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Posted by admin on Apr 6, 2013
Assassins Creed III

Assassins Creed III

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If you are a fan of games then you are most probable aware of the Assassin’s Creed series and now we have a new game in the series by the name Assassins Creed 3. This is available for PC, XBOX 360 as well as the PS3. Here we are going to give you the Assassin’s Creed 3 PC download and on top of that it is the full version of the game so enjoy it while you are here.

There are two setting, one is taking place in that near future and the other one is based in the past around the time of the American Revolution. As usual Desmond Miles is back again and he is getting a better assassin all the time. And you will be playing the role of Connor Kenway in the revolution era. Looking for Assassins Creed 3 free download, then just skip to the bottom of this post where you will find the link to get the full version.

This is the third title in the series apart from the ones released in-between the major numbered ones. And the developers have claimed it contains double the content than the predecessor. When we played this game and finished it we came to know that the claim was true. There is plenty of content to keep you occupied for hours if not days. We suggest you to download Assassins Creed 3 immediately and till then read the rest of the story.

Assassins Creed III Download for PC

The animation may they be during the running sequences or during combat or kills are fluid and very well done. And after the debacle of the Revelation game this one packs a great story which is understatement to say the least. With so many things to do, you can easily spend around 50 hours of your life playing this game. One suggestion for you is to get Assassins Creed 3 free download from the link you see at the end of this post and instead of reading about it, experience it on your own.

If you have played any of the previous versions then you will definitely like what has been done in this game. And if you have by chance played the worst game in the series in the form of Revelations then you are going to go mad with what they have achieved after that debacle. Assassin’s Creed 3 PC download is now available for everyone from here, get the game and play by installing it using the instructions.

This by no means is a perfect game but it does come close to being one of the best in the series. But with the amount of things that can be done here and the story mode i.e. the single player mode is so big that other games which give you only 10+ hours or less time should be really punished after seeing this. We are giving you the full version of Assassins Creed 3 download for PC from the following link. Use it in conjunction with the instructions to play on your PC.


Download Assassins Creed 3 for PC Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO image in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install.
    4. Open the DVD and go to Crack folder and copy all the files from there to the folder where you installed AC III on Hard Disk
    5. Do not start the game. Use a firewall to block all the exe files from the game folder from connecting to the internet.
    6. Play.

  2. mpl64 says:

    Many thanks…

  3. andressergio says:

    thanks !

  4. Mehdinho says:

    This one is working!
    thanks for upload !

  5. braindead says:

    made it work i installed

  6. plonder says:

    i tried with this crack and overwrited it.. worked

  7. singsing says:

    how do you make it work.

    • singsing says:

      nevermind it worked thanks !!! just followed instructions once again. did something wrong the first time i guess.

  8. jester1x says:

    release works fine. thanks

  9. maybeno says:

    i installed perfect i can play game perfect

  10. PsychoMantis says:

    it worked 🙂 🙂

  11. dery says:

    how to download ??

  12. abc says:

    you guys should upload compressed games too. for those who have a slow download speed like 30-40Kbps. I will have really liked this site if you have done something like that. I mean you can make a separate section for compressed games. please think about it and reply

    • admin says:

      thanks for the suggestion, we will think of it for the future. Currently it will be difficult to maintain all the links online.

  13. viga nuka says:

    the link for asssassins creed is not working pls fix it

  14. soatac05 says:

    is it normal for the game to download update, during first startup

  15. soatac05 says:

    during installation i got this error message that ‘punkbuster\pbsvc.exe fail to copy to c:\windows\system32\pbsvc.exe (error5:access is denied). i click ok to continue with the installation. after successfull installation, i followed your instructions but could not get the game to work. pls help.

    • admin says:

      If it gives you the option to not install punkbuster then just remove the tick-mark and dont install it. Otherwise just download punkbuster separately from their site and install.

  16. Soow says:

    nice.. ty

  17. Errol21 says:

    How can i d0wnload this using m0bile ph0ne? (nokia-5800 xpressmusic)

  18. shah rukh khan says:

    can you please compress gta 4 nearly 600mb -999mb

  19. shehriar nawaz says:

    amazing game, what a is most popular in world

  20. vaibhav says:

    why they are saying to download media player classic and 7zip file

  21. isaac says:

    this one will work

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