooraaaaaayyyyyy its here downloading it right now. thanks guys for the fast links.

  8. mad says:

    thanks you thanks you thanks you thanks you thanks you thanks you thanks you thanks you thanks you

  9. waiting Over says:

    this is real just checked on some other sites its a Scene release from Razor1911 group. thanks for the direct links.

  10. Directlinks >> Torrents says:

    direct links are better in the beginning bcoz there will be not much seeders for torrents but after some days the speed for torrents will increase if you guys want to download right away use the direct links with jDownloader.

  11. finished now going to try says:

    finished downloading this now going to try it. its going to take a while to install.

  12. drdre4life says:

    WOW……thats wat im talking abt…..

  13. Infekterad says:

    O! Mad, thanks a million!

  14. Seafury says:

    Excellent, thanks very much.

  15. Faruk1 says:

    Finally, thank you so much!

  16. ricowatatsu says:

    awww yeauuuhh. Uploader, 1000 interwebs to you.

  17. indentsk8 says:


  18. finished now going to try says:

    this is me again. totally forget to leave a comment on whether it works or no. i was so into the game played 4 hours at a stretch.

    means this game is the real deal with great graphics.

  19. tomman35 says:

    Wow Sweet, thanks uploader ur the best

  20. AllanGordon says:

    get home take a nap and hopefully me2 will be done downloading when I wake up.


  21. Mechanicus says:

    Thanks uploader!

  22. forinboy says:

    Wow, was just looking at some Mass Effect 2 info on another site, and came back here just to see what might be new from the last hour, and boom!


  23. raul007 says:

    Freakin’ Awesome !
    You Rock Razor1911 ! Long Live !

  24. Piller says:

    W00t! Thanks!

  25. big211 says:

    My God ! i can’t believe it . i love you

  26. dipoze says:

    FINALLY !!!!!!!!! ORGASM!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Kulinsh says:

    aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. jizz in ma pants. deam, so huge 😮 thanks

  28. cooizzo says:


    i’ve been playing the original again and again just waiting for this…


  29. Flawz says:

    Works flawlessly, thanks.

  30. cvs2010 says:

    Great game thank’s !!!!


  31. Exsilium says:

    Does anyone know how to import the characters?

  32. zninja says:

    wicked thank you! 🙂

  33. fUrion87 says:

    anyone else noticing that the sens of the camera ingame is waaaaay to high, and u can only change the sens from low-medium-high.
    Althou that does not seem to change anything. anyone know where the mouse sens is saved?

    by the way thanks for the game

  34. daforce says:

    Awesome!! Will download this.

    Got a collectors 360 edition coming next week as well.

    Wicked game.

  35. Exsilium says:

    I have the save file, but the game doesn’t recognize it. Do i have to put it into the ME2 save folder? I have left the saves from the first game in it’s original location.
    Did anyone get the importing of characters to work?
    If anyone has done it, please make instructions on how to make it to work.

  36. Anglleos says:

    Well…my weekend is set..

    I thank you uploader.

    My wife hates you.

  37. Exsilium says:

    I think I figured it out.
    In the launcher, select Configure. New window will pop up. on the left side you’ll see Save Games tab. Select it and then select the Copy ME1 Save Games button and browse to the place where you have your save games. I hope that helps to others.
    Good luck!

  38. Alucard1 says:

    Thanks a lot to ‘Razor1911’ and ‘DGD’.

    Will download now, but can only start playing in a month time when I get my new i7-gtx295 machine. My Pentium 4 just can’t keep up with the times any more.

  39. noisthat says:

    I have:

    Vista x64
    3 gigs RAM
    XFX GTS 250 512 mb
    Core2Duo E6600 @2.00 ghz

    Does anybody with the same spects run it?
    just want to make sure before downloading.

  40. DarkHorizon says:

    I’m finished downloading it

  41. magneto says:

    Awesome game! runs without a hitch here on XP 😆

  42. LordX2 says:

    NoisThat – Why is your Core2 e6600 running at 2.00ghz???

    Its STOCK speed is 2.40 Ghz…

    You should give it an overblock boost to about 3.2ghz (it can easily handle that on AIR cooling)…

    That will make the gameplay a lil better.

    Cant wait to finish ME1 and play this!

    Thank god I just got my i7 920 setup completed…

    i7-920 @ 4.30ghz – Mushkin DDR3 @ 1640mhz @ 6-7-6 timings… and a GTX 280….

    Should play this fine… I hope!!!!

    Way to go

  43. raziel86 says:

    thanks for the up

    question for those who have installed, does it require both discs for installation?

    or is it like the xbox version where you can start playing once you have downloaded the first disc while waiting for the 2nd to complete

    cant wait!

  44. defrent says:

    Just wanna say thanks again man, you rock :o)

  45. Jrodigga says:

    Thanks for the UP!

    Mwhaha, most Epic Keygen ever, you can keep the little dancing guy on your desktop

  46. Forged says:

    @Exsilium: Thank you. Sorry I couldn’t help earlier. My download still has about 10 min left. Your advice might prove useful to me too. 🙂

  47. leonski35 says:

    It’s 3.45 am in the uk and i have just woke up,why ? why you ask ? to play this goddamn epic game that’s why ? gotta love the razor keygen !

  48. MaDMaXz says:

    lol dont know what part of the uk your in but your a little behind the rest of us haha no sleep 2nite ME2 time diggin this little dancein guy on keygen pasing the time watching him while installing wish i could have him on my desktop with out the keygen or music lol

  49. Zenican says:

    Best game ever, thank you so much

  50. mattisbowser says:

    This is some sweet shit rite here, mmmm tastes so good. Thank you

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