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Posted by admin on Jan 26, 2010
Dark Void

Dark Void

Download Dark Void Free

Dark Void is an action game based on the unreal 3 engine. You can download full version of this pc game free from the link at the bottom of this page. The game is available for PC and consoles as well. The unique part of this game is that you will be fighting not only on the ground but also in air. You will be using a jetpack to fly and fight in air. The game revolves around fighting against an alien race which was supposed to be destroyed by the humans.

The game begins as you will get to know that a very dark force is about to take control of our world which we cannot even imagine. The aliens were on our planet before and they created a far greater race which controlled the world. People assumed them to be god and went along with what they said but certain humans were gifted with some powerful abilities and they questioned these aliens. In a fight they were thrown out to an alternate universe and the world was back to normal. But they are back for revenge and they will not stop at any cost. To know how to Download Dark Void Free Full Version game for PC click on the link given at the end of this page.

This game for the first time introduces flying without sitting in of the flying machines. You get your own jetpack to fly around. You can to crazy stuns and fight alien UFO’s and cut corner around mountains and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Man’s imagination of flying like has been implemented in this game.

The story takes place in an alternate universe where the aliens had been banished. You will be playing as William Grey a pilot of a ship which gets thrown into an alternate universe when it passes through Bermuda Triangle. This universe is known as the Void. There you will encounter the alien race and other humans as well. The humans are the survivors while the aliens are the Watchers. The player will join with the human survivors who are fighting against the alien race. Your main aim is to get back to Earth safe and sound. You will discover that the Void is just not the alternate universe but it is a medium that connects earth to the world of watchers. You will find a way to defeat the watchers on their own turf and get back to your home-world.

Some things that this game misses out on are the bad shooting. You will never like to shoot in this game. The variety of enemies is limited and you will get bored with the same repetitive aliens coming at you all the time. The most fun you will be having is when you have the jetpack on your back but the problem is you will be spending more time on the ground without it then in air with it.

The game could have been of great value if it had been developed for a good audience. Using jetpack to do stunts is the most enjoyable thing in this game. If you want to give this a try then Download Dark Void Free from the following link

Download Dark Void Free for PC

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41 Responses to “Dark Void”

  1. Ripp says:

    thanks a lot was waiting for this to be uploaded here.

  2. mrozikpl says:

    thx 🙂

  3. omegafoxx says:

    i played it on xbox, i think it is pretty fun.

  4. CyberJ says:

    Thanks alot loved


  5. GPR says:

    this is the working one.

    thx loved

  6. asiaph36 says:

    wow! thank you!

  7. splice says:

    This was pretty quick, even if it’s Reloaded.

  8. LiquidSnake says:

    Heard mixed reviews about this so I’ll try it out. Thank you uploader!

  9. digiwand says:

    Thanks! The demo was way too short to tell if this game was any good. So downloading this.

  10. stevensnell says:

    are the jetback controls supposed to be so slow?

  11. kuracpalac says:

    This game is as good as Avatar – The game.

  12. junkfodde says:

    I’ve been waiting to play this, but it always looked like it woudl either be awesome, or suck major shit cakes….

    Hm i think I’ll wait.

    thanks, though.

  13. elbeav says:

    Thank you

  14. digiwand says:

    The game runs great for me @ 1680×1050 on win 7 64 with a Phenom II 965, 4Gb DDR3, and a 5970.

    Just playing around with tweaking the .ini files now and thinking about tossing an 8800 in as a physX card to see if it adds anything.

    Thanks again for the up, works great.

  15. tomnet says:


  16. eratrix says:

    runs great with my 5870 in Crossfire

  17. angelus7 says:

    Thanks. Thumbs up for the quick post.

  18. Zangetsuu says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. yberM says:

    nice up
    thank you

  20. unnerWolf says:

    anyone know how to get it to run fullscreen? Its running windowed for me and I don’t see an option in the settings.

  21. sevenfir3d says:


    Just press Alt+Enter mate

  22. Godsred says:

    Thanks for the upload.
    The game looks “attractive”.

    Running on 2 x GTX 280s & +3GHZ cpu. Frame rate is great, very smooth and flat out!

  23. ichmiln says:

    Air controls are much better if you increase sensitivity

  24. Greymonk says:

    I don’t know what my problem is but… I LOVE THIS GAME! I really don’t understand all the hate surrounding it on other forums, this game is really fun IMO.

    I have all settings maxed out (including PhysX) and no glitches and not a single crash. Also, controls don’t bother me at all. I find them smooth and easy to use.

  25. tejaslok says:

    nice game was waiting for this

  26. seraphine23 says:

    Everithing is OK for me. Using Vista 32b and GF285. All details to maximum. Vsynch = ON, Physx = HIGH. Using 3D Vision and i have 39/FPS. …this game i good from the chapter II.

  27. Smooglin says:

    This game is fucking amazing IMO, it’s really fun!

  28. Sjr83 says:

    thanks man!!!

  29. DrJones1 says:

    Pretty good game. Had no crashes whatsoever, maxed settings. In-flight sensitivity needed to be raised, but other than that, no problems with controls. Lots of fun. None of the conceitedness and pompousness of most games you see these days.

  30. cvs2010 says:

    Very good !!!!! Thank’s !!!!

  31. r3b311 says:

    tested for about 2 hours
    works great with everything maxed out (incl. physx)

    win7 x64

  32. LiquidSna says:

    From most of the reviews i’ve read I was expecting something horrible but this is pretty fun to play. I haven’t had problems with the controls though playing with a 360 controller feels allright. So thank U uploader! Now I get the game working on my win 7 g210m laptop

  33. chule157 says:

    the game works great

  34. DRAGONHEART says:


  35. DRAGONHEART says:

    alright i got it now. there is no such thing as serial

  36. DRAGONHEART says:

    the game is fine.but slow in some parts of the game

  37. 123456789 says:

    whoa! its another CAPCOM game?

  38. 123456789 says:

    is this an FPS? (first person shooter)

  39. 123456789 says:

    i thought this was Dark Orbit! (even if I didn’t know that!)

  40. 123456789 says:

    this looks like a variant of lost planet 2…

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