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Posted by admin on May 27, 2012
Dirt Showdown

Dirt Showdown

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Dirt Showdown Free Download

Dirt Showdown also written as DiRT Showdown is a new game in the Dirt racing series from Codemasters. You can download full version of Dirt Showdown for PC for free from the link given at the end of this page. The game has been developed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation and also for PC and here we have the PC version for everyone to download. This is only for arcade racing fans as it lacks the rally racing features and only features arcade racing modes. The game is part of the Colin McRae Rally series of games but it’s a lot different compared to the titles link Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 which were purely rally racing games with some arcade elements strewn around for some fun. Dirt Showdown free download for PC is given below this article for everyone.

Dirt 3 was the game that introduced the new modes like Gymkhana in the arcade style for some fun. This was a good addition to the serious rally racing and everyone enjoyed it a lot while taking a break from the more serious stuff. So Codemasters thought of creating a racing game purely with fun in their minds and that’s why we have the new game in Dirt series, Dirt Showdown. Dirt Showdown focuses more on destruction rather than pure racing in various modes. Te rally gameplay as well as time based modes have been completely taken off for more fun elements. Get Dirt Showdown PC download free from the link given after this review.

Codemasters have steered away from all other racing games that they have produced so far which include GRID, Dirt and F1 racing games. This game takes you to a final showdown that’s why the name Dirt Showdown. You arrive at the end by playing different modes which let you destroy all your opponents. The controls are easy to play with and the usual Acceleration, braking and steering system is present along with the handbrake for use in tight corners. A temporary boost is also present which gives you speed when required for a greater effect on impact. Dirt Showdown free download is available from the bottom of this page.

Dirt Showdown features many new modes for you to enjoy at different locations at different times of the day. Many vehicles are also present depending upon the racing mode you are going to try. These vehicles come with statistics for a better understanding while choosing them for a particular mode of racing. You will be rewarded with cash which can be used to upgrade your existing vehicle or to purchase new cars. There unlock system is also present which lets you unlock new cars and tracks as you go to higher levels. Download Dirt Showdown Free for PC from the bottom of this page.

As you start to play various modes you will see that there are mainly three categories that you will be playing in. There is Racing mode, Destruction mode and Trick mode; often you will see these events overlapping each other and you are encouraged to destroy your opponents during any of the events. You also have the last man standing races which means that you need to always stay ahead of the last person in the race as the last person will be eliminated. There are also modes called Ram Rage and Knock Out which put you in an arena with other players. A health meter will indicate how much health you have and others as well and your aim is to remain alive till the end while ramming your opponents to wreckage. Dirt Showdown free download is given after this story, get it and star playing.

The graphics are as usual great with the environments heavily borrowed from the Dirt games with addition of some cool lighting effects. The game easily runs on most of the systems so it won’t bog down your system and will play according to the resources available on that particular system. The sounds are apt for this kind of destructive game and the loud noises of collisions are loud as they are supposed to be. Music use dint he game is also suitable for the sporty destructive game.

Codemasters have come up with a game just to let you have some fun and no serious racing. If you are looking for an experience in the same league as the Dirt 3 then stay away and play that game. If you are looking to have fun in Dirt style then this game is for you. Following link will get you Dirt Showdown free download.

Download Dirt Showdown Free for PC

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43 Responses to “Dirt Showdown”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game using flt-install.exe from the Crack or Fairlight folder.
    4. Copy all files from Fairlight folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Block the game from accessing the internet using a firewall or turnoff internet while playing the game.
    6. Play the game.

  2. JeroenH says:


  3. jesasedy says:


  4. gunitsamba says:

    Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. darez says:

    Thnx m8! :beer2:
    Last one was far from rally………

  6. adamwhite says:

    omg finally finally !!!

  7. ThaRebel says:

    cheers.. thanks

  8. wessel says:

    Can we play this with the Xbox controller ?

  9. maskerade says:

    how do you install this?

  10. mat8927 says:

    there’s a FLT custom installer its in the crack file its installing fine now just hope crack works

  11. speedbreaker says:

    its working for me im on vista

  12. stevo says:

    Thanks 😀

  13. See4urSelf says:

    Thanx! Been waiting for this one.

  14. fasteddie says:

    Running perfectly here in Win7 64.

    Use the setup in the Fairlight folder on the disk.

    At the end of the setup it will ask if you want to
    crack automatically. I did. Then it asked if I wanted
    to do something else I can’t remember. I chose yes.

    Browse to the install folder and run showdown.exe

    • MisterBond says:

      @Fasteddie68 I can vouch for you words as I said yes to both things & it works fine

      The second thing it asks is do you want to update your libraries say yes to that as it updates your direct x installs visual C++2005 redistributable 32-bit not 64-bit so doesn’t matter if you already have it in 64-bit form need it in 32-bit & it installs/updates The Rupture 3D Audio Driver which is what Audio Driver the dirt games use. I say update the Rupture 3D Audio Driver in case you have Dirt 3 on comp but if you don’t it installs the driver instead.

      & Block it in your firewall to be safe I did & I have had no dramas.

  15. KittyCaTz says:

    Thank you…. 🙂

  16. catlin says:

    Thanks,just completed the whole career mode,short but i guess its supposed to be played online more.

    Nice graphics and gameplay,it got a bit repetitive near the end but the choice of cars is nice.

    Ran perfect on ultra at 1080p

    Win7 64b
    i7 950@3ghz
    12gb 2000mhz DDR3
    SLI GTX 580

  17. viktims says:

    Follow fasteddies instructions. Worked for me.

    Great upload. After playing for the last 3 hour I may just have to say, awesome game!!!

  18. Xfade says:

    I will probably get it running. thanks

  19. howler says:

    This racing series has been around for ages and the earlier versions were very good if you like racing games.

  20. piratepig says:

    Thanks for the upload. Runs great. Completely maxed out everything, my system is i7 2600k, 8gb ram, gtx580oc.

  21. andressergio says:

    Install the latest versions of DirectX and C++ and everything will work perfectly.

  22. SiriusB says:

    Thank you! works without any problems on my PC.

  23. VC says:

    Thanks everyone who helped me, I installed Direct X 11 and a few windows updates and it worked perfectly straight away

  24. haspie says:

    great, i’ve been waiting for this one…!

  25. happy says:

    thank you 😀

  26. cartucho says:

    Thanks from Argentina!!

  27. guram says:

    when i try to install the game, its opening up STEAM and asks for activation S/N.

    anyone solved it?
    in the nfo there is no solution for this and it just says INSTALL THE GAME.

    • cushy says:

      Use the flt-setup.exe located in the fairlight folder on the disk to install, not the setup file in the root of the disk!

  28. mmarobster says:

    as above if you’ve installed it using the setup file in the normal folder, uninstall it, then install the game using the cracked setup in the fairlight folder.

  29. felgen says:

    Dirt is offically destroyed with this game

    • Xfade says:

      Dirt isn’t destroyed. Codemasters themselves said that this isn’t part of the rally series, but rather a spin-off. And people like these kind of games rather then doing rally stints for 20 mins.

  30. han83 says:

    ok to confirmed. i’ve had the YARRR issue, however i’ve rectified the issue by deleting the “showdown_avx.exe” file

    i’ve also blocked showdown.exe in the firewall options

    • MisterBond says:

      Although I didn’t have the pirate talk issue deleting the showdown_avx.exe fixed the long loading on the arena levels for me.

      Thanks for the info han83 you helped me fix my issue & you helped my mate fix the pirate talk issue.

      Thanks again.

  31. chingilou says:

    Thank you!

  32. calsonic says:

    Works like a charm
    Dirt 3 is much much better !

    To all you people still on XP – STOP using an 11 year old operating system!

  33. voilaaa says:

    I am having no problems. thanks

  34. karan says:

    vah kya bat hai

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