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Posted by admin on May 28, 2010


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Download Blur Full Game Free for PC

Blur is a racing game which features real world cars. It has an arcade style of gameplay and also combat is involved for the vehicles. Which means you can blow up other cars to make your way to the top of the race. This is a fun racing game you don’t want to miss out on. Download Blur Full Game Free for PC.

Many characters will make an appearance in the career mode of Blur with cars like Dodge Viper, Which are fully licensed. Some cars have been designed just for this game by the developers. The cars are with total damage physics. Cars come with special abilities like, made specifically for Drift, stability or acceleration and others. The environments in which you can drive these cars are taken from real cities like London and Los Angeles. But they have been greatly modified for the game to be enjoyable enough. You can join a team and race in events or go solo against all of them.

A fan point system has been incorporated which will awards points for winning races, driving good without damaging your vehicle, doing stunts and using powerups differently in the game. You can use these fan points to purchase new cars, new parts for your cars and also get ahead in your career mode. While you are in the middle of a race you will see a fan icon if you go through it a challenge will be given to you. If you complete that challenge successfully you can score a lot of Fan Points. In online mode you can race on a track and challenge your friends to beat your time. If they beat your time they in return can challenge you to beat their time. This will go on until one person cannot beat the timing set by the other. Keep reading to know how to Download Blur Full Game Free for PC.

The driving aspect of the game is very smooth without any hiccups and controls are good with good response. The addition of weapons gives an extra boost to the game and makes for a much more fun game. The multiplayer mode is something that this game has going for it with many hours of gameplay in it. Numerous tracks for you to drive and many new cars with modified designs make it a more enjoyable experience. The tracks are different from each other which adds to the diversity of the game. There is also split screen mode available to enjoy with friends but its not something that the game can brag about.

Overall the game with the cars and combat together makes for a good racing experience and you will come back for more sessions of destruction and racing. If you want to play this game then Download Blur Full Game for PC Free from the following link

Download Blur Full PC Game for Free

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51 Responses to “Blur”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions
    1. Extract the files using Winrar.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon tools lite or burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game
    4. copy the crack from the Vitality folder on the DVD to the install folder.
    5. Play the game.

  2. Froggaard says:

    Has been waiting for this game

  3. Dorgham says:

    thank you
    Keep it up

  4. Demourge says:

    So this is like Carmageddon, just prettier and less bloody?

  5. ninjanutta says:

    this is a great game,thanks.

  6. Snaker says:

    i´ve played this game @ xbox. it´s a nice idea, like mario kart for older ppl

  7. Dittohead says:

    looks pretty cool


  8. kuracpala says:

    Looks it plays better than that Split/Second game, not as much marketing went into this unfortunately. This one I’m gonna snatch.


  9. vaska57 says:

    Thanks to the uploader

  10. turko says:


  11. danr83 says:

    I played the demo on xbox, it’s hard but it’s a pretty awesome game.

  12. snowball1976 says:

    Runs fine on my machine 2 x 5850s

    and plays great with a x360 controller

    thanks upper for time n effort

  13. sandromix says:

    you need to update the game then it becomes much better.

  14. thd2k5 says:

    you need the original exe to make the update work

    if you haven’t made a backup of the original exe, you can find 1 on the disc located in …SetupData

  15. DreadSpawn says:

    @thd2k5: Thanks wasn’t thinking about that

  16. thd2k5 says:

    No problem at all

    I am off testing if the update actually fix the crashes

  17. wiLLie22 says:

    the update fixed the crashes for me
    Now I can say Blur is a great game, much better than Split/Second imo

  18. thd2k5 says:

    The update fixed the crashes for me aswell and indeed it’s a great game

  19. MorphRobert says:

    thanks uploader!
    game works like a charm.

    tho the game is fun to play it gets boring fast for me cause there is like 4 types of races only..

  20. Pal says:


  21. gpse says:

    is the update needed? is it an “offical” update because I can’t find any info on this “update 1”

  22. gpse says:

    nevermind launded the game and it said update, gonna update then use update 1 crack

  23. Forged says:

    Supposedly the update for this game fixes a lot of the bugs and crashes…

  24. 17mayis says:

    works like a charm thanx alot and its a great racing game much much bettter than split second..

  25. baron210 says:

    Thanks – can’t wait to try this!
    Time to dig olt the old Force Feedback wheel / pedals too

  26. Demgel says:

    To those who got the missing on install, just extract the ISO and install from files

  27. pontiff79 says:

    For those wanting to use Logitech Dual Action just grab a small app called xpadder (google it) and set it up off that in relation to the keyboard setup.

  28. bL4kE says:

    Some says its possible to play online with hamachi, anyone can confirm that?

  29. goginaniramya says:

    i want to download blur game

  30. ladirrahi says:

    is very beadifool

  31. raj says:


  32. dennis says:

    thats good

  33. sgasfdasjhsfa says:

    this game is awsome

  34. nera da great says:

    its a cool game with all the features in it bt it real slows down my machine or drage when playing wat to do abt that

  35. ayoub says:

    very beatiful

  36. kivenz says:


  37. kaka says:

    nice worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk

  38. elsi says:

    i like this game

  39. lamadu says:

    feeling osm

  40. sean kanengoni says:

    ameasing game

  41. Mudasseer says:

    We love this game

  42. initial says:


  43. rolland chafanza says:

    I lyk it

  44. louay says:

    very nice

  45. samuel ansong says:

    blur is a lovely game and I enjoy playing it

  46. takunda says:

    its fantastic

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