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Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2010
Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 Free for PC

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a FPS game released on the major platforms. It’s available for PC, Mac and also for PS3 and Xbox 360. This is the latest game in the battlefield series and the first one to be released on PC in Bad Company series. The first Bad Company game was just available for consoles. The game mainly focuses on the multiplayer part but a single player campaign is also included for those who prefer to play it offline against the AI controlled soldiers.

The game basically makes you part of a bad-ass team as the main character Preston Marlowe. This team is called the Bad Company. The campaigns are objective based meaning you will be completing one objective and moving to the next until you finish the campaign. Movie style cut-scenes are shown in between objectives giving you information about your mission and the next objective. The game for most part is like any other first person shooter but it allows you to control vehicles in some parts which make for some thrilling driving sequences. You will also be allowed to take control of the weapons mounted on vehicles like the turret and keep the oncoming enemies away from damaging your vehicle all the while a team mate of yours will be controlling the vehicle. You can Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 Free for PC from the link given at the bottom of this page.

Although the game lets you have teammates but you will be the one who will do all the killing and completing the missions, your partners won’t die and they keep killing the enemies. You can collect weapons scattered all across the map and when you pick up a new weapon something new is unlocked and you will be shown a message of the same. You can pickup weapons and ammo from the supply crates dispersed all over the places.

The game has been fitted with some of the best physics which are very evident when you see something exploding in the battlefield. Everything can be destroyed by in the environments which make for some cool looking explosions. The game engine with the physic makes playing the game really fun. You can see in real-time when you shoot a wall it will collapse if you keep firing at it. When you are not hopping in some vehicles you will be on foot with an arsenal of weapon at your disposal. You can carry two weapons in single player mode and other equipment and also grenades. The health system has been modified from the previous game. You will no longer get health points rather you will heal automatically if you keep yourself away from enemy bullets for a small amount of time. You must take cover whenever you get wounded and your health will be back.

The game has some beautifully designed maps and on visual front the game is stunning. The physics for destructible items are just awesome. The sound system is very well done. Overall this is a must play game for any FPS fan and even if you are not a fan just give this game a go. Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 Free for PC from the link below

Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 Free for PC

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112 Responses to “Battlefield Bad Company 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game. for serial number use the keygen provided in crack folder to generate one.
    4. Open the DVD and go to Crack folder and copy all the files to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk
    5. Play the game.

  2. nOOb says:

    hooray its here.

  3. mana says:

    was waiting for this for so many days.

  4. munn says:

    its real just now checked. man o man how many days i ve waited for this to come out.

  5. reag says:

    thanks you very much for uploading it so fast to rapidshare.

  6. BadComapny says:

    love you guys thanks for storage links

  7. oPP says:

    played the beta for couple of days and it was great. now downloading this.

  8. federicoce says:

    Thx uploader

  9. bepponen says:

    its as usual, if its worth the money, u pay for it. otherwise? fuck it, free game

  10. Yorzen says:

    Cool i’ve been waiting for this game to be released thank you

  11. b4sh says:

    wtf!!! already??

    gotta love tl!!

  12. cookie says:

    awesome upload, thx!

  13. dirtyroot says:

    Will check this out and see if it’s worth buying, thanks.

  14. Slaine says:

    Thanx man … one cant have too many shooters

  15. tastypotato says:

    Yay! the single player will definitely keep me tided over

  16. nsegative says:

    thx, only 5.4 gb though damn that’s small.

  17. anta says:


  18. VLaF says:

    We Gonna Kick some asses tonight! xD

  19. dilgo says:


  20. boris1987 says:


  21. WinterMadness says:

    Is it in .iso file?

  22. WinterMadness says:

    can it be played in another language like spanish, or just english?

  23. HellfireTobi says:

    is this the beta or full version?

    • lil says:

      this is the full version not beta

      i think its multilingual and it has the ISO file you asked for.

      • Ozan says:

        hmm? okay i’m going to say this when i played cod i had the worst time trnyig to survive and rank up, but when i played Battlefield i lived a lot longer and it was realistic and fun practically everything i did in cod was awful and everything i did in Battlefield felt right :3

  24. WinterMadness says:

    can it be played in other language like spanish? or is it just english?

  25. WinterMadness says:

    ok thanks!

  26. pcgeek says:

    nice thanks a lot for the up!!!!!

  27. Const4ntin3 says:

    awesome,I can’t wait to download this.

  28. endez84 says:

    thanks for the up….will play this till next week

  29. digiwand says:

    Big thanks for a big up!

  30. gruez says:

    less than 6 GB yet the published system requirements says you need 15 (for digital version)

  31. Antje14 says:

    That’s the size it takes up when it’s installed

  32. gruez says:

    crazy compression by EA???

  33. elixyr says:

    This game works fine on a pos A64 with 8600gts 256 vga.

  34. NAVK2 says:

    10x A lot !!
    Cracked release before the official release, awesome.

  35. Larara says:

    Thanks, seems a nice game even with a small size.

  36. Ex0duS5150 says:

    Thanks a bunch for the up.

  37. LiveXX says:

    What a gift weekend, thank so mutch.

  38. Parrote says:



  39. MooNWeeD says:

    !!!!!!!!Mouse Fix!!!!!!!

    Just copy both the .txt files from the crack folder aswell and you have a working mouse

  40. Gnuttfan says:

    For those curious…

    Minimum Requirements:

    Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Graphics card: GeForce 7800 GT/ ATi X1900
    Graphics mem: 256MB
    OS: XP
    HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version

    Recommended Requirements:

    Processor: Quadcore
    RAM: 2GB
    Graphics card: GeForce GTX 260
    Graphics mem: 512MB
    OS: Vista/ W7
    HDD space: Same as above

  41. StreetMaster says:

    Copying the txt files over worked for me, thanks!!

  42. Mukaka says:

    O thx uploader,yeah just copy both text and it works! was already looking for crackfix now no need

  43. MuriloCtba says:

    thx man, this game is very nice!!!

  44. mendez84 says:

    people download this game… so good i´m loving it …i´m playing already for like 2 hours and game works i confirm… works… mousse problem no nothing..i´m running on my i7 ,6gb ddr3 and my old 9800gx2 1gb on w7 extreme 64bit and all max and it runs so good……

  45. baron210 says:

    I have a reasonable subsystem (CPU=q6600 w 4gb DDR2 1066) + a Nvidia GTX260, so i want to see how this runs – should be Ok !

    Thanks for the up!

  46. Shooter777 says:

    People who say this game is not good ,clealry has not played the BETA. This game rocks and thrashes MW2 in multiplayer gameplay. This is more tactical / Squad based.

    Uploader thanks!

  47. 0rpheus says:

    Awesome, an early release!!! Thank you!!!

  48. yph says:

    THANK YOU for the upload.

    played the BETA and loved the game. Gonna download and play the SP

  49. Pun29 says:

    Works for me playing atm, no issues what so ever, although its killing my comp, core i7 920. 6gb ram, 295gtx @ 1920×1080 everything on medium

  50. lyolf says:

    This game is absolutely amazing in Single Player. Thanks for the upload

    High settings with x1 AA (and really at this resolution you barely notice it), C2D E8500, 4GB of PC26400, ATI 4870 512MB, 1680×1050, runs close to perfect.

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