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Posted by admin on Nov 10, 2010
Call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops

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Download Call of Duty Black Ops Full Game Free for PC

Call of Duty Black Ops is the 7th game in Call of Duty series and it is also called Black Ops in short. This is a first person shooter game based on cold war. You start the game as a soldier and you can kill the enemies by either using your guns (only 2 of them can be carried)or use your knife in close combat. As in most of todays all games health damage is indicated by reddening of the screen. If you stay long enough in cover you will heal. You have 3 stances crouch, prone and stand. You can sprint for some time but you will get tired and slow down. As with the previous games of this series you will see a grenade indicator when you are near one which is going to explode. Link to Download Call of Duty Black Ops Full Game Free for PC is at the bottom.

Black Ops lets you play the single player mode with several characters at different campaigns. So you will have different sets of skills at each level. You will have objectives at each level which will be shown on the game screen. The distance indicator will tell you how far you are from the current objective and will decrease as you approach it. Call of duty black ops is set in cold war where you go behind enemy lines as part of a black ops team to get the job done. You will travel all around earth at different locations from Russia, Cuba, and Vietnam to complete these missions. You are to recover a chemical weapon called Nova 6 in the single player campaign.

You start the game and you are being interrogated but you escape. You will see cutscenes of flashbacks of these interrogations throughout the game but they won’t come between the gameplay. The multiplayer is similar to previous games but with some new additions. This time around you will get points when you play regular game or level up and complete missions. These points can be used to purchase equipments like weapons. You will also notice the Playercard feature which lets you see the player’s detailed info and record in game. Keep reading to know how to Download Call of Duty Black Ops Full Game Free for PC

The game is exciting and intense to say the list. The multiplayer is improved and is very good. The world is detailed and has great graphics. You will also have the pleasure of going in some vehicles to complete your objectives. You will either drive or take point in these missions. The game has some great action sequences and you will enjoy every part of it.

This is a superb game and worth to be a part of the call of duty series. You have some new modes to play with. The story is excellent and campaigns are intensely enjoyable. You got some cool new features in multiplayer. Overall if you are into FPS game you don’t want to miss this. To Download Call of Duty Black Ops Full Game Free for PC, go to the following link.

Download Call of Duty Black Ops Full Version PC Game Free

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357 Responses to “Call of Duty Black Ops”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all parts using 7-zip or Winrar to get the ISO image.
    2. Mount the image in Daemon Tools or burn on DVDs.
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on DVD to your Black Ops installation directory and overwrite the original files
    5. Play the game.

    PS: If you have any problems with the game then install the update given on download page and use the crack files that come with that update same way as given above.

    • high_high says:

      I downloaded 8 .rar files. each with 999MBs capacity. when you say extract them, do you mean extract all 8 iso-images? thank you in advance!

      • admin says:

        there is only one ISO file. when u extract all the files it will combine to give you one ISO file.

        • Neville Mcfarlane says:

          Can you play multiplayer online?

          • admin says:

            may be but you need to find cracked servers. search in Google.

          • peter says:


        • peter says:


      • johnny says:

        I LOVE COD!!!

        • tylor says:


      • konrad says:

        how do you do this??

    • Roman says:

      ahoj call of duty black ops vyzaduje aj steam co stim?

      • S says:

        no doesnt require steam

    • PAVEL says:


    • Ayden Johnson says:

      Hey if i download this game will it lag? because i just spent $50 on call of duty black ops and it lags bad. and another question, what programs do you have to install to get this cracked verison working lag free?

      Please reply.

      • admin says:

        If you have bought the game then install the updates from the official site to stop the lag.

        If you want to download from here then you will need Winrar or 7-Zip latest version, daemon tools lite to mount the ISO (No need if you want to burn the game on a DVD)

      • gamefreak says:

        it doesnt matter the game will still lag
        because u have a 32 bit pc

    • sumpa says:

      call of duty i love the game from my heart

    • Dane says:

      does it have a winrar password and if it does could you please send to my email please

      • admin says:

        there is no password. Enjoy!!

    • jdog says:

      you dont need to mount this, you can just extract and click install… then do the rest of the steps

    • Ash says:

      I love cod black ops.

  2. harshit says:

    hey vry excited for dis..

    • hova says:

      guys how do i download? HELP.

    • jaydeep says:

      how to download?

      • Thisisthebest says:

        You Download the files by the link!

        • kaden says:

          if you got it can you tell me how to download black ops

  3. Joe says:

    games released this early usually has bugs…..

    • Roger says:

      @Joe i ve played it completely.. no bugs found… so play it before commenting..

  4. blackm00n says:

    Ohhh thankssss!!! Skidrow so fast!

  5. vextrom says:

    Hey if anybody knows of a way to play this online like in MW2, please share

  6. bronco100 says:

    fantastico many thx 🙂

  7. BestE says:


  8. elmas says:

    Thanks Skidrow Thanks Uploader -> Game of the year

  9. orrentm says:

    OMGG!!! AMAZING UP!!! Goty!!
    Thanks A LOT!!!

  10. bx0fsh says:

    Whoo-hooo!!! its finally here, all waiting for a proper release is over!

  11. 00 says:

    Another fantastic Call of Duty

  12. Mik says:

    Looking forward to this one. Great job guys. THANKS

  13. lsa says:

    OH Yeeaah!!!
    I’m ve been waiting too long for this One!!! They’ve made a great job on Moder Warfare II and now again with the Black Ops!!
    SKIDROW Rulleeezzz

  14. ibas says:

    skidrow is the best !
    best game ever

  15. ep says:

    omfg this is a huge thanks from me, yeah Call of Duty awesome

  16. Monta says:

    Download works just fine in Chrome, thx UP 😉

    • alex says:

      i know right

  17. ObeyMe says:

    Nice 🙂 Fast download, unpacking, playing

  18. 2palas says:

    Nice! Now between Fallout New Vegas and this, I’ll never leave the puter lol.
    Thank You!

  19. MalleEpo says:

    I have a Problem.
    Can’t start game it says:
    The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    Can someone help me?

    • dfcbvc says:

      Than install d3dx9_43.dll

      • Thisisthebest says:

        Do you must put it in the Call of Duty Black Ops file?

  20. admin says:

    @MalleEpo install direct x and the problem is gone.

  21. Blackwolfe says:

    Thanks 🙂 been looking forward to this.

  22. flaviomax says:

    People with the missing d3dx9_43.dll problem:

    Reinstall DirectX or

    Download the dll file from somewhwre (google it) and save it in both game folder and root:/Windows/system32.

    People with x64 OS should also save it in root:/Windows/sysWOW64

  23. psyko666 says:

    Just got home from work…

    Fucking awesommmme!! 😀

    Thanks upper!!

  24. ng1 says:

    Thanks for this awesome game..

  25. liquidmonkey says:

    if u have the dx DLL error when starting….

    goto to the REDIST/DIRECTX folder
    use the DXsetup.exe and your good to go.

    there is no need to DL the dll from anywhere.

    graphics are nice but i was expecting something more along the lines of MW2 🙁 ah well.
    back to MINECRAFT 🙂

  26. MalleEpo says:

    got it working.

  27. aleemz0z says:

    Works fine win7 64bit

    Thanks uploader!

  28. kainkain2 says:

    Great Game
    Thx For the Upload Guys

  29. eppon says:

    thx for a great game!

  30. 0786 says:

    please fix the links please

    • S says:

      @0786 the links will be fixed in the mean while u can download from torrents.

  31. 123456789 says:


  32. BlackKnight says:

    PLS help needed
    to one of the administrators :
    it seems i can’t get to any of the download links in your amazing site.
    it writes that i need to complete a survey but then there are no surveys available to my country. what can i do?
    i would appreciate a lot your kind help.
    thanx in advance

    • mattS says:

      @BlackKnight which country r u from??

      • r.warsi says:


  33. XTeamModsX says:

    Oh noes!!! Links arent working :l

    • admin says:

      @XTeamModsX all links have been fixed.. Enjoy

  34. The One says:

    It will be not possible to play online or lan ( like cod4 ) right ?

    • S says:

      @The One i think lan is possible but dont know abt Online play.

  35. BlackKnight says:

    @mattS – i’m form Israel…
    there’s something can be done?

    • mattS says:

      @BlackKnight you shouldnt see any surveys. try using firefox and clearing the history.

  36. BlackKnight says:

    @mattS thank you very much i’ll try that.

  37. 123456789 says:

    can you customize your weapon in black ops? (i mean adding scopes to the gun, etc.)

  38. 123456789 says:

    System Requirements: COD Black Ops
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
    Memory: 2 Gb
    Hard Drive: 12 Gb free
    Video Memory: 256 Mb
    Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 / ATI Radeon HD 2600
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    DirectX: 9.0c

  39. harshit says:

    i downloaded it and played,its a game of d millenium……

  40. BlackKnight says:

    @mattS thank you i’ll try that

  41. nedi says:

    please upload assassins creed brotherhood
    i am begin you please

  42. kent says:

    how to download call of duty back ops

  43. 123456789 says:

    oh man! pls reupload fileserve links (will be better if you reupload the previous file) the one named

  44. nas says:

    ty vm for this epic game

  45. illyboy says:

    guys, go to microsoft to download directx9 runtime to solve .dll and sound errors

  46. kostaya says:

    Hello All!
    thanks for upload. The game had refused to start with dx_43.dll missing. downloaded the dll from – the game started

  47. omster says:

    I installed and cracked it. works without problem

  48. Opana, says:

    Works ok for me..
    It is kinda laggy compared to modern warfare 2
    thanks for the up

  49. Husari77 says:

    I just installed newest nvida drivers for my 8800GTX and it worked: Now performance is excellent

  50. Nismo22 says:

    Works like a charm…

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