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Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2009
Championship Manager 2010

Championship Manager 2010

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Download Championship Manager 2010 Free

Championship Manager 2010 is the latest game to come out in the Championship Manager series. You can download full version of this game free form the link given at the end of the page. The game is better known as CM 10. It’s a football manager simulation game and the game has been most popular in the series. The game was released before Football Manager 2010 after a long time. The game has been released for Windows PC and Mac OS.

The game received positive reviews from the gaming community and from all the game review sites. It’s a good alternative for the football manager game. The game has been refined from the previous versions and it feels a lot polished than before. The new additions that were introduced should do it a lot of good. The game is addictive and once you start the season you will be sucked in to keep playing. Keep reading till the end or directly click on the link given at the end of the page to Download Championship Manager 2010 Full Version PC Game for Free.

The game features a new and improved match engine and with the increased in game depth keeps the game immersive. The training tools included are top-notch and you have a lot of control over the training. You can also keep a watch on training in the new system where you will visually see how the training is going on. Game has returned with a bang to the gaming scene but it leaves a lot to be desired even with the new improvements. But the new things are a step in the right direction. The team behind the games didn’t develop any new games in earlier year to focus on the developments for the new game. This shows once you start the game.

The game starts to fall apart once you go in even at the team selection stage. Even though the game includes a lot of new leagues and teams to choose from they are not as comprehensive as the football manager game. Most of the teams are from European nations and even with inclusion of teams from Asia and South America, still teams are missing like the MLS from the USA. Go to the end of the page to Download Championship Manager 2010 Free.

The game has for the first time included the 3D engine and a lot of animations for the players have been included. It features different camera angles and even replays. You can record matches and watch them later. This new 3D experience gives you more in-depth info on all the tactics and you can alter them and see the effect immediately on the gameplay. You can see the decision you make on the screen. You can create a new set pieces with the set piece creator. You can apply different tactics for different individual players from free kicks to passing. The creation of these set pieces is set into different stages which gives you the ability to fine tune all of your tactics and moves.

The scouting system implemented works great with a world map view with all the talent across the footballing nations. Scouts give you a detailed report on the new talents they have come across. Watching the training system you set during play gives you more control in real games. Media part of the game gives you all the new from the football world. Download Championship Manager 2010 Free from the link below.

Download Championship Manager 2010 Free


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