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Posted by admin on Jan 17, 2010
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game

Download James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Free

Avatar: The game is a third person action game. Full version of this PC game is available for download at the link given at the bottom of this page. The game is set two years before the events of the movie Avatar meaning it’s a prequel to the movie. The technology used in the film has also been used for creation of this game. The game was released on PC as well as the major consoles.

Game is set on the magical planet of Pandora. The year is 2152 which means two years prior to the vents from the movie. The game lets you play the character of Able Ryder who arrives on the planet as a signals specialist. Five marines are stuck with Viperwolves and your first mission is to rescue them. After completing this mission player must find another of the signal specialist who is clearly afraid of the Viperwolves. You will then be assigned to some other tasks which you will need to complete. In the mean while you find that you have a mole in the Avatar system. A Na’vi will be helping you to find him. After you find the mole you can be on the side of the Na’ve or be the part of the team that brought you on the planet. You can Download James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Full Version for PC from the link given below of this article.

Some bad points about this game the conquest mode included in the game is not worth a single try even though the concept of including the mode was good it was not correctly executed. The story is a no story. It’s not worth mentioning also. Characters are awful. You won’t get to know them or their behavior. Vehicles in the game are simply dreadful. You will get tired of the action.

The game includes some good things that are redeeming for the other flaws. The environments are nicely rendered and you can see the similarities from the movie. The game gives you side missions to complete which gives you the option to play the game a second time around. Addition of the conquest mode was a good idea. The close combat battles are done nicely and you will enjoy the melee attacks.

The game shows you some great environments from the planet Pandora with lush green forests and some of the deadly animals. If you are follower of the RDA, The Resources Development Administration then some of the plants from the forest will release poison on you. The game captures the beauty of the planet as shown in the film. The mission will make you travel farther distances and you will get bored of this routine. The world of Pandora is a large one and it will take you a lot of time to get to the next mission. You can either go with the RDA way or go against them and join the Na’vi.

You have some special abilities at your disposal no matter which side you pick to follow. The game’s main feature is the 3D technology that it includes and if you have a capable screen to play it on then it will give you some satisfaction to play the game. Following link will let you Download James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Free.

Download James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Free for PC

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  1. Rohero says:

    help pls write the all steps I really need that game the AVATAR is the BEST

  2. gamelover says:

    do i have to donload all of that in megaupload

    • mattS says:

      you have to download all parts from the same site. but first check if all parts are there or if any part is offline. just add those all parts in jDownloader and it will check the online availability.

  3. hugo says:

    for how long this demo work?

  4. hugo says:


    it is full version

  5. ther52 says:

    Downloaded it and it is awesome

  6. roundfire says:

    please reupload links..

  7. roundfire says:

    the game needs to crack??.. because i downloaded and doesnt have a crack

    sorry for bad english.. thanks

  8. alejokim says:

    avatar the game need dvd or what??

    • mattS says:

      you can mount the ISO in daemon tools if u dont want to burn it on a DVD. you need to extract the parts using winrar and then mount the ISO in daemon tools and install the game from there then copy the cracked files from the DVD in the crack folder to the folder where u installed the game in program files.

  9. alejokim says:

    I need to know how to install the game???

  10. marcus says:

    online muliplayer??

  11. Chiu says:

    please send me the installer of avatar the game…. pleasee…..

  12. aang says:

    i am a coool

  13. dikshit says:

    please tell me avatar game keycode please please send to my mail

  14. joshua says:

    what is the seril anumber for avatar

  15. rat says:

    plz send me the avatar cd key

  16. Bubba says:

    Where is the key gen located? Is it the application in the crack file?

  17. Samantha says:

    Thanks for share, nice 🙂

  18. saisankar says:

    it is so nice

  19. daniel says:

    how do you download the game?

  20. Varn says:

    Nice game

  21. logan says:

    this is a good game

  22. logan says:

    how do you download this game

  23. Joel says:

    I already completed the “one offer” and It still registers as not being complete. Got anything to say

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