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Posted by admin on Apr 7, 2013
DmC Devil May Cry

DmC Devil May Cry

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DmC Devil May Cry is the new title released in 2013 in the series. The game was going to be a bad one as the developers had given the role of developing to a new team and they didn’t have a good track record. This third person action series was one of the most successful in the hack-n-slash genre. But as soon as Ninja Theory the developers behind this new game were announced as the sole team to take responsibility all the fans started to cry how the series was dead and how everything will go to hell with this game. But it didn’t, as this has turned out to be a great game, one which is better than before if we can say so. You can check out for yourself DmC Devil May Cry free download is available from below.

Sure there are some changes in the way Dante looks, no longer is he the white haired Japanese. He is the western looking version of the beloved hero. Want to see the new look? Get full version of DmC Devil May Cry PC download from the link given at the end of this post.

DmC Devil May Cry Download for PC

On normal difficulty this game is easy, you can easily destroy enemies without a problem and then get to their boss and finish him or her off. But for the hardcore fans this will be too easy, fortunately there are 7 difficulty levels and after the cross the fourth one, things start getting really tough. If you enjoy the difficulty then download DmC Devil May Cry free and start playing on the highest difficulty.

If you manage to play at the highest difficulty then you will definitely know that things will be insane after the 4th level of difficulty. At the beginning and hen required you will be shown tips, so that you won’t get stuck anywhere. Don’t consider this as a tutorial mode as it doesn’t get in your way and only shows up when things need to be explained. Get to the end of this post where you will find the link to get DmC Devil May Cry free download for PC.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask them on this page in comments. We will make sure you have an answer no matter how much time it takes.

The game has received a lot of positive reviews from critics as well as the gamers so this is a really good title and you should definitely play it. Full version DmC Devil May Cry PC download is available from the following link. Get the parts and follow instructions to install and play it.


Download DmC Devil May Cry for PC Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install.
    4. Open the DVD and go to CRACK folder and copy all the files from there to Win32 folder of DmC where you installed DmC Devil may Cry on Hard Disk
    5. Play.

  2. NeuroMasterX says:

    It’s perfectly fine. Game starts. Now i’m at 5 mission. Thanks Upper.

  3. thewindwaker says:

    no problems mate my first download here.

  4. ahmedrooney says:

    Thank You in instructions and keep up the good work. Cheers

  5. Mehdinho says:

    i was waiting for this!! Thank you !!!

  6. Spongebob421 says:

    Awesome thank you!!!!

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  8. andress says:

    its working perfect

  9. Sainder says:

    I have installed everything. The games starts and works

  10. spartan13 says:

    THX 🙂

  11. Servantes says:

    Thanx just started playing

  12. Madmac says:

    Thank you.

  13. fernandoelfo says:

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    Thanks uploader

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    cheers for this mate

  17. DJSCOT says:

    nice one. keep them coming old man

  18. leebert says:

    this is great. works perfectly

  19. paly24 says:

    Thank you, I dont like the new punky dante, the old wihite hair rocks. but the game is good nonetheless

  20. rickydead says:

    Thanks works perfect

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