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Posted by admin on May 15, 2011


Download Brink Full PC Game for Free link at the bottom

Brink is a FPS action game released for PC and consoles. This game is a battle between two sides in The Ark which is a floating city on earth. These two sides viz. Security and Resistance are fighting for control over The Ark. This game has Single player, co-op and online multiplayer elements. So you will get a lot of game time with it. Co-op and online multiplayer are the strong suites of this game in my opinion. Go to the end of this article to Download Brink Full PC Game for Free

You have a great array of abilities to use at your disposal with the ability to customize your characters as you like, with style. BRINK has 4 classes viz. Soldier, Operative, Medic and Engineer. You can choose any profession you want and depending upon what you choose things change, and so will the abilities that you get while playing. So you can play the game a couple of times with different characters without it being repetitive. If you are playing in co-op mode then all four classes are handled by your friends or other players and you get a great team game.

As said earlier you can customize your character to your liking and special abilities can be bought using points gained during the game. The Ai behaves badly in some situations.

When you start the game you have a choice to make, which side are you on, the good or the bad. If you are one of the good guys you will try to make peace and save humanity from being taken in wrong direction. Or if you think The Ark city is not a good place for humans then you will find yourself on the other side. But you can play the game on both sides so it doesn’t matter what side you choose ultimately you can start the game a second time to play from the other side.

Online multiplayer is the main thing that will keep this game alive. Online gameplay will be intense to say the list and if your coordination with your team is good the experience is one of the best. You will get to watch tutorial video if you haven’t played this kind of game and you will not regret it as you will get some great tips from the video tutorial. The game is good overall but it still has some bugs and issues that need to be fixed. And with updates being released many of them have been addressed already.

Go to the following link to Download Brink Full PC Game for Free

Download Brink Full PC game for Free

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42 Responses to “Brink”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract the parts using Winrar to get ISO image file.
    2. Mount ISO in Daemon Tools Lite or burn image on DVD.
    3. Install the game
    4. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder from the DVD to the game installation folder
    5. Play the game

    Update: install the update given on the Download page if u have any problems.

  2. sunka says:

    thanks for the upload! been waiting for this game. will be fun to test it out.

  3. juniorbb says:

    SKIDROW is awesome too!

  4. Crezax says:

    Nice upload.
    I don’t care about the reviews for this game. I’m downloading it anyway!

  5. karimplay says:

    very wOOOOOW =))

  6. ultrAslanci says:

    very nice good release thanks

  7. pcgeek says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  8. TheBabeLover says:

    Thank you!

    Can you play multiplayer?

  9. hokage says:

    thanks AWESOME UPLOADER !!!

  10. psyko666 says:

    Thank you! Finally!!
    I thought you will never upload this game here..

  11. Azon says:

    wow that was fast 😀


  12. Senatic says:

    Is there even a singleplayer part to play offline ?

  13. felippe says:

    thanks a lot for the up.Finally!!!

  14. Parrote says:

    Finishing downloading, will test on my win7 x64 and see what happens.

  15. ghosterius says:

    To those having the error on the APR2007 x64 file, just ignore the file! It will install just fine and the game will run properly!

  16. dragarana says:

    I ignored the error, game runs without a hitch so far

  17. linus1337 says:


  18. Zwailla says:

    I had ““ while installing…. ignored that, continued installation and game works fine.

  19. marc says:

    If you are having problems Check your Graphics card driver. It solved my issue! I went into the game developer forum and they got the recommended drivers for the game there. I’ve downloaded, installed, everythings ok now!

  20. Gerti says:

    I played online for the past half hour. I simply set “Visibility” to public, and it just logged me in…lol…just like Crysis 2

  21. nitemares1 says:

    I just watched some videos on brink and it looks simalar to borderlands, lots of customized weapons, so I’m gonna give it a try.

    thanks skidrow!

  22. Korgan says:

    Installed it (no probs on win 7, 64 bit, just ignore the error) played it for 50 minutes..

    It’s like Team Fortress

  23. 123456789 says:

    What I am Currently looking for! Thanks!

  24. 123456789 says:

    looks like a file is missing it says corrupt source file the name of the file is d3d…. .cab I dont know. is it ok because I pressed ignore?

  25. Error says:

    Alwas when I want to start the game the console opens and fails to load, because of this:

    ERROR: Couldn’t load fs.chk

    Can anyone help me?

    • mattS says:

      try updating the drivers of your video card and also audio drivers.. If you have creative sound card then it might be causing the problems.

      • Error says:

        how can i do that?

        • mattS says:

          go to the manufacturers site of the video card u r using like nvidia or ATi or intel and download the latest drivers for them. Similarly do that for audio drivers and see if it helps..

    • sala says:

      i suggest you reinstall the game and install the new update given on download page. I did that just now and the game starts.

  26. repo says:

    works.. thanks a ton.

  27. rockoer says:

    I m on Windows 7 x64. No problems faced. Game is good.

  28. rasel says:

    i need this game …….plz download this me..??

  29. Zmany0 says:

    dude after I installed and when start it it says ‘brink has stopped working’.
    I even tried applying all the updates but still no work. plz somebody help.

    p.s I even updated all of my drivers.

    • admin says:

      I have added the latest update on download page. Download and install it and see if it solves your problems

  30. gunchester says:

    just on dl now hope i can get it 2 work =D will let you no. Thx 2 the team behind this site =DX

  31. mihir says:

    from where to download

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