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Posted by admin on Oct 19, 2010
Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas

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Download Fallout New Vegas Full PC Game for Free

Fallout New Vegas is a RPG set in Las Vegas after an apocalypse destroys the city. This is not a sequel to Fallout 3 but it does include some elements from the previous games. The game takes place in a post nuclear setting. You will explore the destroyed land and meet new people. Fight against unseen creatures and get equipped with some great weapons of destruction. Download Fallout New Vegas Full PC Game for Free from the link at the bottom.

Fallout New Vegas uses the same game engine that was used in Fallout 3 but it has been improved dramatically to show the Las Vegas landscapes in true detail. Many new weapons have been added to the mix and melee attacks with some new animations have been introduced. You can also modify weapons the way you want for more destructive power. You can increase the clip size, add telescopes for long range attacks and increase the fire rate of your weapon. The camera for combat in third person has been worked upon and is better than before. Creating ammunition using materials available nearby is possible. Player can prepare medicine, poisons and food from the plant materials they can find around in the game.

You will be joining factions in the game, which will affect the way the game is played. The characters in game will behave differently if you are from a strong faction than if you are from a weaker one. This is part of the reputation system that has been introduced in Fallout New Vegas. A karma system has been implemented. So if you do something evil like robbing someone from your group, your karma will decrease. You can have dialogues with the Non Playing Characters (NPCs) and the options will depend upon your skill level, character traits, reputation and karma. Keep reading to Download Fallout New Vegas Full PC Game for Free.

You can have 2 characters tag along as companions. You can upgrade these companions if you complete a mission that is related to them. You are in Las Vegas and if you don’t see casinos then it’s not realistic. So you will find a ton of them and you can actually play mini games in casinos. The game includes a hardcore mode which increases the difficulty considerably and you will have to use all your skills to survive.

The game is set in the year 2281; four years have passed since the events of Fallout 3. Most of the action takes place in Las Vegas. Building and other aspects of the city are intact as the city was not under nuclear attack but it was affected anyway. May factions are trying to control this post apocalyptic city.

The game starts with you as a courier delivering a package to Las Vegas. You are ambushed and shot in head and left to die. But a robot sees this and brings the player to a doctor. Once you are taken to the doctor you will be given the option to change all the things related to your character like name, skills and more. Then you start the game to take revenge on the person who shot you and take back what you were delivering.

Fallout New Vegas is an impressive game. You will be exploring the vast wastelands for days, completing quests and looking for material to salvage. This is as adventure which you don’t want to miss. So Download Fallout New Vegas Full PC Game for Free from the link

Download Fallout New Vegas Full PC Version Game Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract all parts to get the ISO images.
    2. Mount the images in Daemon Tools or burn then on DVDs.
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on DVD to your Fallout New Vegas installation directory and overwrite the original files
    5. Play the game

    Additional Notes:
    Be sure to use the DirectX version included with the release, as it’s needed to run this game.

  2. Lays says:


  3. MadManbd says:

    that was fast thanks

  4. Vitz says:

    Holy shit! Thank you!

  5. Zakkaria says:

    words cannot express the amount of love this uploader deserves

  6. Xzeth says:


  7. pechad says:

    the leading force indeed

  8. morp says:

    I love you, MANY thanks! <3

  9. Freezer7Pro says:

    I’m looking forward to playing this.

  10. SpeedDaemon3 says:

    The uploader is the man! I was waiting this game by sometime. Hope it will run at maxx like his predecesor.

    GG Uploader!

  11. SirDaz says:

    Plenty of time to go and cook something nice for my tea whilst this downloads 🙂

    Thanks upper and SkidRow.

  12. boneless says:

    Wow that was fast! Thank you uploader

  13. weijis says:

    thx a lot!!! i have been waiting for this..

  14. Sideras says:

    Now I’ll have no real life for a week, bwahaha!

  15. Killer73 says:

    really no sleep tonight, speedy upload before anyone

  16. master333 says:

    remember if you have multi core system use this if needed to prevent crashing:

    Open up the fallout.ini file in: My DocumentsMy GamesFalloutNV
    Find the line:


    change it to:


    Add another line after it and insert:


    This will limit the game to 2 cores and prevent the engine bug from causing the game to freeze.

  17. Bongmania says:

    Thank your very much (Coming from a person who clocked 600 hours in Fallout 3)

  18. nutty696969 says:

    yeeeeaaaaa babyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! fuck yea no sleep for me tonight my girl gonna be maaad lol

  19. Benny1291 says:

    I loved Fallout 3, this is sure to be just as time consuming and awesome! Thanks

  20. Gaele says:

    Great! something to play while am waiting for the lost alpha mod to stalker to be released^^

  21. denis89 says:

    Shit, been waiting all day for this! TY Skidrow

  22. nahuel222 says:

    do i need to install fallout 3 to run this ?

  23. NINJAKIDDO says:

    @nahuel222: no, this is a stand-alone game from the guys from obsidian.

  24. esp198 says:

    @nahuel222 no, it’s a standalone game not an expansion.

    thanks uploader, appreciate it

  25. danterehn says:

    Awesome, thanks!

  26. DeryckW says:

    Awesome! Been looking forward to this game.

    Thanks uploader!

  27. Nicklasa says:

    Ty upper, been playing this for xbox , will be even better on PC.

  28. KeeSe says:

    thanks =)
    already finished the main story on xbox but I will pick this up to compare graphics and maybe for a second playthrough on the PC istread, easier to aim =P

  29. psyko666 says:

    Just got home… damn nice share buddy!
    Great upper!

  30. goblaz says:

    Thank you very much, there goes my social life fore the next few weeks

  31. Cliffie says:

    Thanks for the up! The game ain’t coming out in Europe for a few days so it’s nice to be able to get the nice and early before I get the actual release! Very cool! Thanks!

  32. Brunaland says:

    ohh have to go to sleep in 1 hour holy crap i want to play this !

  33. OlleL says:

    Great game so far. Thanks

  34. QuAKeR911 says:

    ohh yeah bring it
    waisted at least 6 months of my life on fallout 3..

  35. jrb80 says:

    sweet just what i needed tnx alot

  36. gorgar2k10 says:

    thanks for the up..i just uninstall fallout 3 to save space for this new one

  37. walker723 says:

    Is it worth the download?

  38. Bubbles73 says:

    its a fallout game, of course its worth a download lol

    anyway, been playing this release for a little while now, working fine so far.

  39. a big rich douche says:

    Guys what are the system requirements

  40. 123456789 says:

    do i need to download or install fallout 3 before installing this or the game of the year?

  41. 123456789 says:

    is this the latest/newest version?

  42. NEEDING HELP says:

    Hi all , i know its not in the right game section but i really need help .
    I downloaded call of duty 4 ,I installed it without any problem and I put the crack too.
    But the single player don’t work , It show the guy and It stop working.( Ive read an comment that say to uninstall and reinstall , i did it 3 time.)

    And I finally know how to join server by using the console , but each server I join tell me that im permanently ban…

    any help someone ?

  43. 123456789 says:

    whoa! is that kid really the ICON of Fallout New Vegas?

  44. Gavo says:

    I try to install the game but the steam ask for cd-key what can i do???

    • S says:

      @Gavo did u have steam already installed on your system from any previous games. and try using the game exe file from the install folder to start the game rather than using the start menu icon.

  45. 123456789 says:

    i mean icon in the desktop

  46. 123456789 says:

    i think ALMOST all games here has been cracked by SKIDROW

  47. SparcMan says:

    For a game that’s practically an expansion for Fallout 3, $50 is bullshit. Still, it looks worth checking out.

  48. a big rich douche says:

    Admin thank you 😀 your awesome =3

  49. a big rich douche says:

    Osh… I instaled the game and its running but after about 2 minutes in game everything stop like a screen shot exept i can hear the game 🙁 but the reason is becuz microsofts error pops up something like there s a problem with FalloutNV and below theres send and not send (the error report

  50. I NEED HELP !!!! says:

    Its not microsoft the game has a problem.At the begging it as normal no “bugs”but after 10 minutes it frezes like a screen shot but still i can hear the game running any thing i do in the game i can hear .I have never seen such a thing that a game works and its running but frezzed xD CAN anybudy HELP 🙁

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