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Posted by admin on Apr 25, 2010
Assassin’s Creed 2

Assassin’s Creed 2

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Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for PC Full Version Game

The second game in Assassins Creed series is here and it’s a great sequel. For those who are unaware of this game it’s a third person game in action adventure genre. Ubisoft published this game and it has been released for most of the platforms for gaming from PC to consoles and on Mac also. The game has won lot of awards and people have admired the gameplay and many gaming sites have given it rave reviews.

Desmond Miles is back for the second game in the series. He escapes with the help of Lucy, the assistant from the first game. Miles is again sent to enter into the animus to get trained from the ancestors of his. This time around the animus has been improved and is more advanced than before and the memories are that of Ezio from Italy. You will be playing as the central character of Ezio who becomes an assassin after his family is betrayed and killed. You will be playing the game is superbly rendered cities of Italy and you will see that it’s an open world type of environment. Keep reading to Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for PC Full Version Game.

The missions of this game have been improved and this time they are much diverse then the first game. The interaction and open ended gameplay makes a good impression. The AI of the characters in game has been greatly improved and the combat of these AI controlled characters feels real. You can for the first time buy items in the game like armour, weapons and many other accessories. This story tells you about family secrets and vengeance and takes you from darkest of places to the top of some of the tallest of buildings in Italy. As Ezio you will try to take revenge for what happened to your family and you will travel all across Italy and become the best assassin out there. The original gameplay of the first game is kept as it was but it has been improved with some new additions and it will give you some good surprises.

The world that you will be residing in has been presented with a great beauty and you have a lot to explore in this city. The new character of Ezio is great and makes for a better experience to play with. The platforming as from the previous game is still the main way of scoping your targets and its really fun to do the climbing and jumping from tall buildings. The missions are diverse and the weapons vary a lot. New techniques for stealthy assassins are fun. The game overall feels polished. The online copy protection system was a great hindrance but it has been cracked and now the game doesn’t require a always on internet connection for you to play.

The game overall feels polished and the environments are beautiful. You will be able to explore these beautiful environments due to the open world gameplay but the game doesn’t go away from the original action adventure genre. If you want to get this game then Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for PC Full Version Game from the link below

Download Assassin’s Creed 2 for Free Full PC Game

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147 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed 2”

  1. echibi says:

    thanks uploader. I’ve been patiently waiting for this one :>

  2. Xare420 says:

    Good Work SKIDROW !

    Liberty and Anarchy for all intellectual property will raise man up.

  3. notImPortant says:

    really good job skidrow, you’re the men!

  4. ameth says:

    awesome game, nice up

  5. delugeboy says:

    Thanks m8..!

    Where have you been so long??

    I was worried about this game release??

  6. R2 says:

    fucking beautifull SKIDROW. thank you for this epic release and big mohahaha to ubisoft;D

  7. nunokalhau says:

    Finally. we have a winner! Nice job SKIDROW, and thanks, to you too uploader.

  8. 0rpheus says:

    Aaahh!!! Just when my exam period starts! Oh the temptation…It’s a torture I tell ya!

    But thanks!

  9. Alex says:

    Hey, can you put magaupload links or mediafire links or a torrent pls!Thank You

  10. prblm says:

    hey guyz
    please tell me in detail how to download and install all these games……….
    thanx in advance

  11. Amy says:

    Thanks m8..!

    Where have you been so long??

    I was worried about this game release??

  12. joaquin says:

    how can you download this game?

  13. joaquin says:

    does it really work?

  14. schwyz says:

    got the whole game with crack at torrent still cant make it work…anybody can assist me also skidrow crack…im desperate

    email me

  15. djubreles says:

    And the Auditore Family Crypt???

  16. alexander says:

    can someone write the product key becouse i cant find it…thanks! :DD

  17. Game_Freak says:

    I can´t open it, because the problem is that there is on the screen that you need an higher volume, but I have like 50 GB free space on my Laptop

  18. 123456789 says:

    I have already a DVD of this game, but I don’t know to put the crack. So I downloaded the CRACK-ONLY of this game. [Clicked the “If you have this game already then download the crack fix here or here.”] Then what are the steps to put the crack? I tried the step 4 but when I copied the crack to the folder it says: “You need permission from the administrator to make changes to the file” What am I gonna do?

    • mattS says:

      @123456789 u need to take ownership of the folder if u r running windows 7.. search on Google for how to do that.

    • prakash says:

      how u download only the crack and offline server emulator, python software and other required software for this A C 2 Game? pls help, i m also holding the cd for this game but i don’t know how to crack and play in offline!

      • admin says:

        you dont need server emulator the crack will be enough. The link to download only crack files is given at the bottom of the links on Download page.

  19. Tomas says:

    can u get the torrent? Plz I really need
    Gratz for the game

  20. Tomas says:


  21. Bevan says:

    hey can som 1 give mee a cd key—

  22. Bevan says:

    dont now whot to do if enny can help rite to mee on my msn ty for the help..

  23. admin says:

    torrents have been added for the download. check the download page.

  24. noizy says:

    is a fantastic game

  25. 123456789 says:

    I have a cd of this game but I don’t get the crack working, help! I think the contents of mine is different than this.

  26. admin says:

    all dead links have been removed today.
    25th march 2011 and new working links have been added

  27. Betro says:

    i do like a (assassin’s creed 2),
    yeah, i mostly played it evrytime……..

  28. 88me88 says:

    i got it to work. thnx

  29. fragk says:

    what do i need to copy and paste to the ubisoft game launcher

  30. schwyz says:

    plzzz i dont now how to dowload help…

  31. Dopw says:

    followed the instructions exactly and game starts and works without any issues.

  32. Sonny says:

    perfectly works 🙂
    thanks :):)

  33. Assaer DVpR says:

    best game ever better than CoD 1,2,3,4 only

  34. stevski says:

    it just quits out immediatly when it gets past the part that says the team is multi cultural and whatnot

  35. Faizal says:

    what should i do on the free game thing

  36. Zay says:

    I havnt a document ….” d3dx9_42.dll ” its missing….
    How can i get dat??????
    Plz Help me…..

  37. ssdgsd says:

    I have done everything as stated, but when i open the game it says unable to find Ubisoft Game Launcher, please help!!

  38. undertaker says:

    this is good game

  39. ab says:

    hey how to download it and install it and play it

  40. Carlo Joel Apas says:

    I finished downloading the game, did the instructions properly, played the game. But when I get to Leonardo da Vinci’s part (you need to go to him in the game so then he can fix your blade), the game hangs. 🙁

    But what really confuses me is that when it hangs, and you press the esc key, it will respond and brings you to a list of menus (options, abort mission, controls, etc.). But when I resume it, it’s still hung. 🙁

    • admin says:

      did you press the button for the hidden blade. Its button 2 on keyboard i think and if you are using a Gamepad then try pressing all of the buttons one at a time until you get the hidden blade button.

  41. kerwin says:


  42. melvin says:

    assasins creed 2 is awesome i play it in the xbox 360 of my aunt

  43. Swarn says:

    how you gays download this game
    I am using jdownloader to download this game but in free mode I can’t get much download speed and the downloads are also not resumeable.
    please give some tips

  44. Mr Gun says:

    This is my one of the favourite game……..

  45. malik says:

    good day sir good day

  46. talha says:

    i want to download this game

  47. rafi says:

    ok thanks

  48. Hamza says:

    What a game

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