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Posted by admin on Apr 26, 2010
Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City

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Download Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Free for PC

Rockstar Games have released this game after a long time. This is a standalone expansion pack released for the highly popular game Grand Theft Auto IV or usually known as GTA 4. This standalone game contains two expansions viz. ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ and ‘The Lost and Damned’. These expansions don’t require you to have the base game i.e. GTA 4. These are the downloadable contents released as a pack. The game was released for both Windows and consoles.

The DLC content for Xbox360 requires the base game but this standalone pack doesn’t require the base game to be able play. The game gives you two very diverse stories to play with. The addition of new vehicles and weapons makes for much better gameplay and increases the replay value after playing the original game. Now checkpoints have been introduced which makes for a far better gameplay experience. Checkpoint system allows you to continue the game without having to start it from the beginning which becomes frustrating if you die a lot. If you are interested to get this game then go to the bottom of this page to Download Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Free for PC.

This game has improved the funny quotes from all the characters and also you will hear things about the original game characters. The content given out with this game is a lot to ignore so I suppose you cannot ignore it. The original game had some great graphics but the same graphics system after a couple of years is not good enough but it’s not that bad either. This game is better played if you have already finished the first game Grand Theft Auto 4.

Both the new parts The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are taking place at the same time as the original game. The gameplay largely is the same to the original but some new things have been introduced to add some diversity to the experience. If you liked the original GTA 4 game then you won’t be disappointed with this game. You will feel right at home with Episodes from Liberty City. Even if you haven’t played the first game you can enjoy this without any hindrance but playing GTA 4 will give you some extra understanding of this game which makes it more enjoyable. Of the two parts available with this game you should first finish The Lost and Damned and then get your hands dirty with The Ballad of Gay Tony part.

The game gives you more than enough hours of gameplay to keep you occupied for a while, even if you skip most of the side missions. The story is really great and music is great as usual. The characters are fun to interact and the gameplay as usual is superb. Voice acting done is of top quality. The game gives you the insight into what happens after the GTA 4 ending. The link below will let you Download Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Free for PC

Download GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City Free

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116 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get 2 ISO files.
    2. Mount the 1st ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.When asked for DVD 2 unmount the 1st ISO and mount the 2nd ISO file and continue installation.
    4. Run the included update to update your game to version
    5. Copy all the files from the crack folder from the DVD to the folder on hard disk where you installed the game.
    6. Play the game by starting LaunchEFLCc.exe

    • Dardan says:

      admin could you please make it more simple..

      and does it works in a pc with 3.4 Ghz processor and 1 gb ram 160 hdd ?

      I’m a crazy player of gta 4 so i just want to play this game.


    • davi says:


  2. max says:

    im not gonna download it.would ruin fun from red dead guys should more try to get like splinter cell conviction

    • dealez says:

      how to download the game

      • krish says:

        i also dont know

        • omar says:

          You are a donkey indian.

  3. stephan says:

    nice game

  4. faya says:

    Thanks UPLOADER!!!!!

  5. Salmeak says:

    1. Unrar.
    2. Burn or mount the image.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Run the included update to update your game to version
    5. Copy over the cracked content.
    6. Play the game by starting LaunchEFLCc.exe.

    • caityree says:

      which unrar

  6. xecret7 says:

    looks like waiting paid off. thanks.

  7. mattisbowser says:

    Yes it is super fun time

  8. lexTM says:

    Terrific! Wonderful! Great job, thanks! :w00t:

  9. Shof says:

    does gta4 need to be installed?

    • toff says:

      no you dont

  10. zouza says:

    Game info:
    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City includes two complete games –
    The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony – together on disc for
    PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows.

    Sims like standalone.
    Thanks for upload.

  11. lexTM says:

    no, it doesn’t

  12. RastaFATian says:

    thanks a lot!

  13. Belly says:

    Thx for the upload been waiting for this one

    • omar says:

      Hey Belly.How are know me.

  14. torrentman86 says:

    Awesome! Shit……..

  15. junkfodder says:

    It IS stand-alone – there’s NO add-on version. And it installs both games together.

    It does NOT require R* Games Social Club. Though it can work with it if you wish to upload videos

    It DOES require Games for Windows Live.

    It DOES run well. Better than GTA IV did when it was first released. But if you didn’t like the original GTA IV, I don’t see why you wouldn’t like this one. If that’s the case, you’re insane.

  16. delugeboy says:



    I’m on it blind-folded.

  17. dillan08 says:

    im half-way through in the game. no problems.

  18. mackumba says:

    it runs absolutly great, as did gta IV after the last patch.

  19. Phinix says:

    Finally a release as working

  20. nitemares1 says:

    much better release, no registry hack or crack on a seperate site like the other

    thanks for the upload

  21. Bukkebrusen says:

    Been waiting for this, thx RELOADED and uploader! It’s gonna be a hijacking nice day

  22. overlordqd says:

    wow ive been waiting for this. thanks.

  23. lk24 says:

    If youz are all worried about grapping this, 9.2 on IGN for pc

    thnx for the upload

  24. kerio says:

    this works perfect..thx for up..

  25. Monk24 says:

    do you need GTA 4 to play this?

  26. j0n87 says:

    Monk24: No as its a StandAlone

  27. PavelSid says:

    Thanks Upper & Reloaded!

    I am on Win7;x64 and managed to run this perfectly fine.

  28. psyko666 says:

    Works great with WIN7 32 Bit BIE release…

    Thx again uploader!

  29. deafbest08 says:

    I working on Win7 X64 ! Thanks !

  30. Ghastous says:

    worked like a charm also let me log into live aswell

  31. iablor says:

    IT WORKS 100% !!!!


  32. Integrale says:

    THAAANK YOUU! (A really big one) I´ve been waiting for this for sooo loong

  33. NavNav says:

    Thanks man, Hope this game is good as the original one.

  34. DEViLiSH says:

    I had the Seculauncher error but you can fix it if you apply the patch again, may have to try it couple times but it worked for me.

  35. Kozlor says:

    Just copy from crack folder LaunchEFLCc.exe and rld.dll into installed folder. Dont raname or anything. Start the game from LaunchEFLCc.exe not LaunchEFLC.exe. Seems that LaunchEFLCc.exe needs that LaunchEFLC.exe file. If you delete it or raneme it you get Securerom error and if you start from LaunchEFLC.exe then it asks serial.

    Im using windows 7 64bit and its working ok

  36. nutritousbig says:

    to save you have to create an offline account. click “create a new windows live account”… the scroll down on the next page until you see “create local account”

  37. Wesley1984 says:

    Works for me win7 x64

    Thanks Reloaded

    Thanks Up

  38. Papelao says:

    Finally a good version ! Thanks !

    • Lexus says:

      Got it! Thanks a lot.

  39. Stockholmare says:

    thx works just fine.

  40. l4m3r says:

    It works fine on win7 x64.. AMD athlon 4400 x2, ati 4850, 3 gb ddr2.. runs even better than gta4.
    Instalation and everything went fine!

  41. paradoxx says:

    great game, played it all last night. it actually runs better than the original GTA IV, i was able to put it on higher settings and run it at 1080, my machine isn’t anything super powerful either, just a phenom II 720, 4gb 1066 and a 8800GTS.

  42. hany90 says:

    yes its works but i cant save game becouse i cant create windows live profile online ;/

  43. LiquidSnake says:

    Some of you need to learn to read the earlier posts!!! Making an offline Games for windows live profile will not ask you to enter a key. If you don’t know how then google it up or youtube. Damn it’s not that difficult. I don’t understand you guys I mean just ask the same question you are posting here on google or whatever and you will find your answer instantly. Anyway, thank you Reloaded for this nice release!!!

  44. FelonRB7503 says:

    Works like a charm,

    Q9550 @3.65
    8 gig DDR 2 Dominator @ 1075
    GTX 260 Black Ed
    Spinpiont F3
    LG Flatron W2361V 1920×1080
    Gigabyte P45 Extreme
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate by BIE.

    I’m over the moon!!
    Thanks again RELOADED and Uploader.

  45. zouza says:

    Common guys,create offline profile not online,game working just fine,thanks for upload (Win 7 86x)

  46. Mico says:

    guys ask something is this game will run in OS like Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit pls response!


  47. AsK says:

    guys i ask something, will this game run in an OS like Windows 7 ultimate 32x??

    Plss response!!!

  48. Mico says:

    My PC specs:

    dual core 2.00ghz
    2gb ram ddr2
    9500gt super 512 mb ddr2
    windows 7 ultimate x32 bit

    can this pc specs run this game? sorry for my bad english ^_^

    • jurr says:

      i think it works in Windows 7.

  49. Mico says:

    ahhh someone response!!!!


  50. prblm says:

    hey guyz
    please tell me in detail how to download and install all these games……….
    thanx in advance

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