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Posted by admin on Mar 24, 2011


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Download Homefront Full Game Free for PC Direct

Homefront is a FPS game released for PC, Cbox360 and PS3. In this first person shooter the players fight on US soil against the Koreans. The game is based in future, year 2027 to be exact. Massive energy crisis combined with the global economic breakdown has led the United States from the position of super power to a state of chaos. This is the time the North Koreans pick to take control of US. The war has broken out in the open in American streets. People are fighting this invasion. Download Homefront Full Game Free for PC Direct from the link at the bottom

Single player mode has more of a cinematic gameplay. Homefront has a solid story to boot with. War on American soil is not a new concept but this game has shown how if you implement a good idea you will see great results. Homefront shows a totally different picture of America in future. The country is totally devastated and it’s not the powerhouse it used to be. The Koreans in the mean time combine their efforts and become the new leader of the world. They want to overcome America by taking over the country. Koreans have launched a full force attack on America on their home soil.

Homefront is not the typical FPS game. Due to the background story you get at the beginning you are forced to use local buildings like malls, office buildings and warehouses to fight your battles. This makes the game world a real one. The environment feels real. This is one of the best things about Homefront. Apart from this, in terms of gameplay this is like any other shooter out there. No ground breaking technology here, just the run of the mill shooter game. You can control the game with a gamepad or the classic mouse/keyboard combo.

Single player is short. You have 7 chapters in total, which if you are good FPS player will be finished in 5 to 6 hours. You got multiplayer but it’s not the strongest point of the game with only limited number of modes available. But if you are into playing multiplayer games then you will like the way it works in Homefront.

Homefront is unique game with a compelling realistic story which shows you a dark future. So if you want to see this story unfold then Download Homefront Full Game Free for PC from link below

Download Homefront Full Game Free for PC

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45 Responses to “Homefront”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract the parts using Winrar or 7-zip to get a ISO image.
    2. Mount the ISO image in daemon tools lite or burn it on a DVD
    3. Install game from DVD
    4. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to the game /Binaries/ folder
    5. Play the game

  2. RAGE @! says:

    downloading this game amazing

  3. 5ub5tance says:

    Thanks worth the wait!

  4. xecret7 says:

    Was expecting Crysis 2, but this is the next best thing.

    Thx upper.

  5. markmcrfc says:

    Excellent!! Thanks

  6. fatal87 says:

    thank you 🙂

  7. gamesforfree says:

    Thanks Skidrow and uploader

  8. Eins says:

    Thanks uploader.

    Took them long enough to crack this.

  9. Mew178 says:

    Yeah I was expecting Crysis 2 too but oh well I’ll take this without a complaint.

  10. Saleitor says:

    What Happens boys?

    Now… I want Crysis 2..

    I finish homefront.

  11. mido2010zx says:

    still waiting for Crysis 2
    thx uploader

  12. rubinho says:

    Like saying they are waiting for Crysis 2 would change anything. These guys are funny.

  13. elmasry says:

    first thanks skidrow and thanks uploader
    second wht the matter with u people , u asked 4 a scene release and her it is wht’s ur problem

  14. slava says:

    i was expecting two naked chicks to come and fuck me, but got this instead. WTF? Will wait for crysis3. Thanks for upload, but the chicks are still better.

  15. SirMoMo says:

    Whiners ftw!
    Cheers 4 teh upz!!

  16. yousocco says:

    Thanks all around! skidrow and upper.

  17. henriquepss says:

    wow, no greeting to razor.. something must’ve happened 😛
    waiting for crysis 2, GO SKiDROW GO! :p

  18. brboyboss says:

    thanks uploader…. thanks

  19. alexbox360 says:

    thank you!!

  20. Manasa says:

    Thanks a lot!

  21. tubbygold says:

    tyvm,, look fwd to this real working release,, and no, im not waiting for crysis 2, cuz crysis is a ghey suxor game imo, for little boys,,, lmfao @ nano suits!! hahaahh,, again ty skidrow

  22. KGod says:

    Many thank to the uploader and specially to SKIDROW to keep providing us with these releases.


  23. energy says:

    SKIRDOW on fire yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thank you my love

  24. hokage2011 says:

    thanks for uploader !!!

  25. camadas says:

    Thanks for the Up.

    finished the game in 5 hours

  26. Nobunaga says:


    Yes……..everyone knows the singleplayer lasts about 5 hours 🙂
    Unless you blindly download anything, in wich case you get surprises………

  27. Agamemnon says:

    Dumbest intro to a game since….since….ah well, ever 🙂

    Thanks for the up tho

    • Mulyaningsih says:

      I would personally buy Homefront. I plyaed the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo and I wasn’t too impressed. Bulletstorm just looks really dumb to me. I haven’t even plyaed the demo, but I’ve seen a gameplay video, and I think it just looks stupid. Btw, Homefront has the potential to have an AMAZING campaign, let alone multiplayer.Was this answer helpful?

  28. LiquidSnake says:

    I finished the solo in 3.5 hours… Other then that i liked it even if it was short! Thankyou uploader.

  29. Inhumanz says:

    Try to play games with harder difficulties to enjoy the most out of it.
    Play this on Guerrilla and see if you can finish it in 3.5 or 5h.

  30. ped says:

    working on x64 windows 7 C2Q6600 6gb ram 8800GTX

  31. 123456789 says:

    this is great games are always coming!

  32. JOsh says:

    links broken

  33. Hi_dude30 says:

    can you play it online with this or only single player

  34. Game_-_Master says:

    Admin, can you please help me:
    I extracted all files, but now I don´t get an iso – file -> I don´t know what to do

    • S says:

      if u r again getting files with names like .001 and all then u need to extract once more and u will get the ISO.

      • Game_-_Master says:

        I did this but I WinRAR says that r16 is missing and without it I can´t get to the ISO image. Admin, ca you please help me?

        • admin says:

          which links did you use to download the game.

          • Game_-_Master says:

            I used hellshare, because the oters links are broken

          • mattS says:

            sorry u ll have to redownload the game. with the new links.

          • Game_-_Master says:

            Admin, can you be my favor and give me a link with “sr-homef.r16 and then give me the link that would be really nice. If you could manage to do this, I would be really thankful.


          • admin says:

            Go to the download page and download the torrent from Link 2 at the bottom. Then open it with uTorrent. There you can select the single file sr-homef.r16 and deselect all others. Press OK to download only that file.

  35. admin says:

    All the dead links have been removed and new working links have been added today (19th May 2011)

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