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Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2009
Football Manager 2010

Football Manager 2010

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Download Football Manager 2010 Free

Football Manager is a highly addictive managerial game and you can download FM 10 full version game for pc free from the link on this page. Football manager is more popularly known as FM. FM 09 gave quire a lot of new things to this series with addition of the 3D matches with the new engine but as with all the new things it was a bit buggy. But with the release of FM 10 they have worked out all the kinks from the previous game and improved the 3D engine as well. This is a strong game and no other game is even near to the level of FM.

Game of FM 10 is same as the previous games where you start the game and choose a club to manage. Start playing the friendly matches and then get into the real action of your chosen league. If you are new to the Football Manager series then you can start with a training match where you can see which players are good and what are all the options that you can apply while playing in the real game. Assistant manager will give you some tips in the form of pop-ups and you can also assign him to give team talks and also ask him to set a formation for your starting lineup. To Download Football Manager 2010 Full Version PC Game Free skip to the link given at the end of this article.

Even though the major improvement in this year’s FM is the 3D engine but the game has been polished and improved all across the board. The games new overview screen gives you all the info you need at a single screen, like mails, news, fixtures, tables and more. This is different from the previous FM game which brought you directly to your mailbox as a home screen. The mailbox itself is same as before and this is the place where your all the interaction will take place.

The new assistant manager help options have been improved and this makes it possible for new players who are new to the FM series to get used to this game. This is a great thing because of the depth of detail this game gives you can new players can get lost in it. You can hire the correct people on your staff and assistant manager will advice you on which positions in your staff and unfilled. All the staff members will play an important role in your journey from the amateur to the legendary manager.  Keep reading to download football manager 2010 free for pc from the link given.

You can either start from a low league team and improve them to become the champions or start with a top team like Manchester United and manage them to glory on all fronts. No matter what team you choose you will get a different set of challenges while managing them. The new and improved scouting system will help you to tap new and upcoming players and your scouts will create reports on the players for you to refer before you add them to your squad. This is a great addition as you will have a lot of information about the player before you make your move. This gives you a chance to build a better team for the future.

The 3D engine is much better this time and it looks and plays better as well. The fans can be seen in the stadium cheering for their team. FM 10 also has improved the in game choices that you can make. This means you can change your tactics on the fly without having to stop the game for the changes to take effect. FM 10 is the best game to have ever come out for a managerial game and if you like to get the chance to manage a team then this is you time. Download Football Manager 2010 Free from the following link

Download Football Manager 2010 Free

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79 Responses to “Football Manager 2010”

  1. lilharvey69 says:

    Nice one!
    Game is great fun… Definitly Worth a load…

    Keep it on like this Guys. Good Work!

  2. adi says:

    great game ive been playin it non stop !!

  3. mojo says:

    downloading now hope this is gd 😛

  4. yahoo says:

    yahoo yahoo yahoo

  5. yahoo says:

    forgot to ask.

    i have been playing offline for couple of hours now.

  6. Awsome says:

    You people are AWESOME.
    Please upload Assassin’s Creed 2 as soon as u can. thumbsup

  7. Jdownloader says:

    i would recommend everyone to get “JDownloader” (freeware) and load it overnight…

    all hotfile-links are online… checked them few seconds ago…

  8. wolf088 says:

    thankssssss!!!!! this is the best site in the world! =D

  9. hema_jooo says:


  10. OktayOe says:

    Omg, this game fuckin rocks.

  11. KlingonT says:

    Thanks, guys. Bin waitin’ on this one.

  12. karstivan says:

    is it working???

  13. MASTER007 says:


    Yeah works well

  14. Dinis says:

    Download it with jdownloader it’s great all you have to do it wait!

  15. oscar says:

    whats up with all the surveys i cant get past them?

  16. Nice says:

    nice man finally got it.

  17. shivamtrivedi says:

    I downloaded it and i loved this game

  18. pack says:

    i waited couple of hours to download. now playing it.

  19. mikiesti says:

    thanks this keeps getting better full marks to Sports Interactive for producing such a lovely game

  20. TBO says:

    great works fine thx

  21. GABRA1991 says:


  22. guntherbaque says:

    Excelente juego. Muchas Gracia amigo.

  23. AJ19 says:

    Just join all parts using HjSplit or extract using Winrar or 7 zip—-Mount the ISO in Daemont tools or burn—Install the game -install updates—-copy crack—play

  24. Lockman says:

    another great game… Just few more minutes to spend till download finish.

  25. niels says:

    when i come to the website what links shall i download??
    please help me thanks

  26. pack says:

    i suggest to use the hotfile links they worked fro me dont forget to download the updates as well as the fix given at the bottom they are very important.

  27. george says:

    can someone help me please
    do i download only one free link ?
    or all of them, also do i install anything else ?

  28. chris says:

    just download 1 link from hotfile
    and i cant open it because it is a rar file
    what program shall i use and do i download all the links ?
    could someone please explain the steps please

  29. Reason43 says:

    you need to download all the parts from hotfile. use the jDownloader program to download it also has the ability to join all the parts.
    Just install jDownloader and add all the links from hotfile it ll automatically take the files just press start to download then you can join them using the Addon button you ll see HJSplit and JD unrar use anyone to join them.

    you need to download all parts from any source. you can try manually downloading one part at a time or use jDownloader as told.

  30. HeeroNeedsHELP says:

    Guys how do i complete da thorpe park survey and how od i do all the parts at once i dont know how???

  31. joints says:

    just answer what it asks and give ur info at the end i guess. or try a different one.
    to download all the parts use jDownloader or Cryptload

  32. chris says:

    thanks Reason43 i downloaded them as you said using jdownloader and i joined them using the addon button now what
    some one help pleasee

  33. Ben says:

    i used jdownloader and it keeps stopping and its only 10 % done and its been hours..
    isint there any way where someone send me the downloaded parts via email or any other way as it would help a lot
    i really want to play this but have no clue how to do it as im only 11
    could someone please help me thanks

  34. johnH says:

    i didnt have any such problem for it. did you select your router/modem to auto reconnect in jDownloader. Go in setting and click on Reconnection on the left then select your router. after that on the main window enable the reconnection option.

  35. ajaxfan says:

    Can sombuddy help me i dont no wat to do

  36. chris says:

    i download all the 13 rar files from the hotfile using jdownloader and i joined them using the addon button now what
    some one help pleasee
    thanks in advance 😉

  37. dse says:

    After you joined them you get a ISO Image that you need to mount in Daemon Tools lite or burn it on a DVD using the ISO/Image burn option in your software. then install the game.

    Dont forget to download the updates as the game will crash bcoz the developers had some bugs. install the them till the latest one and copy over the cracked content to the install directory to replace the original ones.

  38. pete says:

    could somebody please send me the link to a working update as they are not viewing on ma pc pleaseee
    thank youuu

  39. dse says:

    the links are working perfectly for me. whats the problem you are facing.

  40. ferdinand says:

    guys, when i download the 13 parts, i extract all to a folder and all i get are a bunch of files ending in r00 to r49, and a rar file i cannot open (tells me i have to insert the disc)

    i get no iso file. pls help

  41. LUis says:

    I have windows vista what do i do to install football manager 2010 please help!

  42. jacob says:

    watch this video

    just download all the parts and watch the video given above to extract them.

  43. carl says:

    hey i downloaded all the parts and then mounted the iso file using windows Magic ISO and then the installing fm 2010 thing came up and i installed it..
    then just after the game started without me downloading the crack or update and is working perfectly fine untill i tried to play a game and it works but the right hand side collum isnt there for some reason when im playing a Game ?
    and could someone pleasee just write the link for the update and crack so i can open it as the surveys have come up again
    could someone pleasee tel me the problem help mee asap thanks evryone =)

  44. carl says:

    i mean the left hand side collum, sorry mistake

  45. jambo says:

    actually they have removed that column from the game altogether. So its not a problem but its the new design all the option have been shifted to top and bottom sides.

  46. mo says:

    hi i have just downloaded all the 13 parts from the hotfile area and when adding the files together can u explain the procedure please n den do i extract the file n den install it ?

  47. mo says:

    and do i install it via steam or offline

  48. mo says:

    hi sorry i figured the stuff before out but i have installed the update and the crack fix but i cant get to replace the original crack can you tell me how to it please

  49. jambo says:

    u ve to use the offline option and replace the original files in Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010 with fm.exe file that is in the crack folder.

  50. carl says:

    could someone pleasee just write the link for the update and crack so i can open it as the surveys have come up again, and this time i cant get past
    thanks =)

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