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Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2009
Bionic Commando PC

Bionic Commando PC

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Download Bionic Commando for PC Full Free

Bionic Commando is a sequel to the game released for NES during the late nineties. You can download full version of this game free form the link given at the end of this page. This game is a remake of the game released in 2008 called Bionic Commando Rearmed. For those who are not familiar with the series Bionic Commando is an action platformer game available for PC. It was also released for the consoles.

The game is set 10 years after the first game’s events. You play the character of Nathan Spencer, a government operative who is working in the Ascension City, a fictional city. You are accompanied by another operative named Joseph Gibson who is part of the Tactical Arms & Security Committee (T.A.S.C.).  T.A.S.C is a team that trains the bionic soldiers like Nathan Spencer. He is imprisoned for the wrong reason and his records and documents are falsified and his own government betrays him. Every bionic soldier has been set to be destroyed. But an explosion in the Ascension City halts this plan. An experimental weapon is the reason behind this explosion and it destroys the city with earthquakes and radioactive shock waves. A terrorist group claims responsibility for the attack and threatens of more. Spencer is released and given his rank back in the bionic section along with the operatives of T.A.S.C he must fight. Go to the bottom of this page to Download Bionic Commando Free Full Version PC Game.

As you start the game Spencer will have flash backs that reveal what happened two years ago when he was on a mission with another bionic operative. They had failed to eliminate two dangerous bionics who went rogue. They had murdered several innocent people. Spencer helped them to escape along with his partner who was wounded. These events take place after Spencer learns that FSA were taking the bionics out of the picture and sending them away. But as the other three escape Spencer is caught and sentenced to prison for treason.

Back in present time, Spencer is freed on the condition that he should assist in finding the responsible people for the Ascension City disaster and work with FSA. Spencer turns down this offer in light of what they had done to the bionics but Gibson tells him that he has knowledge about his missing wife and will help him. Keep reading or go directly to the end to Download Bionic Commando Free for PC.

After knowing about his wife Spencer goes on the mission in the Ascension City. He finds information about a project called Vulture. This project is related to a super weapon and the terrorist organization Bio-Reign is seeking it. After this knowledge Spencer is sent to retrieve this item before the terrorists find it. After defeating a lot of enemies he finds the weapon. But Gibson betrays him as soon as he lays hands on the weapon and reveals that he is the head of the terrorist organization. He then reveals some new information about Spencer’s missing wife. Spencer then fights the terrorist operatives to stop the weapon from being used.

The game received many positive as well as negative reviews from the gaming community. Following link will let you Download Bionic Commando Free for PC.

Download Bionic Commando for PC Free

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