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Posted by admin on Mar 9, 2011
Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2

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Download Dragon Age 2 Full Game Free for PC from the link at bottom.

Dragon Age 2 is a sequel to Dragon Age Origins. It’s a role playing game. Hawke is the main character in this game, who escaped during the first game and took refuge in the neighboring nation, Kirkwall. This game tells how Hawke rose from a mere refugee to the most powerful person in Kirkwall. The game has main characters which will accompany Hawke during his journey. The story is very well written and the game is of great quality. Download Dragon Age 2 Full Game Free for PC from the link below

In dragon Age 2 you will be focusing mainly on one city. The Kirkwell city has been well demonstrated of the time when the game takes place. You have side stories which will keep you involved in the game. These stories are also intriguing with twists added to the mix. The combat system has been improved with some new spells added and is more complex to master.  You have many customizable options than previous game. The spells and weapons are more useful at different situations meaning you won’t be using same spells over and over at all the combat scenarios. Dragon Age 2 makes for far more engrossing experience than the first one. Keep reading to Download Dragon Age 2 Full Game Free for PC.

Dragon Age 2 is a challenging game and an epic RPG. The voice of main character has been fully developed and with many more dialogues. These dialogues are far better than the first game in content and are more fun. You have to make decisions while you are progressing through the game and each decision will have its consequences. This game gives more weightage to these decisions compared to any other game seen. Like if you left a person alive in some part you will be thinking what would have happened if I had killed that person. You there is chance of a second, third playthrough. Game gives a chance for romantic relations to be developed. You can be involved romantically with any of the characters.

As with all the RPG games you have a skill points which you can assign to train the characters to your liking. The characters have been given more attention as only one city has been focused upon in this game, which meant other things in the game have been given a much better attention to detail.

You don’t want to miss this game if you are a RPG fan Give this a go, Download Dragon Age 2 Full Game Free for PC from the following link

Download Dragon Age 2 Full PC Game for Free

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78 Responses to “Dragon Age 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts using Winrar or 7Zip to get a ISO
    2. Burn or mount the ISO in Daemon tools lite
    3. Install the game. Use the keygen in the Crack folder on the DVD when prompted for a serial
    4. Copy over the cracked content from the Crack folder on the DVD to your Dragon Age 2 installation bin_ship folder
    5. Play the game.

  2. 123456789 says:

    This was fast! (first to comment!)

  3. 123456789 says:

    how do I know the torrent is a fast download?

  4. sandvic says:

    Thanks for retail

  5. Knela says:

    thanks brother

  6. psyko666 says:

    Finally!!! :w00t:

    Thanks man!!

  7. Alonso says:

    Why, thank you!

    Heard not so great things from the demo, but haven’t played it myself.

  8. Najm619 says:

    cooooooooooooool i was waiting for that along ago thanx uploader

  9. Crossboon says:

    *Jumps off his chair cheering*

  10. isbjoern says:



  11. ninjafox says:

    does this include the high resolution texture addon from bioware, or will that be released later?

  12. BloomerzUK says:

    Never been a big fan of RPG games.. I’m a more hands on kinda player.. but I must admit.. this does look more free flowing than other RPG’s I’ve seen :). Thanks for the upload and Reloaded.

  13. nevercry says:

    Thanks a million

  14. Xxtr3m says:

    Thank You! Hope this one works

  15. Taurus1979 says:

    Sweet, I have waited for this game in quite some time now, i hope the DX11 support is hell lots of better then in the demo and i hope as well that the Collector’s Edition DLC’s would be shared soon enough, i would like to lay my hands on the extra ingame material for a more enjoyable gameplay then the retail can provide.

    Anyway, thanks uploader for a fine release, i will be waiting more goodies

  16. bestial says:

    Thank You Mate , really appreciate

  17. Sirkiko says:

    What about the texture pack, does this version include it?

  18. Paker says:

    What language?


  19. Diveru4i says:

    FCUK YEAH! ;]

  20. ILkaycaN says:

    Thanks alot, I’ve been waiting for this even tho it’s been dumbed down by Bioware to please the console crowd.

  21. Juke says:

    finally ty uploader
    and ty reloaded

  22. luseifer says:

    Thanks a bunch,been waiting for this.

  23. torspirit says:

    holy crap. thanks !

  24. 17mayis says:

    hell yea i knew it would come so i waited and it worth it

  25. Raggz says:

    Big thanks to uploader

  26. shzlym says:

    WOUUUUUUUUUW been dying for this, KUDOS uploader

  27. Gretha, says:

    Sweet stuff. Big thank you Upper. Keep up the good work

  28. Velkho says:

    Thank you kind sir.

  29. Metovam says:

    Thanks uploader and Reloaded for this fine release

  30. gwenster says:

    Thanks for this release ! I really appreciate it. There’s quite some controversy amongst my friends about DA2; with it supposedly being a far inferior game to the original (which I loved ) – guess I will find out my for myself

  31. dahoon says:

    Thx uploader. Well worth some play time when it is free.

    Downloading at full speed as always.

  32. nunokalhau says:

    can some one confirm me if this versions has the same frame rate drops as the clonedvd+theta has? What have they done with dragon age origins? compared to this one, they shouldn’t carry the same name…

    • dahoon says:

      I haven’t downloaded it yet but it sounds like what a lot was saying about the demo. Something about DirectX11 didn’t work but DX9 was “ok”. Worth a try.

      • nunokalhau says:

        you were right. i looked everywhere for a answer for my problem, and only found it here. Thanks.

        Anyway, they changed a lot of stuff from the previous one, for example, the camera view it’s nearer than i used before, the hp/stamina is ugly as hell, so are the attribute and skills trees… let’s see what this is worth..

        • Pimmelmann84 says:

          The framerate-issue was not because of a bad crack, more of a bad game. Nvidia has released new beta-drivers that fixes the problem but nothing for ATI yet.

  33. Orele1989 says:

    SOMEONE I seriously need a help with opinion of someone that download that File of reloaded

    it worked and fine . thing is i advanced in the story and now it seems i noticed 2 wierd things that should no be this way :

    1 – 95% of the items i pick up or see at shops are avilable for the use of my main char only..

    2 – at the begining i could not change the char appearence..

    If someone can verify the same things in the reloaded im appriciating it – Help and fast since i want to know if to re download.. 🙁

    • domates says:

      Companion armors are fixed. You can only change your main characters item’s.

      I’ve not played the game myself yet, but i guess only the weapons and trinkets are changeable on the companions.

  34. Bios4u says:

    Really enjoyed the first one and i hope this one is even better

  35. elixyr says:


  36. Arendrup says:

    Get this on win7: “Dragon Age II has stopped working . A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”

  37. maelstorm says:

    great thanks. cant wait tomorrow to try my 6970 with high tex pack

  38. jrb80 says:

    Tnx 4 this 1 duude

  39. Rattlehair says:

    Thanks have been waiting for this gaming treat.

  40. Agon024 says:

    Wow just like the first one. Unable to change the mouse key bindings and cannot use wireless XBOX 360 gamepad. What a waste….

    • theslim says:

      I love this game, some like it, others don’t. this is a PC game, why would you prefer playing a PC game with a gamepad?

      • Agon024 says:

        I would prefer to use the K/M like a normal pc user but when a game creator doesn’t allow you to change the mouse buttons….Well then the game just blows IMO. Some of us (in fact a lot of us) don’t use the mouse buttons for what they bind them for. Not allowing a user to change that is bullshit on their part.

        Dead Space 2 did the same thing until they recieved overwhelming complaints from users. So what did they do. Released an update allowing you to change all the mouse buttons to whatever you want.

        I case you’re wondering I use the left and right mouse button for my forward and backward….. 🙂

        I hate using my 360 Gamedpad but when a game doesn’t allow me to change those keys I turn to my gamepad as my only backup.

        This game offers neither. I’m sure the game is awsome but IMO the designers are fags.

        • theslim says:

          Well i do agree there should be customization for mouse and keyboard, but they did what they thought was best. hope they will allow customization in the near future though. (you’re weird for using left and right MB to move forward and backwards ^^)

  41. Globe says:

    Thanks alot for this ! Ure the best!

  42. drumtech says:

    I’m finding it difficult to import my DA:O savegame. The game can’t find them even when they’re stored exactly where it expects them to in Win 7:
    C:UsersUserDocumentsBioWareDragon AgeCharactersprofile folder

    • drumtech says:

      Edit: Ok, so I copied my old savegames to new locations; both to C:My DocumentsBioWareDragon AgeCharactersfolder, and C:BioWareDragon AgeCharactersfolder.

      Don’t know which one did the trick yet, but it worked nonetheless.

  43. MiTuS says:

    works like a charm, thanks uploader, thanks reloaded

  44. TiLeNpWneD says:

    Super thanks to uploader!!!!!

  45. tiagopisco says:

    hmm, i have a GTX 570 and a i7 950 and i am having problems running the game in DX11 , gets really slow ands breaks in sound.
    When i play in DX9 the game is playable but the sound sometimes breaks to. Maybe is the crack, or maybe i have to wait for better drives or a patch. I have the latest nvidia drivers.

    Edit: i fixed the problem xD i restarted my computer and now i play with everything on MAX xD the problem was that i installed the new drivers and played the game without restarting the PC xD

  46. nahuel222 says:

    i also have a gtx 570 and a i5 760 @ 4.4, and still all maxed out the game lags… i config the game on high not very high, and its playable, try it… i think its the bad optimization.. also nvidia said that the new drivers will ” fix ” the issue lag

  47. jesuslol says:

    The NVIDIA beta drivers at the moment fixed most of my problems with the High Res Textures and the Very High graphic details.

  48. cablein says:

    Thanks Great up

  49. ybx400 says:

    Same problem here, DX 11 + VERY HIGH settings makes the game unplayable and the textures goes to shit…

    Playing in high and no problem whatsoever…

    I’m not a fan of beta drivers, so i will wait and play in HIGH.

    Thanks for the uploader, 5 min of gameplay and the game rocks ! (i’m not too crazy about Dragon Age, played the first a little, but this one seems fantastic !)

  50. SSTBRG says:

    I hate complaining so much… so yeah, this game is very different compared to DA:O but it’s a fun game nevertheless and huge thanks to the uploader!!!

    Enjoy the game!

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