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Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2009
Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

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Download Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA 4 Full Game Free for PC.

Rockstar Games is back with the fourth game in Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto IV. This is a action adventure game with a open gameplay with an entire city at your disposal. The game is set in Liberty City, which may be assumed to be a replica of New York. The game’s main character, Niko Bellic is from an eastern European country, he came to United States to live his life peacefully. But fate is not on his side and he gets mixed with the wrong crowd. Keep reading to Download Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA 4 Full Game Free for PC.

As with all GTA games you have free reign for what you want to do. You can drive around the city, race your cars or shoot people in a third person game. You also have a multitude of online options to play with. This was one of the most anticipated games of the year. And it proved to be one of the best with many game review sites awarding it with best game awards. GTA 4 like its predecessors gives an open world for you to wander around. You can travel on foot or you can hijack a car and drive around. You can swim sprint use weapons as you like. Boats, helicopters, motorcycles and a long list of cars are all drivable by the player.

Open world game gives the player the option of playing as he likes, but you need to complete missions given to you to progress through the game. You can also take on side missions like destroying hardcore criminals from the city or take part in races on the streets. You have 2 different ending to the game. Which ending you will get to depends on the choices you make in course of the game. You will either make a deal at the end with Dimitri or you can kill him to take revenge. Both decisions will have their consequences with one of the two people who are helping Niko getting killed. Download Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA 4 Full Game Free for PC from the link at the bottom.

GTA 4 improves the combat system with use of cover system. You have more moves for hand to hand combat. You can also perform stylish executions in some parts of the story. Your health and armour are indicated on the screen. If you have a target selected you will see his health and armour indicators also. Health can be recovered using many options that are presented to you like, eating, sleeping, drinking and calling the hospital. If you reach zero health you will taken to a hospital and revived but will lose some money for it.

Wanted level system is retained in Grand Theft Auto IV but some new and welcome changes. The star wanted system is still there but the police that pursue you when you reach a certain wanted level have been improved to make it look more real. A circle of search is shown on the map when you are being pursued but if you manage to avoid that circle then police will abort the search. You can decrease the wanted level by going to sleep or entering a safehouse or by painting the car you are driving. Vehicles are similar in function like in previous games nothing much has changed there. You will have a mobile phone for communication. You can use it to perform various actions from calling cops to hire people for the work you want to get done.

GTA 4 is a must play game for anyone who is at least a casual gamer. It has the best single player mode in the series so far. You will be greatly impressed with this game. So to Download Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA 4 Full Game Free for PC, go to the following link.

Download Grand Theft Auto IV Free Full Game for PC

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