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Posted by admin on Jun 16, 2011
Alice Madness Returns

Alice Madness Returns

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How to Download Alice Madness Returns Full PC Game Free

Alice Madness Returns is a single player action game with third person view. The original game was released in 2000. Alice returns to Wonderland for some more action. She has to fight the ghosts, demons from the nightmarish visions that she is having. Game will take you from the Victorian London to the beautiful but dangerous wonderland which is the reason for the visions of Alice and she is back to find those reasons and sort them out. But there is a bigger secret to be uncovered which has been kept hidden for a long time. Keep reading to Download Alice Madness Returns Full PC Game Free

Alice’s family was taken away from her by a gruesome fire 11 years ago and left Alice scarred. For that she was sent to an asylum where she was confined for over 10 years. After a decade she was able to free herself from the asylum but not from the fantasy wonderland she saw in her visions in the asylum. With such a mental condition she is unable to control her fear from the visions and dreams she is having. She thinks that she will be better if she was in wonderland as she sees herself better there in wonderland in her dreams. So she goes to seek the truth about her past and to get away from the world which is not hers. But as she comes in to wonderland she finds it in ruins and under evil. Now she has to save the only beautiful place that she knew and save herself in the process. Download Alice Madness Returns Full PC Game Free from the link at the bottom.

In the end she figures out what really happened the night her family died and what took place after that. She finds out who started the fire the reason behind it. After realizing the truth she comes out of wonderland to confront the person responsible for the destruction of her family and her miserable past.

The game shows beautifully rendered wonderland as a dark and evil place. Controls are worked into a good combination. Weapons which are quite different from what you see in other games, makes it fun while using them. The gameplay time is long so you can enjoy it for quite a bit of time. You will get lost in the Wonderland and enjoy it a lot.

Click on the link given below to Download Alice Madness Returns Full PC Game Free

Download Alice Madness Returns Full PC Game Free

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32 Responses to “Alice Madness Returns”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and extract all parts using Winrar to get ISO file
    2. Mount the ISO in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game from DVD.
    4. Copy the cracked content from Crack folder from DVD to game install folder in Program Files
    5. Play the game

    Disable your internet connection while installing and playing the game.

  2. ibrahimnabil says:

    nice.. big thnx

  3. NecroFeaR says:

    cheers, looks good

  4. sandvic says:

    Thx, awesome game

  5. fahri says:

    holy shit! i was looking for a red faction release and saw this one!
    it was really fast one.
    btw any news on red faction ?
    Thanks for the upload.

  6. shinboner says:

    Awesome, thanks:)

  7. chupinl says:

    Thanks love it love the first part of it now we see what happens now hhah 😀

  8. delimontana says:

    Yes it works like a charm, installed it and played for 30 mins without any problems! Awesome Game!

  9. Downa says:

    Worked perfect

  10. LoneThistle says:

    Unrared and Installed without a hitch. Used SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive instead of Daemon tools.

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 8800GTS 320MB
    Latest Nvidia Drivers

  11. swingline says:

    Game worked perfect

  12. Bromeus says:

    I was getting game modified error but I unplugged my router and repatched the game, and so far no more hiccups played for over an hr with no problems.

    So guess disable internet to play this game.

  13. AkTivisT1 says:

    Works like a charm
    Thanks for your great job skidrow !!!!

  14. furyOne says:

    i have best comp setup to date. Game runs perfectly.

  15. RiCE says:

    Very good game!

  16. Sentinel says:

    Game running fine, played for 3hours non stop and nothing bad happend. Win 7 x64 NO INTERNET CONNECTION on my rig only on laptop. Maybe that’s the point.

  17. luxox4 says:

    thxxx !!! but has spanish included???????

  18. thebrain says:

    Thank you uploader! I got this working using the “Copy all of the SKIDROW cracked files to WIN32 and CORE” I know its overkill but it works! Played for over an hour.

  19. kindredalt says:

    great game i hate platformers and still loving it, best visuals I’ve seen since Bioshock. (Asthetic wise)

  20. airmax says:

    My unbrella wont work on any key…screwed????

  21. Blackwolfe says:

    The umbrella doesnt work unless you are locked onto an enemy. I did the same mistake myself thinking it didnt work.

  22. Skiddlez says:

    The game itself offers quite a few hours of game-play, I’m 5 hours and 22 minutes in and I haven’t made it past chapter two yet, and that’s with very little down-time.

    Graphics, sounds and controls are pretty good as well, the controls in particular are awesome, especially in combat.

    There’s the occasional camera bug when you walk into a new room and the camera angle shifts, messing up your controls, but so far that’s the only bug I’ve encountered.

    The story’s a bit random, but entertaining nontheless!

  23. chanito says:

    The game works fine

  24. Sshhpoonglee says:

    Installed the game, applied the crackfix, renamed gamecore.exe, played the original American McGee’s Alice(2001) for more than 45 minutes and it works great, and i played the new sequel Alice Madness Returns(2011) for over 2 hours straight. Im using windows XP

  25. WebCideR says:

    Game is awesome. works fine here.

    so happy to see some developers are still able to create platformers with interesting level designs

  26. admin says:

    torrent links added for download. Enjoy!

  27. vivien says:

    it need a dvd? o_O

  28. Testing says:


  29. Testing says:

    oh shiii- lmao

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