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Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2009
Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Download Left 4 Dead 2 Free Full PC Game

Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to the highly popular game Left 4 Dead. It’s a first person shooter game. This game has a single player mode but it’s the co-op multiplayer part that made this game a huge success. Similar to the original game this game involves zombies, people who have been infected in the post apocalyptic environment. You fight with your way through with 3 more characters who survived this apocalypse. Download Left 4 Dead 2 Free for PC from the link at the bottom.

The game features a checkpoint based system and once you reach a checkpoint you will start the game from there if you die. Your final goal is to escape from the zombie land by getting to the rescue vehicle that awaits you. The AI incorporated in the game is of high quality and it adapts to the type of game you play. Depending upon how well (or how badly) you play the game alters the AI. This makes the game more challenging. Several new additions have been made to the types of enemies, attacks you can perform and weapons.

The game starts with you along with 4 survivors when are trapped in the infected zone trying to escape to the safe zones. Infected people act like zombies and are hostile towards the non-infected. Some of the infected humans are unaffected even after catching the virus. The four survivors are some of them. You have to play through 5 campaign missions to reach your goal of escaping this hell hole. You can rest up and heal your wounds by staying in safe houses that are scattered around the maps. Keep reading to Left 4 Dead 2 Free Download

The game is mainly co-op, where the four survivors must protect each others backs. The 6 campaigns have many mini maps. Most of the time at the start of the campaign, you will try to reach a safe house and wait for extraction from there. You will face a lot of enemies while you wait. You can carry only one weapon at a time and a secondary weapon. You have many weapons that you can carry one at a time. You can keep a watch on the health of other survivors that are with you so you can save them when in need. If you are late in rescuing them, then the infected will finish them off.

If you are the only player then all the other 3 characters will be controlled by the computer. The game will continue till any human players are alive in the game. You have 4 modes in Left 4 Dead 2, Campaign, Survival, Verses and Scavenge. First three modes being present from the first game. Scavenge is the new addition in this sequel.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game overall. This is surpasses the first game with new content added a plenty. Levels are well designed and deadly new guns and attacks improve it further. With so many different kinds of modes available for play the longevity is increased a lot. You can enjoy he game further more with friends with the co-op play. To Download Left 4 Dead 2 for Free go to the following link

Download Left 4 Dead 2 Full PC Game for Free

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382 Responses to “Left 4 Dead 2”

  1. Step says:

    What’s the problem? everytime i try to download it then it comming up some shit that i cant get away :S? please answer on my mail

  2. Mrht says:

    yes it comes with a survey that you have to complete to download. but the game worked for me on Windows 7 so not whinning.

  3. mico says:

    hey i install left 4 dead 2 by a cd and the installation is complete when i start it doesnt run it always crash…its ok when i download the special crack/full crack and copy it to the game folder,it will run???

    Please reply cuz im addicted to play dis :))


  4. mico says:

    it always crash to desktop

    pls help me!!!!!!!

  5. helpr says:

    yes it will only work after you download the special crack and extract it to the folder where you installed the game to replace the original files then it will not crash.

  6. mico says:

    thanks men
    sure i will try it

  7. mico says:

    thanks dude for d advice the game works perfectly and nice graphics and thanks to this site.

    this site rocks!!!!!!!

  8. mico says:

    And thanks to the special crack it really really works!!!!

    thanks again…

  9. Kiat says:

    how download o?
    me dun know?
    hu can help me?

  10. Victor says:

    Do the survey give virus?

  11. lilW says:

    dont ask such question. they dont give any viruses.

  12. brylle says:

    i will download all?

  13. hance says:

    how to download it, u mean all that u were copy

  14. Sam says:

    I got the game to work and i played it for a day without problems. but the next day i play it again but after about 5-10 minutes the game crashed to desktop without a notification or anything. and it still does.

    if you know how to fix this or have an idea plz post.

  15. abbe says:

    most i download all the parts?

  16. Sam says:

    @HELPr no problems anymore. thx 🙂

  17. Max says:

    hi im 8 and i love zombie games but i dont know how to download it. = (

  18. Max says:

    plz help

  19. julius says:

    is this gonna take long to download i hate w8ing -_- xD 😀

  20. jasper97 says:

    when i finished the survey i sent the text recieved some texts and the download said u have not yet complete the survey and also said not completed yet waiting for u to finish … what do i do plz help

    i love this game but i cant get it!

  21. PooPi says:

    Nice game.

  22. Thanks dude,..

    I’ll give it a try!

  23. giannetto says:

    how can i downlaodet it?

  24. black says:

    hi are u ok!! ^^ aku okey tY tHis game so best ^^ hehehe

  25. prblm says:

    hey guyz
    please tell me in detail how to download and install all these games……….
    thanx in advance

  26. rishabh says:

    the game crashes at d main screen??? installd d patch and d crack,bt game not running??? pls reply i ned dis game badly

  27. the b man says:

    it comes up with error when i use 7zip and winzip. I have alcohol 120% help needed 🙁

    this is good site i come here to see whats new

  28. rhon says:

    how can i extract the game using winrar.

    • admin says:

      @rhon just right click on first file and select open with and choose winrar. it will open the file in Winrar. there you will see a ISO file select it and click extract to and select where you want to extract it.

  29. rhon says:

    im a beginner with this. what should i select there has a direct link there. netloadlink, rapidshare, alternate rapidshare.
    pls. give me instruction on how to do this.

  30. rhon says:

    help me how to download left 4 dead 2. give me an instruction on how to download this.

  31. ABRD says:

    Dude torrents are invaild

  32. a big rich douche says:

    Heheheheh umm Admin could you post a torrent link for Left 4 dead the first part the second wouldn’t work because of the graphics . ABRD aka a big rich douche Thx =)

  33. a big rich douche says:

    … Thanks anyways

  34. a big rich douche says:

    Will It work online?

  35. Jason says:


  36. a big rich douche says:

    i downloaded and mounted with poweriso and in the midle of the extraction it says:”CRL failed in ‘rzrl4d2.ISO.File is broken”

  37. a big rich douche says:

    Ok thx matts i will try

  38. a big rich douche says:

    I dont have demon tools any more i deleted it a wile back =(

  39. a big rich douche says:

    Guy when i try to extract 7zip -.-‘ it says that the file is broken

  40. a big rich douche says:

    Yeah but when i try to instal it opens up a window and shuts it down after 3-4 seconds

  41. a big rich douche says:

    I get in to the folder there s setups,simpack,…. and nothing in that folder is working

  42. a big rich douche says:

    Wait did it work for you if it did plz tell me the instructions 😀

  43. a big rich douche says:

    Oh god will anybuddy reply ?!?!?!??!

  44. jo says:

    after i download the left 4 dead is not zip or a winrar…its just a file…a lots of file…there is no crack and theres no installer…pls tell me the problem…in my warcraft im the one who download it and install it…the left 4 dead is not like the dota installer…hahayz pls help meXD

  45. a big rich douche says:

    No thts not the problem when i downloaded the extraction doesnt work so i mount the power iso folder thts alredy in it but nothing works the instalation,sim,nothing

  46. a big rich douche says:

    Well i did delete it but ok i used the first torrent link…

    • mattY says:

      @a big rich douche i got it from there, it has these files without extensions like .001 .002 and so on. so i right clicked on the 001 file and extracted it using 7-zip which gave me this file rzr-l4d2.iso
      that ISO i mounted in Daemon Tools lite and installed the game. And copied the crack given on the download page.

  47. a big rich douche says:

    It doesn’t work i t wont let me extract

  48. Rifqi says:

    dowload left 4 dead 2

  49. YoYo says:

    how to complete the survey

  50. LYN says:

    There is no crack at the bottom of the page and i downloaded and it gives me a folder with 87 files .. i have got games from here before im not a noob but what am i doing wrong?

    • admin says:

      @LYN Read install instructions there u ll find the crack. The Megaupload link for crack is given in yellow color.

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