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Posted by admin on Dec 17, 2009


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Download Borderlands Free Full PC Game

Borderlands is a first person shooter game for Windows PC and you can get the full version of this game for free from the link given on this page. Borderlands is available for Windows as well as Mac and also for the major consoles. The game includes some of the role playing game’s elements like character building.

When you start the game you will have to choose a character for you to play from a set of four. Characters that you can play in this game are, a soldier named Roland, a hunter by the name Mordecai, a siren called Lilith and the last one a berserker by the name Brick. Each character possesses a special skill and all of them are experts with certain weapons. After selecting your character you will be given quests which will be given to you either by the non-playing characters or from challenges from the bounty boards. Each quest will give you experience points or a special item or money depending on the quest. Experience points can be earned by killing your enemies or by completing special challenges thrown at you during the game, like using a single weapon to kill a certain number of enemies. You can Download Borderlands Free Full Version Game for PC from the link given at the bottom.

As you start to gain the experience you can use the points to train your character in certain skills available from the skill tree. Each of the four characters have different skills that you can master like specializing in weapons or getting a health boost and so on. You can also use the money you earn to change the skill points distributed earlier in case you think you need to learn a different skill. If you select a character who can carry two weapons at the start of the game then later you can upgrade to carry four weapons at a time. Also you can upgrade to carry shields or grenades. The items that you collect during the game can be sold to vendors to get money. You can use this money to buy better items or upgrade the ones you already have with you.

The game has a system called ‘Procedural Content Creation System’ which creates custom weapons that you can find in the dropped by your enemies or in vaults in the environments or sold by vendors; these weapons are randomly generated by this system. All such weapons have different things changed about them, like the firepower or rate of fire or accuracy. Download Borderlands Free for PC from the link given below.

A colour code system tells you how rare the weapon is. The game takes place on an abandoned planet names Pandora. Many people are seeking to procure items left on the planet and some of them have found out that a vault which may contain a lot of valuable items is present on the planet. You as well as others are seeking the artifacts that can open this vault. You will find a little surprise when the vault is opened by someone else. Play the game to find out what happens. After you complete the quest are set free to roam the planet of Pandora and do the quests that are still remaining which gives you tons of fun.

The weapons and shooting with different types of them give you much fun. The game has so many items due to the new system implemented you will never run out of the new weapons that you find on this planet. The four characters given are very good and with a lot of funny conversations. The artistic style used in this game is well done and feels unique. The system for rewarding the character and the points system is well implemented. Following link will let you Download Borderlands Free for PC

Download Borderlands Free for PC

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139 Responses to “Borderlands”

  1. justin says:

    the survey wont let me FINISH

  2. zach says:

    lol graphics look way better on my ati radeon hd 5970!!! lol XD

  3. peanut says:

    I have just finished downloading the first torrent link using utorrent. but im a bit confused because when i open the folder it contains a system info thing, a load of winrar files all of them called rld-blns and R30 files with .r30 at the end going up ( it starts from 30 and ends at .r64 .i am trying extracting one of the rld-blns files on winrar or should i just take one of those winrar files in the folder and mount that with daemon tools?
    someone please help 🙁

  4. Brian says:

    Sweet once you complete the survey all games are unlocked 😀 just don’t empty your cookies because I think that is how the site remembers you are unlocked.

  5. Brian says:


    I had some trouble with this one but I finally got it.

    ** Download 7-Zip for free FIRST (search google)
    ** You DON’T need hjsplit

    1) Download all of the 33 parts from rapidshare.

    2) Highlight all of the .rar files, right click, go to the 7-zip selection (if you downloaded 7-zip it should be there), and select extract or extract here.

    3) The new files will be .001, .002, .003, etc.

    4) Right click the FIRST file ONLY, labeled .001, and click extract or extract here.

    5) Z-Zip will MAGICALLY take out a finished ISO by simply extracting from the first file. I don’t know how it does that but maybe it has some built in .001 recognizer and combined all the files and made an ISO.

    6) Download Daemon tools lite or MagicDisk or whatever program you have and mount the ISO onto its virtual drive.

    7) When you mount the ISO, first right click the virtual drive in “My Computer” and acknowledge there is a file called Razor1911, and inside it is the crack .EXE.

    8) Now double click the virtual drive with the borderlands ISO mounted and it will pop up an install page thingy. Install, and after take the crack I just mentioned and replace it with the main .exe in the program files for borderlands. That will allow you to play the game without the disk.

    **When I tried hjsplit the output file was not an ISO and I could do nothing with it, so don’t use hjsplit.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Brian says:

    *Important* read the info file and it says you have to replace the exe’s DURING installation. When installation is over this SUPER AWESOME graphic short pops up. To briefly describe it, the middle of the screen gets all blurry and then the blurriness turns into “Razor1911” and it looks so amazing. It was like star wars man.

  7. howardcha says:

    i just download the torrent using is a 6 gigabyte file nadis currently still downloading.after i finish downloading what do i have to do?i read the comments above and dont understand anything. i dont get mounting and cracking and all that.i want to play the game without using the disc because i dont have a disc that i can fit that much information into.please can anyone help me using simple english? and is it possible to play online?

  8. howardcha says:

    its also labeled as borderlands reloaded and i also have daemoin tool lite installed onto my computer

  9. the punisher585 says:

    why isnt any of the surveys letting me get on? does anyone know wut im doing wrong?

  10. hmm says:

    does the cracked verison work for multi player or only the single player

  11. hey says:

    it always saying no disc in it put the origianal disc from borderlands in it
    please help

  12. Joshsta101 says:

    It says i need to get an update… plz help.

  13. Jackob says:

    Download Torrent ????

  14. joepc says:

    they say that its block because of copyright s***. what to do?

    • mattS says:

      you should mention which links have been removed so that those can be replaced by working ones.

  15. admin says:

    the links have been fixed now you can download without any problems.

  16. Fin says:

    Hey dudes how big is the file??and my Nvidia GeForce gtx 280 should play it fine…:)

  17. borderland defender says:

    what do i need to do to download it perfectley

  18. wowwww says:


  19. wowwww says:

    how do i do the survey

  20. hoorayforguitar says:

    Here is my problem, I can download and play the game but I want to play online. So i download the necessary patch, but it changes the ‘crack file’ and asks me to insert the disk, but i cant insert the disk because i don’t have one, then i put the crack file in again. Can’t even open the game anymore. Is there a way around this to play online??? if so then, how!?

  21. 123456789 says:

    hey there’s so many borderlands game what should i download first this zombie island
    the general knoxx or the borderlands (borderlands only (name) or anything of ’em?

  22. 123456789 says:

    @admin so do i need to download this one first? can i put more than one expansion?, or i only need to select one?

  23. 123456789 says:

    so do i need to download this one first? can i put more than one expansion?, or i only need to select one?

  24. A big rich douche says:

    What are the pc system req.Like a sombooodeee what are hte pc req… xD

    • mattY says:

      @A big rich douche u can search that in google..
      Minimum System Requirements
      OS: Windows XP/Vista
      Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
      Memory: 1GB (2GB recommended with Vista)
      Hard Drive: 8 GB free
      Video Memory: 256mb video ram or better (GeForce 9 series or higher/Radeon R8xx series)
      Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
      DirectX: 9.0c
      Keyboard and Mouse
      DVD Rom Drive

  25. HermanTheGerman says:

    Downloaded 2nd torrent link, amazing speed. But i didnt had to extract any .001 .002 or whatever. Directly got the image, mounted it, seems to work.
    I just got a little confused about the whole “Crack it during installing”-thingy… But it worked too, i can play the game with absolutely no problem.
    If only I had a faster computer…

    Thx downloadgamesnow
    Thx uploader
    Thx Razor1911

  26. Cuze says:

    thanks, had some trouble at first but thanks to brian, game is working fine. great quality,wish there was all of dlc tho, oh well, time to download more games thanks again.

    by the way, can i play multiplayer? or does updating it fuck up the crack.

  27. Winnipeg says:

    Thank you for sharing. great blog you have here. I’ll Be Back!

  28. fiteer says:

    thanks a lot my first download from this site (April 30 2011). and the game is awesome

    will be downloading more game right away..

  29. luuul says:

    it works. thank you.

  30. Atmega says:

    I can agree that it worked perfect

  31. Bbdn says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks alot.

  32. pnie says:

    Carry on the superb work!

  33. Wizu says:

    Excellent , appreciate your hard work. You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

  34. Moti says:

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful game. I love your site!

  35. cDc says:

    funktioniert perfekt !!!!!!

  36. mike says:

    gerade heruntergeladen haben. tolles Spiel.

  37. Berc says:

    Enjoyed this, very good stuff, appreciate it.

  38. madTV says:

    Excellent game. I want to thank you for this great game, really appreciate sharing this. Keep up your work.

  39. Bro says:

    I simply wished to say thanks again.

  40. Nickk says:

    Whenever i try to play the game it says wrong disc inserted… plz help

    • admin says:

      you need to copy the cracked files to the Binaries folder in Program Files of Borderlands.

      • Nickk says:

        how do i do that?

        • admin says:

          open the DVD and go in crack folder copy everything then go to the folder where u have installed borderlands mostly it will be in Program Files once there go to borderlands folder then binaries then paste all the files there.

  41. Nickk says:

    also the links to copy and paste dont work

  42. admin says:

    Non working links removed and
    New working links added today (2nd June 2011)

  43. Callie says:

    Good stuff, keep up the good work.

  44. DeC says:

    may i ask how big?

  45. DeC says:

    can i plz have step by step instructions on how to install.

    • admin says:

      Here are the Install Instructions
      1. Extract all parts using Winrar to get a ISO file.
      2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Toolos lite or Burn it on a DVD.
      3. Install the game.
      4. Copy over the cracked content from the DVD crack folder to Binaries of your installation folder in Program files.
      5. Play the game.

  46. DeC says:


  47. Pissed In Canada says:

    I lost my cd-key and 2K wont help me, they said ” we are sorry, for the inconvienence, but you should look after the cd-key” And in their support page there is a request form for cd-key retrieval but it doesnt work. Anyone got a Cd-key for Dr.Ned that i can use, im not going online, just against AI

  48. Pissed In Canada says:

    thanks, but what i didnt say was that i bought the game of the year edition, and cannot activate the game as i need the promo code they gave me with the game. any ideas on this one?

  49. Pissed In Canada says:

    i dont suppose the code is somewhere inside the game files is it?

  50. Pissed In Canada says:

    thanks anyways,

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