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Posted by admin on Feb 9, 2010
BioShock 2 PC

BioShock 2 PC

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Download Bioshock 2 Free for PC

Bioshock 2 is a sequel to the first game Bioshock developed by a subsidiary of 2K games. The game is a first person shooter game. Full version of this game is available for download on this site. The game’s setting is of an underwater world also known as Rapture. The game takes place after the events of Bioshock and 8 years have gone by since then. This time around you will be playing as the Big Daddy.

When the game starts you will wake up as Big Daddy but you have forgotten everything about the past years. You just want to find the little sister you were paired with before and you will be traveling from all sorts of mess in the city. Sofia Lamb the evil character in this game sends here minions to stop you from finding the little sister fearing that you might destroy the city once you find her and know the truth. Keep reading to know how to Download Bioshock 2 Full Game Free for PC.

You will be playing the role of subject delta a big daddy who is unconscious when the game starts and then he is reactivated without the memories of the last 10 years. As you start your journey to find the little sister you will have to fight with the Splicers and other humans who have lost touch with reality and attack you when they see you. As usual you will have a multitude of options to fight the enemy. You have the weapons and the plasmid induced abilities. Many types of plasmids are available throughout the game and you will be injecting yourself to gain the abilities. For example you can have telekinesis ability if you use one of the plasmids.

The weapons are those that big daddies used in the first game. You can use many of the weapons in close combat melee attacks. This time around you can equip yourself with a weapon and a plasmid ability which was not possible in the first game. As in the first game if you die then you will be revived to the last Vita station that you crossed. While on your quest to find the little sister you can destroy other big daddies and take the little system pared with them on your side which will give you a nice amount of Adam which is used to by new plasmids. You will be attacked by a Big Sister once you finish saving or destroying all the little sisters.

The game has both single player as well as multiplayer modes for you to enjoy. Gameplay remains mostly unchanged from the first game only difference is the close combat weapons that are used in this one. The game has seen some good changes and you will appreciate these. These changes make for a better game. If you liked the first game then you are going to like Bioshock 2 even better. The features a good storyline and the environments created for the underground setting are simply superb. This is one of the best FPS game to have come out in a long time. Download Bioshock 2 Free for PC from the link given below.

Download BioShock 2 Free Full Version for PC

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84 Responses to “BioShock 2 PC”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Open the DVD and go to Crack folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

    PS:Create a Xlive offline account for saving the game.

  2. Cneti says:

    Woot! Cool thanks alot!

  3. orrentflame says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST IN TIME!!

  4. mason says:

    is this really happening? thanks uploader!

  5. 2RudeRu says:

    Awesome game, thanks uploader!! Was waiting for this.

  6. spn says:

    been waiting 4 this

  7. eddog says:

    Can anyone confir that workis this on xlive

  8. shooks says:

    i can confirm it works with xlive just create a offline acount in game with games for widows live and it will work otherwise u cannot save or load.

  9. unclep says:

    ROFLMAOZOMG!!!! Thought it’d be longer as the 1st took ages. !

    WOW Thanks U/Lr

  10. Koriz says:

    Awesome, Thanks for this!

  11. XaXiS says:

    This is like christmas all over again! Thanks!

  12. ruta says:


    Been waiting for this, thanks allot uploader and thank you Razor1911 for yet another release

  13. widL says:

    HOLY CRAP! I really hope the mouse isn’t all screwed up like it was in the first game.

  14. Necrot says:

    Happiness is this being released. Even more happiness is getting on this very early

  15. soraky says:

    Held my self long enough from playing the 360 version. FINALLY!
    Love you upper Super-Duper-Uber thanks!

  16. tras says:

    Damn, not finished mith ME2 yet…

    Thx a bunch ul!

  17. MiiMeeR says:

    And i just said to my mate that i wanted a new game. God razor1911 saved my night D

  18. short says:

    Finally something to play..Thank you..Thank you!

  19. Ren says:

    Thanks mate!
    Does the multiplayer work?

  20. Andim says:

    OMG WOW! Thanks!

    Uploader YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

  21. adekil says:

    Saves buying for the Xbox, PC games are better anyway. Thanks UL

  22. bronco100 says:

    we just got Call of Pripyat and you’re complaining that you don’t have anything to play? ;O

    Thanks for the upload, I’ve been waiting for this.

  23. Tauru says:

    Way to go, thanks uploader!

    I have waited too fucking long for this game, finally!
    Now it’s time to shoot some nasty tin cans

  24. DashKiller2 says:

    Was just watching the review on GT. Thank you

  25. nsyam says:

    I just cant believe it!
    Thanks A LOT!

  26. miffot900d says:

    perfect juste got sick, and have to do something now then home from work!TY up

  27. rodrigokill says:

    Wow, tons of good games coming out right now.

    Cheers uploader.

    by the way where is the new STALKER Call Of Pripyat. couldnt find it here. waiting for the links.

  28. GunnerWolf says:

    sweet just finished with mass effect 2 over the weekend, round 2 is bioshock, thx uploader

  29. digiwand says:

    Very much appreciated, massive thanks!

  30. MetalSli says:

    Getting into online gaming recently(damn MW2…)
    Maybe I’ll try this and buy it afterwards
    Nevertheless,Thanks a lot!!!!
    The first one was a BOMB!

  31. PeterPimmel says:

    CRACK isn’t ok, because u cant play until official release Date!
    U get an error message if you want to play!

  32. MrX45 says:

    no need to panic create a offline games for windows account. and it works perfectly.

  33. fty77 says:


  34. BigNog says:

    Just WOW!! Let’s see if this one holds to the quality and originality of the first game, which I think is one of the 3 best FPS’s of all time
    Thank you very much!

  35. astilh says:

    those who forgot to download the fix if its needed in some problems with the crack read this

    Download BioShock 2 Missing File-Razor1911

    Install Notes

    1. Extract RARs
    2. Copy Bioshock2Launcher.exe to this folder
    BioShock 2SPBuildsBinaries
    BioShock 2MPBuildsBinaries
    3. enjoy!

  36. psyko666 says:

    YES !!! finally !!!
    Tomorrow it’s in the shops guys and thx for making a girl happy !!


  37. Alice1 says:

    i thought this was set 10 yrs before? owell whatever. thx for the upload. remember to download the missing file also if u face any problem with the crack

  38. gaz says:


  39. mem says:

    I tried to run this on my Intel Pentium 4 (2.6ghz) c it runs smoothly but is slow at the start of levels but after while it is ok enjoy all game is wicked!!^^

  40. Networker says:

    How I wish I had a GOOOD Connection fucking eyy!

    Want this game now! haha

    Great upload tho! THANX!

  41. Crezax says:

    Everything works fine for me, except I can’t seem to create an offline account for GFWL. I managed to do it for ex. Red faction guerrilla, but here I can’t even find anything in the home-menu, just for online profile.

  42. Crezax says:

    EDIT: Nvm, found it.

  43. SNX007 says:


  44. Torkel says:

    One of the biggest releases this year. Big up to Razor for this one. Thanks a lot!

  45. enga86 says:

    I cant save game. Have to start new every time

  46. x3n3i says:

    Thank You !

    create a offline game for windows acc then you can save and load.

  47. ita33 says:

    yeah, some guide to create offline account would be appreciated

  48. Flaw says:

    You can create an offline account by using the link labeled as “create an offline account”, it’s “hidden” in the text just before it takes you to the webpage to create a live account.

    PS when it asks to open it in browser cancel it and scroll down to see the link to create offline acc.

  49. unglefev says:

    man this game looks awesome on my 4890 in cf, damn.

  50. makyman1234 says:

    THANK YOU ive been checking every day like 10 times a day for like a week for this! hope its awesome.

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