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Posted by admin on Nov 4, 2010
Football Manager 2011

Football Manager 2011

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Download Football Manager 2011 Full Game Free for PC

Football Manager 2011 as you can guess from the name is a managerial game. This is the latest game released with all the transfers that took place before the start of the season. Sports Interactive are the people behind this game. . It’s also known more popularly as FM11 or Football Manager 11. Game is available both on Windows and Mac. The game is very popular among the football fans and has gained more fans over the years. To Download Football Manager 2011 Full Game Free for PC, go to the link at the bottom.

For those who are new to Football Manager, this game lets you control a football club. You take charge as a manager of the club. Build your team by the way of transfers. You can hire staff from coaches to scout to ease your job. You can train your players by assigning them various training regimes. Then you can play against your opponents in a league. You will have different expectations from the board as a manager. You need to perform accordingly otherwise you will be sacked. You can start the game in any of the available 51 countries. He game includes more than 100 leagues for you to join in.

When you start the game first you will have to choose different settings. Then you will be chosen as the new manager for the club you wanted. From there on it’s your job to get the best out of that team and win trophies. Football Manager 2011 has many new additions to enhance the game. Like the addition of new player agents with different characteristics. Some of them will negotiate well; others will just make insane demands. Keep reading to Download Football Manager 2011 Full Game Free for PC.

The training system has been improved and is more effective. You can have set pieces, which you can create beforehand to apply during matches. You will see the simulation of the game in 3D which has been improved from the previous game. You can also switch to 2D view if you prefer the old style. If you have been playing games from this series for a long time they you won’t see much difference from the 2010 version. But the changes are there and they make the game much more sophisticated and well balanced.

Football Manager 2011 has been provided with an all new Set Piece Creation Suite, better negotiations of contracts and all new way of training your players. These are some significant additions that you can only experience only by playing the game. The team behind the game listened to the fans and have done many changes and fixed bugs that were present in the previous game.

FM 11 has plenty of new stuff for those who are old fans and a great game for those who are starting just now. You won’t get a more complete experience from any previous game than this one. This is the best game out there for the managerial fans with other rival in sight. So Download Football Manager 2011 Full Game Free for PC from the link below.

Download Football Manager 2011 Full PC Game Free

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  1. Choachen says:

    Thank you, works great.

    Just follow the steps that are given here.

  2. trian says:

    can someone tell me the serial code for the football manager 2011

  3. arelem says:

    why there are no survey available at my country?i am a malaysian..

  4. ako says:

    did u all complete the survey ?

  5. bubbub says:

    can someone post or email me simple instrustions please im not a computer nerd (

  6. Eastbourne_Fox says:

    Im in the same boat as ‘Bubbub’ if anyone could send me basic steps info too at
    much appreciated guys I gotta do a better job than Sven and take Leicester to Premier League in half the time 😀

    I have windows 7 if that helps?

  7. Vigo says:

    Hi, could you please give a serial key.
    Thank you.

  8. admin says:

    all dead links removed and new working links added Enjoy

  9. slakes says:

    ps gimme a detailed instruction on how to install it, wht does unrar mean? and burn to were?

  10. MankaqUbi says:

    i dont see any iso me plss..juz a newbie.

  11. admin says:

    Dead & Non working links removed and
    New working links have been added today (26 May 2011)

  12. sanj says:

    how long does it take

  13. endu says:

    My brother recommended I would possibly like this website. He was totally right. Thank you!

  14. arun says:

    such a nice game

  15. alvet says:

    i like football games.

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