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Posted by admin on Sep 28, 2011
Fifa 12

Fifa 12

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Download Fifa 12 Full Version PC Game Free

Fifa 12 has been released and it’s the newest game in the long running Fifa Soccer game series from EA Sports. The game has also been made available for all the consoles that you can think of as well as for the Windows PC, full version of which can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this story.

Fifa 12 has been fitted with an all new game engine and a multitude of improvements that are taking the game ahead of any competition. The defending and attacking tactics have been changed; the AI players are a lot more aware than before, graphics improved and everything else as well. If you have been playing the Fifa franchise over the years then you will notice significant changes in Fifa 12 and this makes the game much better. Fifa 11 was good and if anyone thought nothing can be made better than that then you were wrong. Instead of building on the foundation of Fifa 11 EA have taken a completely new direction and made a completely new game. This one is for the hardcore fans as well as the amateur gamers alike.

To Download Fifa 12 Full Free go to the end of the article and click on the link given there. The game though looking similar to the earlier version aesthetically it has radical changes. Presentation of the game start has been changed to look more like a TV broadcast. The gameplay is as fluid as you want, animations and facial expressions are also well done and with the license available for Fifa franchise only it is more real than ever. If you are not a fan then a first look will make you say it’s the same as earlier but as you play the game things will feel different and better and you will go “wow” at the new changes that you will see in the gameplay, physics and more. The game has been slowed down a little with slower sprint speeds and makes much more sense that way.

Skip to the bottom of the page to Download Fifa 12 Full Free or keep reading about the new changes. The new ragdoll type of physics makes tackling a lot better with a lot of collisions looking similar to the real ones. You will not the same animations that you would see in the earlier games. Each time you collide with a player you will see something different with body parts reacting spontaneously to the impact. The game at first observation will look like more concentrated on the defensive side but the attacking has also been given the same amount of time to improve and the players with skills will destroy a defense single handedly. The dribbling is more precise and as the defender gets close to you players starts to take small touches and tighter ball control.

These are not the only changes that have been made to the game there is more. AI is more sophisticated and the Pro Player AI is also improved. This improvement means that year team mates will be more aware of the skill s you posses and play accordingly. Meaning each team will be playing differently according to the players they have. Overall Fifa 12 is a superb soccer game that you don’t want to miss if you are a fan. Go to the link below to Download Fifa 12 Full Free for PC.

Download Fifa 12 Full Free for PC

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