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Posted by admin on Jun 23, 2011
Fear 3

Fear 3

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Download Fear 3 Full game Free for PC

The first person shooter is back with the 3rd game Fear 3 or named as F.3.A.R. Its available on consoles i.e. XBOX360, PlayStation 3 and PC at the same time. For those who are not aware Fear is a FPS game with horror element and this time they have included co-op play, so you can enjoy getting scared with your buddies. This game is about survival from the paranormal forces which mixes the single and multiplayers elements well for a better experience. You have two co-op options online and offline play. You will be able to control the two brothers from Fear 1 namely Point Man and Paxton Fettel. Also you have control of the Fear Operations team. Different parts of the game will require you to take control of one of the brothers to go ahead as you will require their unique abilities at that particular point. Point Man uses his time slow ability combined with his shooing as he is a soldier with great combat skills and Paxton Fettel uses his special abilities like telekinesis which he uses to possess enemies and taking over them. If you complete a mission as one brother then you can replay the same level taking control of the other brother. Keep reading to Download Fear 3 Full game Free for PC

The graphics in this game are good with some great sound effect and music which makes playing more engrossing. Fear 3 has many co-op and multiplayer options to play with which are fun but the real fun is playing it alone. You have 4 co-op modes to choose from. Soul king, Soul Survivor, Contractions and Fucking Run. These co-op modes are a great addition and each one is different from the other and its not like any other game you have seen before . So multiplayer will be greatly improved for those looking for it.

If you are looking for a good FPS game or want to enjoy with your friends then go to the following link to Download Fear 3 Full Game free  for PC

Download Fear 3 Full PC Game for Free

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48 Responses to “Fear 3”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts using Winrar to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Toolos lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy over all the cracked files from the DVD’s SKIDROW folder to installation folder in Program files.
    5. Play the game.

  2. Game_-_Master says:

    I´m still downloading, but thanks admin and uploader

  3. Paratzo says:

    Ah great big thank you 😀

  4. ultrAslanci says:

    thanks finally

  5. TwiDon says:

    Is this the full game? Is it safe to download?

  6. appE86 says:

    ty for not letting me go to bed.. must try this sh*t out first.. many thanks m8!!

  7. calypso says:

    Thanks for the up :).

  8. nitemares says:

    I just built a i5 2500K sandy bridge system with 8GB DDR3 ram and a GTX 570 this will fit nicely in for testing my rig.

    thanks runs like butter.

  9. ELKALIBEY says:

    Thanks a lot uploader

  10. Xis says:

    I love this game =**

  11. Valle says:

    runs perfectly on my system. no problems.

  12. Gilgamesh says:

    Game running great here, no lags, nothing, @ 1920*1200 MAX, i7 980X, ASUS ARES 🙂

  13. Fist says:

    Running pretty smooth at high settings here. Q6600 with a 8800GTS 512. Pretty awesome game after 30 minutes playtime

  14. gorgar says:

    thanks for the up

  15. Chaos says:

    finally we get a scene release. I just injected my outer thigh with some steroids

  16. suklaamonni says:

    thx uploader its gonna be a long night here 😀

  17. fedaykin says:

    there is no lag. it runs at the absolute highest settings with anti-aliasing and at a constant 60 fps (vsync on). never falls below that. and I only have a mid-end PC.

  18. darkfox says:

    Game runs with 60 fps here

  19. Kovic says:

    Thanks for the up! it seems to be working just fine, no problems with lagg.

    Thumbs up!

  20. Atarion says:

    Q6600 @3.0 GHZ paired with an ATI 6970 2GB. Everything max and smooth as silk with the latest drivers.

  21. farawayboy says:

    cool game works a charm no lag all good in 1920 all high (32 bit win7) gtx 260

  22. darksith says:

    Was not as jumpy as I was when I played the first one, but then again, video games tend to desensitize us to violence and horror so lets not blame the developers for not making us jump out of our seats.

    One game I will definitely play once more. Peace!

    Thanks for the upload!!!

  23. amerbadawy says:

    thank you for this awesomee upload

  24. Conkbabes says:

    Oh good. It’s time to shit myself. Thanks!

  25. goblaz says:

    I read on other forums about laggy movement, i had the same, so i went out of the game and installed the direct x drivers that came along with the game, loceted in the folder u installed the game, under redist folder.. after that.. works like a charm no lag while moving whatsoever

    And Ty uploader

  26. alfredo says:

    Also had problems with lag. Installed vcredist+directx which solved the issues.
    Thanks for the up!

  27. hardfire says:

    Great grahpics. Thanks for the game

  28. sabor says:

    It works great for me. Thanks for the up. I love all your releases they work great. Keep up the good job

  29. kindredalt says:

    People have bad frame rate should try turning V-sync off helped a lot here.

  30. softeye says:

    thx so much.
    the game is fucking awesome

  31. theprince says:

    Play is perfectly smooth @ 1080p on i7, win 7 64, gtx 280, 6 gb ram

  32. technoboy says:

    my rig isn’t that fast (AMD Athlon X2 5600, ATI 4870, 4GB RAM, WIN 7 64-Bit) and it works smooth when almost everything is maxed.

  33. mastick says:

    Thank you!
    run smooth and the game is very good

  34. r3b311 says:

    i am halfway through the game, works fine, no fps issues, is smooth, everything almost maxed out (only aa is @ 2x) on win 7 x64 with gtx280

  35. daishi says:

    i like the Fear3 gameplay, the graphics aren’t bad either

  36. Gilgamesh says:

    Just finished the game with Point Man, now playing with Paxton Fettel, this game was not as scary as the first FEAR was, nice action but thats all, anyway good game. I hope for a FE4R and even more scary.

  37. SacRoS says:

    WooW, it totally looks and plays like Call od Duty IV on steroids:o)

    Nice ranks btw..

  38. MikeCobra says:

    On my old PC ( E6300@1.8 Ghz, GTS 8800 320 MB, 2 gigs of RAM, XP SP2 ) working like charm. Resolution 1650 x 1050, medium details. Very nice game. THANK YOU guys.

  39. vaca69 says:

    thanks work good

  40. Yves says:

    Admin ?? one question…??
    can you please upload Madden Nfl 11??
    would be preddy cool 😉
    P:S sorry for my english im from germany 😀

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