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Posted by admin on Jan 9, 2011
Angry Birds for PC

Angry Birds for PC

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Download Angry Birds for PC and Mac Full Game Free

Angry Birds game is based on the game available on mobile platforms like iPhone and Android. This is a puzzle oriented game. Rovio Mobile are the developers of Angry Birds which was released on PC after being immensely successful on the mobile platforms. It was first released or iOS in 2009. After the success of the game on iPhone with 10 million plus copies sold Rovio decided to develop the game of other platforms as well. Link to Download Angry Birds for PC and Mac Full Game Free is at the bottom.

The game on mobiles is touch based. But the PC version lets you use mouse to control the birds. In game basically you will be slinging birds from a slingshot on different structure in which pigs, the enemies of the birds are hiding. You will sling the birds till all the pigs are destroyed from that level. There is a point system that will give you stars depending upon how many points you get. The number of points required to gain stars from one to three are different on different levels.

The story of Angry Birds is that pigs have stolen the eggs of birds. The Angry birds launch an attack to get them back and destroy all the pigs. Pigs will be hiding under different kinds of materials like wood, stone. You have to destroy these structures or use them to your advantage to finish the pigs. Some levels will have explosive packages with ‘TNT’ written on them if you hit one of those the whole area surrounding it will be destroyed. You need to use the structures to destroy the pigs which are not reachable directly. You will have a limited number of birds for each level and if you destroy all pigs with less number of birds than given, you will get a 10,000 point bonus for every bird that’s remaining. Keep reading to Download Angry Birds for PC and Mac Full Game Free.

Different types of birds are available for you to sling. All birds have different abilities that can be used by the player. At the start of the game you will only have a basic red bird with no abilities. When you progress to the next levels new birds will be unlocked. The small blue birds can split into 3 birds. The yellow birds can be accelerated to cause more damage. The black one can explode making massive damage. White birds can drop explosive big eggs. Some birds can cause more damage to certain materials, like the black ones will destroy stone structures very easily and the yellow birds can tear through wood structures. So you will need to use the birds accordingly. To use the special abilities of the birds you need to click on the screen after you sling them. Different sizes of pigs are present game, small ones which are easily destroyable to bigger ones which will require doing some extra work and then there are pigs with helmets. No matter what size the pig is if the bird hits the pig directly it will be destroyed.

After you destroy all the pigs in a level next level will become available. You get the stars depending upon the points you received. You will get points for destroying pigs as well as the structure surrounding it. You can always return to previous levels to achieve the 3 stars. Rovio has also released Angry Birds Rio for PC and Mac based on the animated film Rio.

Angry Birds was a huge success on mollies and it appears that Rovio have also done great work of getting the game to PC and Mac. The game is as much fun on PC as it is on the mobiles. So if you want to have some good time and want to sling some birds, Download Angry Birds for PC and Mac Full Game Free from the link below.

Download Angry Birds Full Game Free for PC, Mac

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95 Responses to “Angry Birds for PC”

  1. heis says:

    great game
    one of my favorites on iPhone

    too bad it’s v1.0 while 1.5 is out already

    thanks, nice to play this on a large screen

  2. Alienwork says:

    Oh man what a game… spent most of my time at work playing it

  3. Demoni says:

    Finally! Thank you so much! I was waiting for it to be uploaded here.

  4. ninjanutta says:

    v1.5 on ipod maybe,thats going to be v1.0 on pc.

  5. heis says:

    @ninjanutta may be u r right.

  6. danr83 says:

    This game reminds me of World of Goo

  7. MayBach says:

    Is working for me on PC ( win xp )

  8. miloziz says:

    This… Is… AWESOME!

  9. medalcue( )( )=====D says:

    Im on windows 7 64 bit and it works just fine. Turning these fucking pigs into bacon!!

  10. catyudrea says:

    can someone help the game work but the screen wont stop flashing!! how can i stop that

  11. S says:

    @catyudrea update ur graphics card drivers..

  12. catyudrea says:

    @S thanks it worked.

  13. 17razor says:

    Solutions to some most common problems.

    MSVCR100.dll error –
    google for the file and copy it to C:WindowsSystem32 , alternatively try to update newest directx

    texture is too large: 2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024
    – adjust the resolution, you can do so by editing the config.lua file in the Game directory. You can also change the value of “fullscreen” to “false” (without the quotes). This will force it to run in a window that can be resized.
    Or try to update graphics card driver.

    Hope it helps someone.

  14. Zilica says:

    This game roxx, been looking for it for a while.. Thanks

  15. SHIFT112 says:

    I love it! thx

  16. selpakmendil says:

    it is working on win 7 32 bit. thanks

  17. baron210 says:


    Most of my mates have “Angry Bird Mania” @ work on their smartphones, but as i’m a tightarse, I only have a Samgsung D500 – not great for gaming.
    Now I can stomp those nasty pigs too!

  18. Veloxin says:

    Thank you! Didn’t know that it was released so fast.

  19. CatX says:

    Works great in my Win7 64Bit!

  20. loopymofo says:

    nice. works great on Win 7 64 bit ultimate edition 😀 Thanx uploader!

  21. kicelo says:

    “Download Angry Birds Free”

    Now thats what i like to hear.
    Woot this works great in Wine.

  22. hungherk says:

    working on win vista 32bit. just wondering if there is a way of creating profiles in the game for other players?

  23. Suchka says:

    I play this game all the time during classes on android. 😀 i will prolly have more luck on the pc scoring 3 stars! thanks for the up

  24. ssdarknight says:

    This game is awesome!

  25. MhMd2oo7 says:

    I Love it , Working Great and Amazing Game ,,, Need to know how to unlock all levels

  26. schildt says:

    i cant stop playing this game. pretty awesome

  27. tai says:

    Installed it on a ati system last night & is working fine here

  28. Thomas1234 says:

    I have it on iPhone 4 and it is heavenly fun.

  29. muse says:

    I cant open any page where are the games becouse i must to do something. i have 3 choices and 1 must to do but i dont know how. can you help me.

  30. 123456789 says:

    can u please remove the surveys? (I am living in the philippines)

  31. 123456789 says:


  32. Sljiky says:

    can you write download links here where we can download. surveys is our problem. thx lott

  33. Sljiky says:

    i am from croatia pls can you resolved that problem?

  34. MegaDoucheTube says:

    jesus chirst is noooobuuudee xD GETTING THE SURVEY THING

    • sara says:

      @MegaDoucheTube everyone who is getting it is completing it like me. and downloading the game. if u cannot complete it then move on.

  35. 123456789 says:

    do i need to put a check on the 2 boxes 2 complete the survey?

  36. 123456789 says:

    @LaSSo you told nothing about my question

  37. 123456789 says:

    and also the 2 boxes I am telling is on the IWON website after you click the one of the 3 surveys (like the Play Duck Hunter, Sudoku and Pop and Drop) that says Make IWON your homepage and Make IWON your default search engine

  38. 123456789 says:

    so I am gonna check the 2 boxes? because I did not check the 2 boxes before but I installed the toolbar. Also I have a question, what do I need to finish the survey? i finished the first level of sudoku I clicked the Check for completion but it says not completed. pls answer!

  39. DRAZEL says:

    I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM I CLICK ONE IT NEVER ARRIVES AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAT TO DO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. it is working on my XP.

  41. 123456789 says:

    it says texture is too big when I open it. and I also tried editing the config file, still don’t work

  42. alex says:

    Where is a funny collection of birds swelled, turned into a grumpy group of birds which destroy the kingdom of lustful pigs these cunning thieves.

    Angry Birds now not only for the iPhone, Android OS, PS3 and PSP. And now Angry Birds have been available for Windows XP and Windows 7

    To play the Angry Birds on a PC with Windows XP and Windows 7 requires the following requirements:

    – Operating System: Windows ® XP / Vista / Windows ® 7
    – Processor: 2GHz
    – Memory: 512 MB
    – Video: 3D-graphics card compatible with DirectX, 128 MB
    – Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
    – Free space on hard disk: 45.2 MB

  43. neva says:

    how to download its link i cannot find it:(

    • S says:

      when u click on the green download link it ll take u to the page where the links to download are present . use any one of them to download the game.

  44. schtickyicky says:

    rofl at angry birds, please sue me

  45. intenzo says:

    thanks uploader! played for some time.. great fun…

  46. jay1980 says:

    Great game thx

  47. Yuri says:

    I used the first links from fileserve to download the game. took just 10 min to download.. good game.. really fun…

  48. jannu01 says:

    thanks, working with winxp 😉 i play this in android also..

  49. atay says:

    I love this site!!! lol thanks uploader. been googling for it and all of sudden find this site from google..:) thanks again.

  50. alteier says:

    thanks a lot.. playing the game very fun game.

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