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Posted by admin on Dec 1, 2009
Ghostbusters Video Game

Ghostbusters Video Game

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Download Ghostbusters PC Game Full Free

Ghostbusters is a video game based on the movie series of the same name full version of which can be downloaded for free from the link on this page. It’s available for Windows PC and the two major consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. The game had to go through a lot of delays but it was release finally.

The game lets you play a character who has been newly recruited by the Ghostbusters team who are a group of parapsychologists who capture ghosts. The game is a third person shooter and is typical of any game of the same genre. But the weapons used in this game are different to those in traditional game. You have a Proton Pack, A Laser Beam weapon and a trap that can capture and contain the ghosts. The game is set 2 years after the events of Ghostbusters 2. Ghostbusters team is training you and at the same time trying to find the cause of paranormal activity in New York. Go straight to the end of the article to directly Download Ghostbusters PC Game Free.

The game involved all the members of the team that were involved in the movie productions. All characters that were in movie have done voice acting for the characters in the game. They also helped in the story. The game has also included the original movie’s soundtrack along with the items used in the film.

You play the Rookie character in the game in third person perspective and are referred to as such by the other members of the team. You start the game and explore the environments for paranormal activities and ghosts. You can either do this alone or along with the other members of the Ghostbusters team. You can change the view from third to first person by using goggles and PKE meter. When in this mode paranormal items are highlighted and the PKE meter will direct you towards ghosts. You can scan these items which will reveal more information about them and earn rewards. But you cannot use weapons in this mode. Keep reading to Download Ghostbusters PC Game Free.

In the third person view you can use the weapons and use the proton stream to attacks the ghosts which weakens them. After they are weak enough they can be captured using the trap. But if you keep firing the weapon continuously then it will heat up and reset in this time you cannot use the weapon. You can cool it down manually but it also takes time. When you are using the weapons proton stream you can change it to trap mode once you have the ghosts weak enough. You can also slam the ghost on a hard surface when using the trap stream to further weaken the ghost for easier capturing. Capture stream can also be used to capture objects in the environment and move them wherever needed.

The game received mostly positive reviews. The graphics options in game are minimum and nothing much can be changed. The game being a port has some issues with the PC but still it’s a worth game. The environments are diverse and capturing ghosts is fun. If you liked the movies then you will love this game as well. Click on the following link to Download Ghostbusters PC Game Free.

Download Ghostbusters PC Game Free

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