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Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2009
Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2

Download Manhunt 2 Free for PC

Rockstar Games brings back the highly controversial and adult game Manhunt 2 action adventure game to PC which is available for free download from the link given at the end of this page. The game is a sequel to the highly popular game Manhunt. Many countries rejected this game from being released and finally Rockstar Games released a modified version.

The game begins in an asylum for the criminally insane where the security and electricity go offline due to a lighting storm. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are the two people who escape as a result. Daniel doesn’t remember anything from his past due to his amnesiac condition. With the help of Leo he goes back to his old home which has been in ruins for a long time. There he finds drugs that help him back to sanity. Then he finds some clues about his past. Daniel and Leo follow these clues to unravel his past. They kill who interferes them and in the process they are pursued by bounty hunters and a organization called ‘The Project’. You can Download Manhunt 2 Full Version PC Game Free from the link given below.

As the game progresses Daniel finds out that he was a scientist working for the government on a project called ‘Pickman Project’. It was a weapons development project where they were creating a perfect assassin with brainwashing techniques and using a device to control the minds of that assassin. They created the device called ‘Pickman Bridge’ which is used to implant in brain. This device contains a personality of an assassin. This device allows the controllers to use a switch to enable and disable the assassin. The two personalities co-exist inside the brain and won’t remember anything about the other personality. This gives a perfect assassin with him being triggered at will to carry out a project and switching him back to the normal person who will not remember anything. So they are the perfect assassins without any knowledge of the crimes and cannot tell anything to anyone. Keep reading to Download Manhunt 2 Free for PC.

The game is has similarities to Rockstar Games other game Grand Theft Auto series. So if you have played the GTA series game then you will feel right at home. If you are not familiar then you will be shown the basics at the start of the play. The melee attacks system is also similar GTA. Later on in the game you will get a ton of guns. The aiming system is manual for PC version but you can also use the aiming system which lets you aim at the closest enemy.

The game received many positive and negative reviews from the gaming community. Many people loved the pure adrenaline rush they received from the game without any inhibitions but the technical sides were lacking. Even the AI is not as good compared to the first Manhunt game. Also the game settings is not as scarier as earlier and the story is not as strong. But even with these flaws you cannot say that this game is bad, because it’s a good game. Some of the cracker developed a fix that removed the censoring from the game and made it an unrated one. This was the same version that is released for PC. The following link will let you Download Manhunt 2 Free for PC

Download Manhunt 2 Free for PC

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  1. PacMaan says:

    Wow awesome thanks!


    This is a nice supprise cheers man!!!!!!

  3. Coldflame says:

    Good Work!

  4. piotrp1990 says:

    Whoa, didn’t even know this had been ported. Thanks!

  5. bigfoothazza says:

    hahaha the most controversial game ever cant wait to play this the first one was grotesque but great, thanks uploader

  6. skloven says:


  7. oren88 says:

    Thank you! the first game was awesome! hope the second one is great too, thx again.

  8. emoekkel says:

    This is so gore!:O haha Thanks upload been wating for this

  9. van says:

    Played it on the PSP and its a GREAT game since it really makes the story from 1 go siiiiick

  10. 0mn1 says:

    August 25, 2009 – A new ESRB listing for Manhunt 2 on PC reveals the game has received an ‘Adults Only’ rating: “Blood and Gore. Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs.”

    Thank You!

  11. rubinho says:

    Finally. Thx a bunch.worked perfectly. One of the greatest games of all times.

  12. blurk says:

    gore porn 😮 Ty alot – Now i got something to play tonight

  13. mGoLos says:

    No. WAY!!

    Fucking awesome. Thanks!

  14. unclepete70 says:

    wtf… didnt even know it was coming on pc – thanks uploader

  15. julienhi says:

    works great thanks a lot

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  17. xenover says:

    This should be rated Adults-Only by ESRB so, get ready for the maximum blood and gore

  18. klasos says:

    THANK YOU great work … THX

  19. Otis B. Driftwood says:

    is this the uncut version?

  20. kamal says:

    i downloaded it,
    but i don’t know how to open d game
    pls. HELP

  21. AHAHAHA says:

    Hoowwww To Downloadd Mannn The Game ManHunt 2 Plss tell mee Plsss Plsss :p

  22. Amoor says:

    how to download this game???

  23. سجاد says:

    سلام – این چیه دیگه؟

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