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Posted by admin on Sep 28, 2010


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Download FIFA 11 Full Game Free for PC

The latest game to be released in the FIFA series is FIFA 2011 or more commonly known as FIFA 11. FIFA 11 is a football game from EA Sports. It’s available on all major consoles as well as for PC. FIFA 11 on PC for the first time in the series is using the same game engine as the one used in its Xbox360 and PS3 counterparts. This is the most advanced game in this series with some new additions which make it a highly competitive football game. Keep reading to know How to Download FIFA 11 Full Game Free for PC.

Previous versions of FIFA on PC were not as good as FIFA 11 mainly due to the fact that the developers concentrated more on the console version of the game which left the PC version with something to be desired. But this has changed with Fifa 11 as you will see when you kick off. The all new game engine used on consoles has been used first time in PC version. It may still be behind its console brethren but all we can say is, it’s a good step towards becoming the best football game. You will feel the difference immediately if you have played the previous version and you will be pleasantly surprised.

All new 360 freestyle movements make its way into PC version from the console version. This means you will not be restricted to only 8 way directions like the earlier games. Now you can move the players at any acute angle you like making the game more realistic. This gives you more control over your passing shooting and dribbling of the players. You can see the movement of the players is more natural even when they are off the ball. You can perform skills that were not possible earlier. These new additions have to the atmosphere of the game and make it more enjoyable and challenging. Download FIFA 11 Full Game Free for PC from the link at the bottom.

The graphics have been improved tremendously and sound adds better things to it. Stadiums have been made realistic and are looking great. The commentary has been improved and feels much more real with new lines and accurate references. Even though the game has been improved a lot over the predecessors, it’s still lagging behind the console games. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is better than FIFA 11 on PC in many departments. But you cannot take out the fun from FIFA 11. The series is taking great steps towards becoming an ultimate football game on PC.

FIFA 11 includes the Manager Mode as usual, Be A Pro Season Mode, Tournament Mode which are similar from the games 10th version and more modes than previous game in online department. Fifa series has come a long way in the last couple of years. The player models look more real than ever. The stands and people are in 3D. You can use Gamepads or Keyboard to play the game. You can customize the control as you prefer.

Although the PC version of FIFA is behind in comparison to consoles it still a great game if you don’t have anything to compare it with. Better gameplay, better graphics have made their way in the game which makes it a great game for PC. In another couple of years it’s a good chance that PC version will overtake the console version in all the departments. Download FIFA 11 Full Game Free for PC from this link

Download FIFA 11 Full Version PC Game for Free

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174 Responses to “FIFA 11”

  1. jamal carter says:

    can’t wait to envite my friends to come and play

  2. bjerg says:

    When i download this with torrent i only get the ISO file and a file called “reloaded” that i can’t open, no keygen. please help!

    • admin says:

      @bjerg If u get the ISO file directly then, just mount it in daemon tools and u ll see the crack in the DVD itself. Look for Reloaded folder..

  3. Helpme says:

    There keeps coming alot of errors up with missing XINPUT1_3.dll and many others .dll files. please help me.

    • admin says:

      @Helpme Install latest directX and the problem will be solved. Look if u have the DirectX on the Fifa 11 DVD itself and install that.

  4. surveysucker says:

    Hello mates! i’ve done the survey one time already, and it was all good, i’ve downloaded 3 games from here. Now i wanna try Fifa but it wants me to do another survey, but they are bugging or atleast they just wont unlock, please help me!! 🙂

  5. surveysucker says:

    Forgot to say, i love this site, and thanks for all these great games!!!!

  6. maxer says:

    gyes hallo how to dowlnoad pro evo. soccer 2011

  7. HARMAN says:

    FILEserve Links need

  8. birat says:

    excellent and thank you its a very pleasnt to see the game like this

  9. mike says:

    thank you sir. i m just 13 yrs and i did not get in any problem while downloading. i m playing it right now. very happy.

  10. charles says:

    ok so i downloaded the game extracted and it gave me a ISO file or something. what to do now.

    • admin says:

      Ok now get daemon tools lite if u dont have it already. then install and mount the ISO file from daemon tools. If you dont know how to do that search in youtube.
      After you do this you will see the Fifa 11 DVD when you go in My Computer. So double click on it to start installing.

      You ll be asked for a serial number so go in the DVD and in crack folder you ll find a key generator double click on it that will give you a serial number. Use that to install the game.

      After installing again go to the crack folder on DVD and copy all the files from there to the FIfa 11 folder. Usually it will be in C:/Program Files/EA Sports/Fifa 11

      Paste the files from crack folder there and it will ask to replace the original files. Do it. and you are good to play.

      • charles says:

        thank you admin you are godsend. followed these steps exactly and it worked. Playing the game right now.

        A million thanks for it.

  11. TheOne says:

    I m from UK and i downloaded this game. i had to do one of the offers to download the game which i did. and got the game.

    I would tell anyone who want Fifa 11 for free should get it from here. The admins will help you with any problems you get.

    Thank you for such a good game.

  12. jorge ivan says:

    esta bn para jugar bn flowww

  13. Will145 says:

    ok i’ve downloaded the thing, with crack files and all, and i entered the keygen code into the installer, but after reading the previous comments, it seems that my file name is just ‘fifa’, not ‘fifa.exe’. Whenever I open it, it asks for a disk saying that i’ve inserted a wrong one. What now? I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled it, and the same thing happened

    • admin says:

      You should copy the file named Fifa from the crack folder on the DVD to the Fifa 10 folder in Program Files and replace the original file then you wont get that error

  14. Will145 says:

    When I copy the Fifa file from the DVD crack folder, is it meant to say ‘fifa.exe’? Because mine doesn’t have the .exe for both files in the crack folder in the DVD.

  15. Will145 says:

    Still not working 🙁 When i was watching the youtube clip on how to download this, on uTorrent, the status had said ‘finished’, but on mine, it still says ‘seeding’. Is there something wrong? Gosh, i feel like a noob, not being able to download something everyone else has easily done…

  16. Will145 says:

    okay, so this is what i did, what’s wrong?
    1. from uTorrent, i right-clicked on the FIFA11-RELOADED to ‘open containing folder’ where there are 4 links and a folder…i forgot why i did that…
    2. use Daemon tools lite to create a device and mount an image for it. (found in My Computer)
    3. Enter that device (called BD-ROM Drive (E:) FIFA 11) and go into Crack folder, where I copy two files, ‘fifa’ and ‘rld-fi11’
    4. Paste these two into (my) c: drive/ Program Files/ EA Sports/ FIFA 11, which will paste and replace.
    5. Go into My Computer and double-click on BD-ROM Drive (E:) FIFA 11 to install
    6. Follow procedures and accepts terms and conditions…
    7. After installation, double-clicks on BD-ROM Drive (E:) FIFA 11, and clicks Play, from 6 possible options
    8. FIFA 11 screen pops up, with options of ‘play’, ‘game settings’ and ‘exit’. I click ‘Play’
    9. Pop-up window appears- ‘Wrong disc inserted. Please insert the original “FIFA 11” CD/DVD.

    What’s wrong??

    • admin says:

      why r u installing the game again after copying the files from crack folder.
      Install the game
      Then copy the files from crack folder.
      Go to the fifa11 install folder and paste and replace the original files.
      Play the game.

  17. Will145 says:

    do we have to extract the parts with Winrar? if so, when do we do it? e.g from UTorrent etc?

  18. minazaki says:

    after all the parts are downloaded. Open the folder where u downloaded and extract the files with Winrar.

  19. minazaki says:

    dowenload fifa 2011

  20. saurabh says:

    thanks a lot for the game!!!!!!!

  21. admin says:

    All links have been fixed (12th April 2011). Enjoy the game

  22. Paul says:

    every time I get asked CD / DVD original

  23. Dre says:

    thanks you!!!
    thanks you!!!
    thanks you!!!

    just installed the game (22nd April thats today) and played couple of matches with my fav team Manchester United.. Feels wonderful..

  24. GamerTTTT says:

    thanks i like the game so far.. good gameplay and graphics..

  25. mu says:

    works without problems.. thanks to this site..

  26. Malc0m says:

    i found the keygen in razor folder on DVD and installed the game using the key i got from that keygen.. then copied the fifa11.exe and others files from the same folder in Program Files/EA Sports/FIfa 11 and the game started

    So if anyone have problems, Follow the steps exactly given by admin in install instructions

  27. Naayef10 says:

    Thanks, i’ve just started playing fifa 11 and that’s the only soccer game i play

  28. tatar says:

    thanks it worked.

  29. VINEET says:

    The most clear instructions ever thanks, it worked.

  30. Elton says:

    How to download Admin??

  31. Samnit says:

    plz tell how to download it !!
    i m finding it frm many days

  32. antony123 says:

    thanks nhìu nếu download được

  33. Sir Alex says:

    just downloaded and played my first match today. game looks fabulous.. no words..

  34. lulla says:

    great game this. thanks for giving it here.

  35. pulis says:

    I downloaded and installed this just now.. but got some work so had to leave it after playing for only 15 min. damn!!! not coming back till monday which sucks big time..

  36. reraye says:

    can i download this game now please

  37. admin says:

    Non working links removed and new working links added today (26nd May 2011)

  38. tomabeck says:

    what is Winrar?

  39. karthik says:

    for me its keeps telling me wrng cd dvd disc

  40. ronaldo says:

    please help me to get keygen

  41. nagasa says:

    can i download it on a my laptop for window7 starter and are there transfers and leagues in the game

  42. farzad... says:

    hi.i have one problem
    Recently ،
    When the game is over ،
    When the best player wants to introduce ،
    Jumps out of the game.

    Latest version of the graphics card drivers, DirectX and Microsoft Visual C Net Framework and I also installed.

    If you can help me, I’ll be very grateful of you…

  43. Davion Joseph says:

    i Download it 2

  44. dip from india says:

    just played my 1st match…
    n “hey” guess wat i won…
    try it!!!!!!!!

  45. karthik says:

    how can i download full version of fifa11

  46. liky17 says:

    how can i download fifa 11 pleas
    i cant understand how can i do it

  47. abcderoxx says:

    One Thing Came To Know Abt ur site Today.Very Impressed Wid Ur Site.:)

    I Will Like It More If U Add d Trackmania Series Also.

    Can i play Fifa11 Wid a Keyboard?Plz Reply ASAP.

  48. abcderoxx says:

    what abt trackmania series

  49. abcderoxx says:

    will i b able 2 play online?

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