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Posted by admin on Oct 10, 2011
A Game of Thrones Genesis

A Game of Thrones Genesis

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Download A Game of Thrones Genesis Full Free

A Game of Thrones Genesis is strategy game based on the book A Song of Ice and Fire. You can get the full version of this game free from the link given at the end of this page. The book is written by George R. R. Martin and this is first of a kind game based on the book. The game lets you play 1000 years of history. The battles between families in the kingdom of Westeros are featured in this game.

The game is an RTS but it’s not your typical strategy game where you use brute force attacks for victory instead you need to apply various tactics to win the battles. If you have read the books then it will be a lot better to understand the background. If you are directly plunging in to this game then you might feel that the game story is loosely connected stories. In that case the games appeal decreases. Keep reading to know how to Download A Game of Thrones Genesis PC Game Full Version for Free.

The game has various scenarios that will let you win. You have to use all the means available to achieve the victory. You can use spies, saboteurs and such to start defeating the enemy before going on a full on attack mode. You can also win the game using treachery or diplomacy or using your military might but all of them are not available as you will need to achieve it using the given route. Only enemies that are needed will be available during any campaign which forces you to choose the route given by the game. If you are planning to build a big army then think twice about doing so as the resources needed to create a new unit every time will be significantly higher. Skip to the end of this story to Download A Game of Thrones Genesis Full Free.

If you start building big armies then your alliances will also suffer. You need to use all your political skills to overcome these issues. You can buy out the units from the enemy to join you. You can also use the ladies to seduce enemy units and make them join your ranks. But you are not the only one doing so as the enemy will also be applying these same tactics which leads to a behind the scenes war. The starting levels of the game are little boring as they are slow and most of the units are locked. The combat situations look laughable as the units don’t appear to fight at all but you will only see flailing limbs all around.

The game is mostly a political strategy game where you will be fighting the war most of the time not in the open but inside the minds of the ruler. The graphics are not so good looking and make the game ancient. If you are fan then you will likely play this game. The following link will let you Download A Game of Thrones Genesis Full Free.

Download A Game of Thrones Genesis Full Free

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24 Responses to “A Game of Thrones Genesis”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game using the installer from the Fairlight folder.
    4. After installing the setup will copy the crack from DVD to Hard disk. Or you can do that manually by copying the cracked files from the DVD to where you installed the game on hard disk.
    5. Play the game.

  2. kevy says:

    Thx, much apreciated. been waiting ages on this getting released

  3. mitya says:

    Thanks playing this now, loved the show and plan on reading the books.

  4. lorna says:

    Thanks, loved the show and halfway through the books. Didn’t even know this was coming out!!

  5. shimwooley says:

    Installed following the instructions and the game works perfectly.

  6. dbf72 says:

    thanks a lot guys. you are doing a great job..

  7. bcherbs says:

    ok i figured it out if you get the desktop crash just right click icon and run as administrator. And TYVM for the DL GJ!

  8. ELTzar says:

    Thank you uploader, have been hanging out for this one but somehow missed it when it first got upped. Ah well, got it now anyways.

  9. buzzliteye says:

    loved the TV show, still readingthe books, i’ll try this and see how it goes.

    Thanx for the upload!!! Thx for ur time and work 😀

  10. CamaroUV says:


  11. Phleanix says:

    I will definitely have to check this one out.

    Thanks for the Up.

  12. Dr34D says:

    Nice up – thanks!!

  13. J4cko says:

    Hmm from what i’ve read about it the diplomacy system is interesting

    Will check it 😉

    TY UL!!!

  14. avatar says:

    finally! thank you uploader

  15. Startr says:

    running as admin fixed the crash issue.

  16. naamat says:

    Yeah, thank you very much man 🙂 I was waiting for this 😉

  17. tornadog says:

    The game needs to installed from the setup.exe inside the fairlight folder. There is no need to install steam or enter any serial

  18. tornadog says:

    If you have played Fantasy Flight’s boardgame, many of the mechanics will make sense to you.

  19. JustTimmY says:

    It’s not a classic RTS game, where you build/train/etc. It’s kinda slow indeed, complex and I’ll play it for a while.

  20. deader says:

    Solved the crash problem by starting the game as admin

  21. Lindsy says:

    Hey very cool site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your site.. thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  22. yus says:


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