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Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2012
007 Legends XBOX 360

007 Legends XBOX 360

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007 Legends XBOX 360 Free Download

007 Legends is a first person shooter game released along with the new James Bond movie. The game is available for PS3 and other platforms like the Windows PC. From this page you can download the Xbox 360 version of the game. The game was released in the wake of completion of 50 years for the James Bond movies. 007 Legends XBOX 360 free download is available from this page, you will find the region free full version of the game here.

The game is created in such a way that it covers all the six actors eras who have played the secret agent. Some of the actors have added the personal touch by actually working for the game to make the characters look like them as well as sound and play. 007 Legends is the newest and 4th title in the series of James Bond games. 007 Legends XBOX 360 download is available for free and a just a few steps away.

The story of the game goes like this; the game begins with you playing the role of James Bond failing the mission in Istanbul. You are shot and left for dead on this mission and as he is dying he remembers all the previous missions or adventures he has been on. That’s where the missions from the movies played by other characters fit in and they have been done really well. Download 007 Legends free for XBOX 360 from the bottom of this post.

The game uses the same engine which was used in the GoldenEye game and as a result most of the gameplay elements are very similar to it. Still there are some good additions as well as modifications to the previous title. The single most addition to the gameplay will be the focus on stealth based action. 007 Legends free XBOX 360 download is given here which gives you the 007 Legends region free download of the game. You will see that the AI is much more alert and responsive in this game. The situations are created in such a way that you will have to depend on the stealth gameplay, but the old gunning while running gameplay tactic also works with this. So if you are a fan of the movies then give this game a try but don’t expect too much from it. Link below gives you the full version of 007 Legends XBOX 360 region free download.

Download 007 Legends XBOX 360 Free


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    1. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    2. Use IMGBURN software to burn the game using an ihas burner with burner max firmware as this game is a xgd3 game and requires a LT+ 3.0 system
    3. You can use overburn or truncate method as well but that will mean you have to use the mp3 trick to play if you get disc authorization errors and also stay away from all things online.
    4. Play the game.

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