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Posted by admin on May 20, 2011
Fable 3

Fable 3

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Download Fable 3 Full PC Game for Free

Fable 3 is available for PC after taking a break for fable 2 which was not released for PC. Its a role playing action game from Microsoft. Its based in the land of Albion where you as a player need to dethrone the king by forming  a revolution by making alliances. You will then need to make the decisions to take forward or backward the land of Albion. PC version of this game has a hardcore mode and also 3D support.

There is plenty to play in the game with a different art style which is maintained throughout with a pretty interface. The sounds and voice acting is very good. You will extend the gameplay a little more with the co-op mode. See link below to Download Fable 3 for Free full PC game

The events of fable 3 take place 50 years after fable 2 in which you as a player have taken control of the Albion land. but the land is then handed over to the older brother Logan, of the player as he passes on. After running the land well for some time the leader has become evil in recent times. Once Logan mistreats the player and his friend and the player escapes somehow with his friends and he decides to bring down this corrupt and evil empire of Logan. He then starts to gather allies to revolt against Logan and take over Albion. But as the game progresses you learn that Logan has been accumulating money to fight a darker evil called the Crawlers.

Finally you will take over Albion and become a King or Queen and then make the decisions that will shape the future of Albion. You can either make them great or ruin their existence. Its in your hands.

Go to the following link to Download Fable 3 for Free full PC game

Download Fable 3 Full PC Game for Free

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94 Responses to “Fable 3”

  1. SeedOfEvil says:

    everything working here first try, thanks uploader!

  2. steant says:

    Works fine

  3. Sicnizi says:

    Thanks im playing in 3d on windows 7.

  4. Tekky07 says:

    Works fine! Haven’t have a problem! Thanks SKIDROW!!

  5. rick says:

    its working perfectly.. just finished 2 hours of play. will get back after streching my legs 🙂 🙂

  6. lami says:

    i cant make gfwlsetup to work always getting the messsge dll is missing

  7. masterX says:

    Epic release….great game, I’ve just completed it…..lots to do, different quests and beasties to slay. The Havok engine rocks.

    Everything works, I used an xbox controller on my pc, Win 7 x 64 and a nvidea 9800 GT

    any issues look at the ” Read me ” file in the DVD folder.

    Great crack, no glitches thanks

  8. 1234 says:

    It says “The cabinet file “” required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used” 🙁

    • marvin says:

      try extracting the game again. I had the same problem the first time i extracted. So i extracted it again the 2nd time and it works perfectly now.

    • Wiiliams says:

      What i did was i mounted the ISO. Then i created a folder on my D drive called fable 3 setup. Then I copied all the files from the DVD to that folder. And then install the game from that folder. Guess what no problems faced.Game worked!!

  9. 1234 says:

    An error occured. errorcode: 0x800b0100


  10. sunn says:

    thanks a lot works great.

  11. rEr says:

    many thanks for free game.

  12. Mina says:

    having great time playing this. thanks.

  13. Lpot says:

    wonderful game. thanx to everyone who posts game here.

  14. dev ranjan says:

    i like this website because we can easily download any thing from this website

  15. Someguy says:

    I get this “Fable 3 Main Executer is not working” error, and it always closes my game. Anyone wanna help?

    • admin says:

      Uninstall the game. Then disable your Internet and Antivirus (for some reason its messing with the game)
      Then install the game by following the instructions

      Install the game use the serial in the nfo
      after installing run the setup.exe in the update folder on the DVD
      close the activation screen

      Run the gfwlsetup.exe in the g4w folder on the dvd.(for me needed reboot after this step)

      copy the paul.dll to your game dir.
      Run the game with fablelauncher

      When u are in the game create a local/offline account keep looking till u find it (: (scrol down to see it)
      and voila that should be the order got it working here

      • Someguy says:

        Sorry, I should’ve been a bit more specific. The error occurs when I get the Guild Seal (the scene right after it), not at the beginning, but I guess I’ll try reinstalling it

        • admin says:

          u need to update the video card driver. If you are using Intel HD graphics then download the latest drivers from there site and install.

          • Someguy says:

            Umm…It is…I have a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family (I’m a nub with technology…So bare with me >.<)

          • admin says:

            I searched on google about your issue it seems many people are having this issue even the people how bought the game and some of them say intel drivers update has fixed the problem.

          • Someguy says:

            My video card is already updated. I have a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family…Currently I’m trying to defrag and clean out my computer, to try and make everything run faster/smoother

  16. Someguy says:

    Grr….Been at it for about 6 hours straight now, and nothing I do seems to work…I updated literally EVERYTHING on my computer…Thanks for the help though, I’ll try another game I guess >.<

    • mattS says:

      I think its a problem with your PC coz it worked fine here. Try it on a different PC which has Nvidia or ATi graphics cards and not Intel.

  17. DedaLord says:

    My SKIDROW folder is empty so could some one help because without this folder i could not play the game

    so plz help me

    • admin says:

      you need to disable you antivirus. It is deleting the file paul.dll which is there in SKIDROW folder. Extract the parts after you disable the antivirus. or add an exception and then enable the antivirus.

  18. childminding says:

    Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your website accidentally, and I’m stunned why this coincidence didn’t took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  19. paki says:

    a love this.!!!!

  20. paki says:

    i love this.!!!

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