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Posted by admin on Mar 16, 2010
Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

Download Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Expansion Free Full for PC

Awakening is an expansion to the popular role playing game Dragon Age: Origins. This expansion adds a new mission to the original game. This mission takes play after the events of Origins. Some new skills for you to add to your repertoire are also present and new classes are included as well. The game is available to play on all major platforms from PC to Mac and also the consoles.

You can pick the player from the original game you were playing just by importing it for this new expansion or you can start all over again fresh. If you import your character then you will follow the ending that you achieved while playing the game Origins. If you start a new game then the ending of the first game is taken as the normal or default one and you will continue from there. For the imported character you will have all the abilities, skills and spells that you learned previously and the equipment that you were carrying in some part. Keep reading to know how to Download Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Expansion Full Free for PC.

The awakening expansion will carry the story forward with new characters that you can add to your team. There are as many as five of them for you to recruit. You also have new abilities to learn and new spells to cast and a lot of new items for you to procure. A number of new and dangerous enemies are also added to the mix and you can level up your character even further if you had done so in Dragon Age Origins. This romance part is absent this time around and you can only focus on your main objective.

You will be playing the game starting six months after the events from the Origins. You are put in charge of rebuilding and while doing that you will feel the pressure from the political persons around your town. You will be sent on a mission to acquire the keep that was taken away during the main game and you find some discrepancies that point to a master mind behind the attack instead of the enemy that you were told that captured the keep. You take back the keep from the people occupying it with some help from your team. After you are done with this mission you will then recruit people for your teams and set on another missions all the while looking for clues that will find the real mastermind behind the attacks. You will be travelling all over the places at various locations and all the while you will be looking for people to join your team.

The decisions that you make affect the game, entirely changing the outcome. The story is not that great and you won’t remember many of the characters as you would have from the Origins. The battles are intense as usual and some great combating moves. You will be satisfied with the new content available for you to learn from abilities to spells. You have new areas to explore and the visuals are great. Click on the link below to Download Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Expansion Full Free for PC.

Download Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Free for PC

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48 Responses to “Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening”

  1. Warbec says:

    Wow! Awesome =)
    Thanks for the up m/
    I´ll be sure to enjoy it (hopefully)

  2. danr83 says:

    Thanks! !

  3. ordHelm says:

    Great!!! THX so much 🙂 love this game

  4. JaXn says:


  5. GlobGloba says:

    WoooT! ty very mutch!

  6. nkokuu says:



  7. pajak says:

    thanks! been waiting for this one for a while, hope this expansion is as good as the first!

  8. psyko666 says:

    There goes my weekend pal…

  9. Kloster says:

    Sweet, something to do tomorrow!

  10. ekom says:

    i saw the trailler yesterday
    thanks uploader and razor!!

  11. haridy says:

    thank youuuuu been waiting for this for so long now,ty Razor and uploader

  12. Blackeagle says:

    BEAUTIFUL UP! I was very much looking forward to it!

  13. vampireraven says:

    Thanks, love this game.

  14. Bubbles73 says:

    the game is an expansion pack so the first game is required to play this.

  15. proximo says:

    THIS IS MULTI 8 !!!!!!


  16. jherman says:

    Thx so much uploader and Razor, checked every day for this, thanks so much again!

  17. Emmeric says:

    I pay my respect to Bioware, for making a game trying to reach the perfection of Baldur’s Gate. Maybe they will again sometime. Till then this as good as it gets for sure. Amazing story and non boring gameplay. Thats what makes a good game.

  18. Akatosh says:

    thanks!!!!!!!! it much better game than assassin. once again thanks!!!!!!

  19. skatlyup says:


    Anyone know if I must finish the main storyline before entering the Expansion area?

  20. omgponies says:


    You can start the expansion area from start if you prefer.

  21. orge says:

    Installer worked fine for me.
    I then ran the 1.03 patch manually before installing the expansion. Worked fine.

    Thx again, uploader.

  22. iLLADEL says:

    OK this is gonna literally ruin me a little ^^

    props guys! much love

  23. otgkhan says:

    Easy installation, running smoothly…about an hour into the game.
    Running on windows 7, thanks for sharing.

  24. maelstorm says:

    ah crap, setup fails fyi i do have the original game disc+patches and yet failed again, not sure but this must be a mod or localization issue.

  25. carecka2008 says:

    @maelstorm and For ALL you guys with problem in installation.

    Run Setup.exe with compatibility support for Windows XP, worked for me.

  26. maelstorm says:

    @ carecka2008
    whoa that did the trick thanks bro.

  27. Greymonk says:

    Thanks for sharing…
    I didn’t have to do anything special, I just followed the instructions and it just worked! Windows 7 x64.

  28. IconoclastX says:

    Awesome, thanks for the up.

    For those wondering about the DLC not working – this was known long ago from the Bioware website. Although, they did say the powers you got from drinking the experiment would carry through…

    The reasoning they give is that your DLC equipment will be so outclassed so fast in the expansion that you won’t be using it anyway.

  29. PavelSid says:

    wootwootwoot you just made me sing! had around 78 hours of playing in the original game.. love it! thx alot!!

  30. Taurus1979 says:

    This i have waited for some time now, thank you uploader!

    And btw. the “Keygen” tune is awesome, it’s from “The Jungle Book” I think they did an awesome job on that one.

    This tune, i just love it

  31. zdeev says:

    carecka2008 said:
    For ALL you guys with problem in installation.

    Run Setup.exe with compatibility support for Windows XP, worked for me.

    This works if you get the failed error in windows 7.

    Thanks, both carecka and UL!

  32. nerren says:

    Gr8, Running the setup with WinXP compability mode worked! Thanks!

    One other note. What the hell is the name of the song in the kegen haha it is fucking awesome!!!! it’s a mix of two or three songs, I am intrested in the first one

  33. BandaTjelava says:

    Thanks to the uploader, and to Razor!
    Using Win7 Ultimate, the original game is Skidrow release with 1.02 patch, had no trouble installing this…
    I just disconnected from the internet, got used to that because of the problems with Mass Effect 2 installation…
    Hope this helps to some of you guy who have trouble installing…

  34. rlshovo says:

    ty uploader as always purfect work razor game works greate.
    windows xp,just downloaded ->mounted installed-> use key gen or serials in nfo-> use crack and your rdy to go ^^

  35. oskosk says:

    Gr8, Running the setup with WinXP compability mode worked! Thanks!

    for win 7 x64 users works like charm

  36. haze420 says:

    I find this expansion fucking EPIC! :’D all I missed last one was a continue and new skills/items/runes.. and more slaughter!

  37. Szilard says:

    Win Xp Sp3 here. Reinstalled the DAO, updated to 1.02, installed Awakening, updated to 1.03, loaded original character… playing ever since with no problems whatsoever. And loading times indeed DEcreased. Only the damn console cheats and trainers out there wont work. Actually the trainer from Brewers works except money… damn money.

  38. max says:

    almost all links are 1 the first 2 links worked but the third 1 was deleted.i didnt tested the first rapid share and the other 1 with many links cause it are to many links for me.

  39. max says:

    now i got it downloaded but after installation it says failed to instal.

  40. Amy says:

    now i got it downloaded but after installation it says failed to instal.

  41. Rayper says:


  42. Equilibrium. says:

    you guys are awesome ^^

  43. ecall says:

    I just now wanted to thank you again for the amazing web site you have created here.

  44. Dudley says:

    Nice! Going to try it now!!!

  45. Winston says:

    thanks !! very much!!!

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