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Download Darksiders Free Full Game for PC

Darksiders is the latest action adventure game from THQ. It’s also known as Darksiders: Wrath of War. The game is based on the apocalypse with the ‘War’ being the center of it. War, one of the four horsemen, who has been sent to bring about the destruction of earth, is betrayed by along with his three horsemen by their master. All their powers and abilities have been taken away and they are trapped on earth. In Darksiders you will take on the role of War, the first horseman to take revenge of the people who betrayed him. To Download Darksiders Free Full Game for PC, go to the link at the bottom.

The single player game lets you take control of War, as you make your way in third person view. You have to use your combat skills, puzzle solving techniques to make your way through. This is a open world game but many parts of the map are not available for exploration at the start. These parts will get unlocked as War regains some of his powers, weapons and abilities by playing through the levels. You will be given different quests, which you need to complete to unlock new areas of the map. The abilities that you regain will be used immediately in the next sections of the game to solve next set of puzzles.

War will fight against demons as well as angels and will have different techniques to kill each of them. At the start of the game only one weapon is usable for the player, a sword. But as you progress in the game you will have many new weapons at your disposal. You have to use combos of combat skills to defeat your enemies. Long range weapons like revolver and boomerang blade can be used during combat. Objects that are present on the map can also be used as projectiles. Keep reading to Download Darksiders Free Full Game for PC.

After you have played the game for some time War can summon a beast to use for faster movement and also for some devastating attacks. Along with the weapons War has magic spells that he can use. They are known as Wrath, you can use it to attack or defend. A meter is present on the screen to represent the amount of wrath you have. The player can use different finishing moves when he is about to finish the enemy. When you defeat an enemy they release souls. Three types of souls are present, green souls which increase your health, yellow souls which add to your wrath meter and blue souls act as some kind of a currency in game and allow you to buy new abilities, wrath, new magic potions and more.

The combat system is great and you will be always learning new combos to perform. The puzzles are challenging enough and worlds are big to keep you involved for a long time. So Download Darksiders Free Full Game for PC from the link below.

Download Darksiders PC Game Full Version Free

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