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Posted by admin on Jan 17, 2012
Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

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Batman Arkham City Free Download

Batman Arkham City is the second game in the series and you can download full version of this game for free from the direct link given at the bottom of this page. You can also download the first game Batman Arkham Asylum from the link. Batman Arkham City is an action adventure game and has been released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This page will give you the Windows PC version of Batman Arkham City for free.

The PC version of Batman Arkham City was crippled with issues like bugs and non working direct X 11 but there was no such problem for the console versions. A patch has also been released to fix some of the issues and future patches may fix other issues that might have remained. The graphics are better and sharper in the PC version compared to the console counterparts. Keep reading to know more about the game or skip to the end for Batman Arkham City Free Download.

Batman Arkham City begins after some months after the events of Batman Arkham Asylum. The prisoners from the Asylum have been moved to a different facility in the centre of the Gotham. As Batman your objective is to determine what’s going on in the Arkham city. The start of the game is so great that you might think this might be the best beginning of a game in the modern gaming industry. Waiting for two years for the sequel has paid off as you get some great experience with this Batman game. Download Batman Arkham City Full Free from the link at the end of this article.

If you have played the first game then you will be immediately hooked as the core gameplay has been kept the same but it has been improved and glitches removed from the previous game. The game appears to be polished in all directions. You have one button actions for attacking as well defending. New counter attack moves have been introduced. One such move is the ability to take out several enemies at once which gives you pure joy. You can use all the gadgets that are available in all the fights with the hotkeys given for each of them. This might sound like a simple system but with the multiple moves and combos and the number of button combinations you will be looking at a different movement or attack every time you see it. Batman Arkham City Free Download is given at the end.

Batman Arkham City gives you two options to play the game. Either you can move stealthily and avoid fights or you can pick fights with everyone to just for the fun of it. You will gain more experience points with fights which give you more unlockables. The enemies are different as well with special enemies which need to be dealt with in a special way. You will see enemies with broken bottles, stun rods and enemies who have armored outfits. You will need to think how you are going to tackle each of these enemies before actually attacking them, just like Batman would. This gives you a lot of satisfaction. Download Batman Arkham City Free for PC from this page.

Batman Arkham Asylum was a must play game of 2009 and the tradition continues with this one. If you have not played the first game then this is the time to start playing it and then move on to Batman Arkham City. You also have boss fights in the game but most of them are not that difficult to overcome as you learn more and more skills and your powers increase you will feel nothing is impossible. You can take on 15 to 20 enemies at once in a room without even bothering about the strategy to kill them. Batman Arkham City Free Download is available from the link given at the bottom of this page.

The fun about the boss fights is not the actual fight with them but the route you have taken to reach them, that’s what makes this game a hit in my opinion. The city is not an open world but it’s bigger than the Arkham Asylum from the first game. You cannot search each building while playing the game and you will realize that while playing the game. But as you progress through the game and new gadgets area added to your arsenal you will be able to go back and search each and every corner of the map and open all the side missions that were not available during the first time. Batman Arkham City Full Version Free is given on this site.

You also have the Catwoman missions which are included with the PC version of the game. This is really great as these missions have been done really well and they constitute around 10 percent of the game. All in all Batman Arkham City is a great game with some issues but aside from that it’s a winner. The opening and the ending as well as the voice action and the polished gameplay mechanics are all the plus points of this game. You will not be satisfied with playing this game only once and we guarantee you that you will return for a second round.

This game is way better than the first game or even any other game that is currently present in the market. So you have to play this game in order to see for yourselves what we are saying. Following link will give you Batman Arkham City Free Download for PC.

Download Batman Arkham City Full Free for PC

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74 Responses to “Batman Arkham City”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get 2 ISO files.
    2. Mount the 1st ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game by running Setup.exe from the 1st DVD.When asked for DVD 2 unmount the 1st and mount the 2nd DVD.
    4. After installation is complete go to DVD 2 and install Gfwlivesetup.exe
    5. Copy all files and folders from FightClub folder (DVD2) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    6. Start the game using /Binaries/Win32/BatmanAC.exe (Block the game from accessing the internet.)
    7. Create a Offline games for windows live account. See video.
    8. Play the game.

  2. Smileyie says:

    Cheers waiting for this long time. nice up.

  3. MrFishi says:

    I’ll wait for comments verifying that this release actully works 🙂

    Cheers for the upload!

  4. Adeilene says:

    Gonna Download It NOW 🙂

  5. FDEEONE says:

    Been waiting for this PC version thanks

  6. Nikola says:

    Thanks uploader. yes it is finally here. 🙂

  7. MBOmnis says:

    Wow, this game uses GFWL? XD


  8. rusher says:

    ty uploader.. loved the first one.

  9. bangerz says:

    this game still looks and plays amazing with everything maxed but dx11 off.its nothing to worry about

  10. maeden says:


  11. Xcellence says:

    downloading, thanks uploader!

  12. M4CHIN says:

    so the dx11 issue isnt with the crack its with the release of the game correct? cause i play it maxed out on all settings plays perfect, but soon as i put dx11 on it plays like shiet…..

    • admin says:

      yes that’s correct. Even the retail game has that issue and the developers have promised a patch that will the issue for all. So till then you need to play without DX 11 and everything will be fine. I ll update the first post to reflect that for other users.

  13. hagi says:

    the game won’t look much different with DX11… right now, on DX9 it looks amazing. Hey , remember, Witcher 2 runs on DX9.. but most would believe its DX11 😉

  14. Sshhpoonglee says:

    you cant play it on winxp, the developers of the game didnt port the game for xp, only win7 and vista…just so u know.

    thanks for the upload though

    • M4CHINE says:

      well to be honest anyone who still is running XP, has no buisness trying to play any type of next gen games like this…….lol

  15. workers says:

    Thanks 😀

  16. kainslayer says:

    dx9 or 11 this game is beautiful any way

  17. sadecemusic says:

    it is working with Windows XP. Already tried. So don’t post something before checking.

    • freeman says:

      thx it works !! win xp
      I was not gonna download after reading the comment abt game not made for XP but after reading your comment I downloaded the game. And it workssssssss

  18. Mandloc says:

    Works great for me, I tell you!

  19. kidd666 says:

    For now, I have no problems playing this release.
    Works fine on Win7/64, dx9

  20. apierus says:

    Who does not start: Do not copy gameservice.dll.
    I solved it. Hello

  21. gino says:

    it works w7x64

  22. shangraf says:

    thanks 😀

  23. asir says:

    Works great for me thanks a lot

  24. lenix says:

    Works just fine on windows 7 64bit. Anyone who’s having problems probably did something wrong or have a bad OS.

    Thanks for the up

  25. Adriano says:

    Works great so far… in Win 7 64, awesome game 🙂
    better with portuguese subs 😛

  26. darkswift says:

    Poor lil Robin………..still gets no cred in the current batman stories……..without Robin, who would scratch Batman’s nuts after wearing that tight leather outfit? who would fetch him coffee after being riddled by the Riddler, time and time again……….Robin thats who…………next game should be Robin: Batman’s Bitch =)

  27. quinarifast says:

    I tested the game.. working 100%

  28. killeria says:

    it works like a charm!
    thanks to the developers(really nice game) and thanks to the uploader! 🙂

  29. KlemenR says:

    Game works JUST FINE.
    Tested myself on Windows XP 32x SP2 or 3 (dont remember right now).

    Thrue the whole procedure i was offline (no internet cable no wireless), as i dont use firewall:
    1. Unpack bouth DVDs and mount them. I used Daemon Tools 4.09HE (its EXTREMLY OLD but free).

    2. On DVD 1 run Setup.exe and set your instalation location. At 50% it will ask for the second DVD. Point the installer to it.
    My location was: D:IgreBatman Arkham City

    3. After the instalation is done i went on DVD 2 and run Gfwlivesetup.exe it installed the “program”. Didnt run it once the instalation was done!

    4. Went on the DVD 2 in to FiGHTCLUBBinariesWin32
    where i copied theese 3 files:
    – BatmanAC.exe
    – BMLauncher.exe (something like that)
    – gameservice.dll

    I copied/overwriten the same name files in (with the ones from DVD2):
    Game Location:Batman Arkham CityBinariesWin32

    5. Ran the game by double clicking: BatmanAC.exe
    Pressed Play on the Batman Launcher (you can check out Settings as well, as you cant set them ingame)!

    6. The game runs and Windows Live comes up.
    You create a offline profile

    7. Game runs and you can save.
    8. Profit and Enjoy.

  30. LiquidSnake says:

    Tested for about an hour and it runs fine on Dx 9. Thank you uploader

  31. 420CaRNaGE says:

    thanks for this

  32. rodup says:

    Works perfect here. Mounted in DT Lite. W7 64

  33. raz9 says:

    Hi, game works followed the nfo, loads fine, played abit of it, got it running highest settings direct x 9, very smooth,

    problem is i cant seem to create a offline profile only seems online, i did block with firewall, and also disabled network,

    anyone tell me how to create offline profile please, otherwise cant save game,

    im running this on
    windows 7 sp1 64bit
    AMD Phenom II 965
    ATI 6950 2gb unlocked to 6970

    • raz9 says:

      figured it out, just needed to scroll down to create offline profile, game works great, no idea why most people cant get it working ?

      just hope patch is out very soon so can play with direct x 11 , highest settings, runs perfect on highest on direct x 9 – 1080p res

  34. maxmac says:

    thx 4 ul
    works for me

  35. teringlijer says:

    so it is possible to save in this release? i mean is the “create local profile bs” still in this release? i mean is this shit working ?

    • raz9 says:

      working fine here,

      To create offline profile, you need to go into the game, press HOME key, make a new profile and click NEXT, after it, you will have a higlighted link in the text that is written, scroll down a bit and click on it, from there on it will be pretty self-explaintory.

  36. revenq says:

    You need to install the game and then install the live software that comes with the game. If you already have it then uninstall and install from the game DVD.

  37. Donanfer says:


  38. Trinua says:

    followed info and works great here,, running windows 7 sp1 64bit latest updates if that helps

  39. flobotz says:

    works great

  40. skotten says:

    got it to work. no probs

  41. St1x says:

    it runs like a dream. Thank you 🙂

  42. 99ner says:

    Hi, game works fine, follwed the nfo, but get small lags across city,

    Phenom II 965 3.6ghz quad
    8gb ram
    ATI 6950 2gb unlocked to 6970
    Windows 7 Sp1 64bit.

    highest settings on direct x 9

    hoping for patch to sort and also have direct x 11 working smooth

  43. adilaslam says:

    I’m downloading it on my super-slow connection, so I really hope it works for me 😀

  44. blitzer says:

    Works like a charm. Just follow the NFO. Thanks for the upload!

  45. syst3m0ne says:

    the first few runs of the will act slow/will crash..but after that, it will just run just fine..awesome game..tnx!

  46. vort3x says:

    Works great! Thank you

  47. fara says:


  48. elite says:

    Works like a charm here! fps.. dont know. but feels 40+

    Win 7 32 bit ultimate
    Q9450 2,66ghz

    if u not getting it work, ur doing it wrong! or update drivers, both directX and Graph card.

    “lag over the city” = The game is loading new part of city.

  49. Aduril says:

    works just fine on Win7 64

  50. Rulezz says:

    Thank you!!! uploader works perfect! allready on 24 % no problems found! Win 7 64

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