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Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2012
Choplifter HD

Choplifter HD

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Choplifter HD Free Download

Choplifter HD is a remake of the popular game Choplifter from 1980’s. The game has been released for PS3, Xbox 360 and here you have the PC version of the game. You can download the full version of this game for free from the direct link given at the bottom of this page.

Choplifter HD is still a side scrolling game but with HD graphics. You will be again rescuing hostages while dodging enemy fire from your helicopter. The old game was a tough nut to crack and this one is as well albeit in great looking graphics. The classic gameplay style remains in the new remake. There are some new ideas that have been introduced in this HD version of Choplifter but mostly it remains true to its original game. Choplifter HD Free Download is given at the end of this page.

Choplifter HD is a side scrolling game in 2D and the main goal of the game is to rescue people who are stranded as quickly as possible. You need to manage the rescuing in such a way that the number of trips you take is minimum so that the chances of your chopper being hunted down are reduced. As you start the game and learn what needs to be done you will be tired of going back and forth to the scene of rescue and grabbing the survivors. You will feel it’s getting repetitive. You will be going to the rescue situation then blasting the area where the enemies are and then grabbing the survivors and bringing them to a safe spot. Repeating the same exercise all the time is the name of the game. Keep reading more about this remake or skip to the end for Choplifter HD Free Download.

As you progress though the repetitive nature of the game vanishes and you will start enjoying the game. New strategy needs to be applied and enemies need to be defeated from all directions while constantly maneuvering the chopper. Enemies will not only be in front of you but also they will attack from behind and you need to be prepared to turn around and take them down at all times. This keeps the game interesting and keeps it from getting boring. Download Choplifter HD Full Free for PC from the link given below.

The choppers vary in size in different missions. The larger ones while being able to carry a large amount of load are more susceptible to attack due to the target area being larger. The smaller choppers can be maneuvered easily but can carry fewer amounts of people meaning the number of trips will increase. Choplifter HD Free Download for PC is given at the bottom.

Patients who are in dire need of rescuing create a bigger problem as you will be facing time limits to save them. You will need to think who you are going to pick up and how many people you can pick up before the wounded people die. Soon you will start doing math about the capacity of your chopper, the time it takes you to take back the people and the amount of fuel that you have which keeps the game interesting. Though you can apply many strategies none of them will work for all the maps and you will be thrown in for some nasty business in each mission. Every 5 minutes you need to change your plans if you want to rescue as many people as you can. One such situation is when snipers are present in the map; they will render you vulnerable and make it very difficult to rescue people. Choplifter HD Free Download can be done from the link below.

You will always learn what you need to change in Choplifter HD every time you die. You will need to avoid the mistakes you make the first time to be successful. Sometimes the enemy has so much firepower on the map it becomes almost impossible to cross it even when there is no rescuing needed in that area. You will unlock newer helicopters as you gain points and sometimes it’s necessary to earn experience and use the new choppers as you will not be able to survive using the old ones. The dialogues are breath of fresh air in this serious game and they add humor to the game. Being an arcade game it should be enjoyed as such. The thing about a game life Choplifter HD is that you will always want to play it one more time to better your last score. Go to the end for Choplifter HD Free Download.

The PC version for the game offers mouse and keyboard action but a gamepad is more suited for this game. The mouse controls are not that great and sometimes they mess up with constant jittering. This can create a problem in close situations. But if you use a controller like the Xbox controller then this game is a treat to play.

The varying missions are well prepared and the dialogues with humor are a good way to keep the tensions low and the gameplay is a winner in itself. The number of missions is plenty so you will have a lot of time playing this game. Choplifter HD is something different that you should give a try just to play something different that is not available in the current market. Following link will give you Choplifter HD Free Download.

Download Choplifter HD Full Version Free for PC


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to SKIDROW folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

  2. moiri says:

    Awesome remember this as a kid LOL

  3. poppydo says:

    Thx 🙂

  4. Smileyie says:

    Cheers.. works great..

  5. rollese says:

    Played Choplifter II on my classic GameBoy, back then it was like the hardest game ever, I think i never got past level 3 😛

    Playing this now.. lets see if i can get past it..

  6. captkirkdcs says:

    Pretty Sure i have the original somewhere of course that was probably only 16k in size

  7. piki says:

    yea:) remake for the nostalgic c-64 game, used to play it with friend who loved helicopters and crafts for hours on hours….what a days:)
    Going to invite him for a game.

  8. Raptess says:

    Hell yes … THANK YOU !!

  9. Halo3 says:

    how to turn v-sync on ?

  10. marlaogames says:

    thanks guys. playing it fine without any problems

  11. baron says:

    Retro Remakes ftw – a big Tanks! 🙂

  12. titograin says:

    I like any Remake Game khaled4ever

  13. informixslz says:

    game rocks

  14. Plasmaetcher says:

    Actually, Choplifter was originally an Apple 2 game. Yah… I’m old.

    Thanks you the updated classic.

  15. junkfodder says:

    Haha shit,I used to waste man horus when i was little, playing Choplifter on my Dads’ Commadore 64


  16. Totmacher says:

    @Plasmaetcher: Yeah…. it was my favorite game on the Apple IIe. My dad even had an adapter to plug it on a TV (colors!!!!!)

    Sigh… feel old too now

    Thank you UL!

  17. weicker says:

    Back to the eighties!!! thanks!

  18. Treign says:

    I used to play this game when i was a kid as well. Thanks for the upload, worked perfect. I just finished playing the game.

  19. Emily says:

    nice.. finished download

  20. clouddancer says:

    hehehe I still have it on my Apple IIgs as well…… your not the only old one

    I wonder if you can still kill all the people you are trying to rescue too 😀

    Thx to the uploader

    (quietly contemplates downloading this on apple 2 with 300 baud modem….hmmm need lots of floppy disks and wonder if there is torrent client for the apple 2)

  21. adriangti says:

    wow loved this in the arcades and on my sega master system hehe thx uploader!

  22. hplant says:

    Oh yes!!! this is a nice share!!!


  23. huugo says:

    Rly nice, thx!

  24. Michelctba says:

    Danke Heer Kameraden !!

  25. lewisbrasil says:

    Valeu pelo up

  26. budar says:

    thanks.. this is working perfectly.

  27. popescu says:

    thanks a lot

  28. informixslz says:


    downloading now

  29. cats says:

    Happy flying!
    Cheers 🙂

  30. Steamy says:

    Thx, game works

  31. Roge says:

    Isso e Muito bom valeu

  32. RAJENDRA says:

    nice game

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