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Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2013
Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

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Company of Heroes 2 is game that any history buff would like, as it features a great campaign which gives you exactly what happened during the time of the war, World War II. You have 3 modes to play, Skirmish, Theatre of War and the main campaign. Use the link you find at the bottom of this page to get full version of Company of Heroes 2 free download for PC.

The battles that take place are just overwhelming and as real as anything we have seen or heard. Sometimes only thing you can do in a battle is retreat and regroup and then return to the action when you are overrun by the enemy. You can find that while playing this game, use the link given at the end of this review to get Company of Heroes 2 PC download.

Company of Heroes 2 Download for PC

On this page we are giving you a chance to download Company of Heroes 2 free for PC. Read the instructions that are given in the comments section to download install and play the game. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below. We also have tutorial videos which show you how to download or extract the parts or use daemon tools to mount. Get Company of Heroes 2 free download from below and begin the process of installing and playing immediately.

All the battles will test you skill to the end points and give you satisfaction once you attain victory after that. Theatre of War mode gives you even more challenging scenarios which are more rewarding as well. We are offering Company of Heroes 2 PC download here in its full version form for free, anyone that visits this page can get the Company of Heroes 2 free download for PC and start playing.

One of the great things about the campaign is that you require different tactics while playing in different conditions. Say if you are in a battle that takes place in ice cold winter maps then you will need to rethink your strategy to gain the upper hand. Another great thing you will notice is that the game depicts exactly what war is all about, sacrifice and despair even when you win. Play the game by following the instructions given below, but first get Company of Heroes 2 free download to start with.

There are some chinks in the armour of Company of Heroes 2 but nothing that can be overlooked in face of a great tactical battle that this provides. After the success of the original i.e. Company of Heroes 1, this sequel definitely gives you something more. Use the following link to get the full version of Company of Heroes 2 PC download for free.


Download Company of Heroes 2 free for PC Full Version



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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install.
    4. Open the DVD and go to CRACK folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play.

  2. rani says:

    i hate this game

  3. nashie says:

    I like games

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